Has Nintendo Convinced You to Buy a Wii U Yet?

No. You'd have to be pretty stupid to not think there would be Nintendo games on a Nintendo home console, and that's what was announced today.
Already own one. I feel a little better about my purchase now. All that stuff is expected from Nintendo. The few surprises were nice. I never played Wind Waker so I'm excited for that.
If I didn't already own one, today's Nintendo Direct definitely would have pushed me to fix that situation [and quickly].

Yoshi Wii
Bayonetta 2
The Wonderful 101
SMT x Fire Emblem
Wind Waker HD
Zelda Wii U Information
Monolith Soft's new game [X]

...Yes. Yes please. I need them. Now.

Add to that titles already in development [Mario/Mario Kart/SSB4 for the Wii U], as well as currently released titles, and it would easily have gotten me to purchase a console immediately [again, if I didn't already own the one I purchased at launch].
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This morning GAF browsing just potentially cost me $500.

Thanks a lot guys.
Maybe in a couple years when my daughter is old enough to start gaming.

It's the same old Nintendo stuff ... which is fine, it's just not my wheel house anymore.

So no, they haven't increased the urgency of needing a Wii U.

Hell, Sony gives us HD remakes in packs, Wind Walker will be single disc with "slight game play tweaks and like one added dungeon. I know I prefer Sony's way of doing it - Nintendo should have done WW+TP at least.
However, these new titles I'm hyped for will probably not come until at least 2014, so I have some time.
Mario shit will not convince me, but X and SMTxFE will.
I was getting one for Bayonetta 2 but now they have announced SMT x FE, Xenoblade 2, Mario, Yoshi, and Smash I will probably pick one up after E3.

We should piss off Nintendo more because it seems every time we do they send in a games tornado.
I will definitely get one, I am just in no hurry. I actually have very little interest in anything with Mario or Zelda.. they have burned me out on those.
Every console has a slow first year, I just wanted them to tell me about the stuff in the pipes. I hated the secrecy and lack of hype surrounding the console.

I look forward to the spring stuff and then E3 for more holiday releases. I'm fine with my purchase.
Still gonna wait as long as possible until I can get a new premium bundle for $250. F-Zero or Wave Race are the only things that will change my mind at this point. Smash is a system seller if they promise and show that it plays more like Melee.

I'm probably gonna wait till $250 because none of this will happen.


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Not really. I'm still not sold on the tablet, and in my mind, I'd much rather buy a discounted version with a Pro controller for Bayonetta 2 and Wind Waker (way, way) down the line.
I knew everything already except from FE x SMT and the WW-Remake. So yeah, not much and if I didn't buy one already I still wouldn't buy one now.

But "Xenoblade 2" looks cool and that's good because it was one of the reasons I bought this thing. :)
Monolith Soft project and Fire Emblem x SMT each do it for me, like even if one of them was announced I'd end up buying one. Eventual Zelda and Mario mainline titles guarantee my purchase anyways.
I had a hard time with Zelda before but OoT 3D got me back in, so I'm hyped for Wind Waker HD. I hadn't played Mario Kart since Super Circut but Mario Kart 7 showed me the series is still relevant and I loved the online play. Mario Kart U? I'm in. I have never played a Smash Bros but always wanted to, I love PS All-Stars, this is the time to jump in so Smash Bros 4 for me as well, beside Namco is doing it. I don't have much knowledge of Monosoft but that Xenobladd HD stuff looked stunning. I have never tried Monster Hunter but I always wanted to, I'm on board 3: Ultimate on Wii U. I haven't even started Bayonetta yet but I love the designs and Platinum so of course I'm excited about Bayonetta 2 - and now also of The Wonderful 101. I wasn't that into the Mario Galaxy games but a new one has me intrigued. I guess I'll be in sometime in 2013-2014.

If the publication I'm working for gets review copies then I'm in in 2013, if not, I'll wait until next year. But I want the 2 system updates to get released first.
Windwaker HD
New Mario
New Zelda
New Smash
Bayonetta 2

I want them. But I'm still going to wait for the inevitable massive pricedrop some time (immediately to 1 year) after Durango and Orbis launch.

There aren't enough games out already to justify a purchase at this time, I'd just be throwing money away to have a WiiU that's only going to collect dust until these games come out.
I never played Wind Waker before becuase I got into Gamecube late in its life. This has given me a reason to have interest in WiiU.

Still don't get why 99% of the WiiU kiosks I've tried out have NO demos.
Only the BestBuy ones have anything playable.
Yep, about a year ago I was convinced.
I'm still buying one of the heavy hitters (prob Xbox) but this was always on the cards for my 8 yr old son and family needs.
Will get convinced after the system updates and seeing what they will do at e3. I want to see some more 1st party games, and more 3rd party as well.

If they show us a new Metroid Prime though, i will get it as soon as the game is out.
Pretty much, The Wonderful 101 looks really fantastic, that Xenoblade/Phantasy Star game and Wind Waker HD.

Now, just need some Bayonetta 2 gameplay videos and I might make a Wii U purchase right away!
Not 100%.

The software lineup looks very promising but we don't know how long it'll take for those games to be released. I'll most likely wait for 1 or 2 price-drops before I buy one.
So many teased games, so little dates... Someday I will get one but there's still a lot of time to wait... And lot of competitors have to speak until that day...

No, I have no hype at all :D
I will buy one once Yoshi or Wind Waker HD come out.

I'm extremely relieved to see Nintendo bring out the big guns and really cater to the dedicated fan here, so I will support them, it's just a matter of money and time.
I was contemplating selling me Wii U, but they've convinced me to keep it with confirmation of a 3D Mario. I honestly don't really care for anything else they announced.
I'm excited for a few of the things announced, but to justify a purchase for the system, I would need more games that interest me. Wind Waker and the Monolith game are a good start though.
If anyone isn't convinced now, then they weren't going to buy one to begin with (which is perfectly fine).
From the start I knew I would be getting a WiiU at some point (i'm to big of a zelda/smash fan to not get one), but I am hardly convinced to get one right now.

The future looks decent, but I haven't a clue when that future is... when that future gets closer then I might be convinced to get a Wii U but it's very doubtful most of the games that interest me will release this year (bayonetta 2, smash bros, new zelda, megaten x fire emblem, xenobladeish thing) Heck they might not all be out by the end of next year, so I can easily wait until it looks like games I actually want to play are actually going to be released.

Plus with the waiting I can get it after the price cut which will make it closer to the price I want to pay.