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Hatsune Miku software English release (actually happening this time)

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Rather than necro-ing my old thread about this, since the guideline is now "new threads for new news", there's now an official website for Hatsune Miku English version which states that it's coming out this summer.

I'm hoping it'll be bundled with the updated Vocaloid 3 editor.


EDIT: WHOIS details for anyone who thinks this isn't legit:

GMO Internet, Inc. whois server 2.0

This server only serves information on GMO Internet,Inc.-maintained domain names
For more information, please contact Email Masking Image@gmo.jp.

Domain Handle: None
Domain Name: mikuenglish.com
Created On: 2013-06-20 12:33:18.0
Last Updated On: 2013-06-21 11:10:35.0
Expiration Date: 2015-06-20 00:33:18.0
Status: ACTIVE
Registrant Name: Hiroyuki Itoh
Registrant Organization: Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Registrant Street1: 8F Dunlop SK Bldg, Odori, West 10,
Registrant Street2: 
Registrant City: Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Registrant State: Hokkaido
Registrant Postal Code: 060-0042
Registrant Country: JP
Registrant Phone: 011-222-6655
Registrant Fax: 011-222-0707
Registrant Email: Email Masking Image@crypton.co.jp
Name Server: ns-235.awsdns-29.com
Name Server: ns-532.awsdns-02.net
Name Server: ns-1431.awsdns-50.org
Name Server: ns-1799.awsdns-32.co.uk

Information Updated: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 12:13:25 UTC
But... the whole point was the cute japanese voice...

I just want the software itself in English. I had it before and it was confusing as fuck.


But... the whole point was the cute japanese voice...

I just want the software itself in English. I had it before and it was confusing as fuck.

There's nothing stopping you from buying Miku V2 and Vocaloid V3 English and combining the two right now, as far as I know, if that's all you want. However I think this newer software will be a bit more user friendly maybe.


This has now been released. It's available for 15,435 Yen (Japan/rest of world), $149.95 (North America), £119 (UK) or €139 (Europe).


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Given that there have been Hatsune Miku concerts in America, I think you might be wrong about this.
Miku is incredibly mainstream in Japan, though. To say she won't get as popular in the West is a banal statement: of course she won't.


I personally think her English accent is awful, I still prefer her Japanese voicebank, something sounds really wrong with her sugary cute voice and the harsh English accent


Rolling Girl
I think I'll try to get this and use it to make a ending song for my game, but I think I'd rather use the JP voice banks for her in some areas.
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