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have games become more than just games for you ?


all of us were kids and at that time we didnt care about complex characters , with great story , good level design etc.

we knew that we had a level to beat and then beat the next one until the game is over

but now going through levels isnt enough for most gamers( unless you are a souls games fan ) , some play it for an emotional story , some play it for the challenge , some play it for the sense of achievement when they finish the game ( doesnt matter if a hard or easy game ) , some play because it stimulates their imagination it takes them to another world , and unfortunately some play because the real world is too hurtful for them and games are the only place where they can escape

i play games because games have better stories than movies these days , i still am a very huge movie fan but we only get 2-3 movies per year with a great story

whats your reason for playing games ? do games have a higher purpose for you than when you were a kid ?
I just want to be entertained and have a fun experience.

Story is important and all that but I ultimately just want to enjoy myself while playing a game, it's a way for me to unwind, like zen meditation almost. The moment I feel like I'm forcing myself to play something, I dip out and move onto something else. I avoid a lot of games because of past entries that I didn't care for: Uncharted, TLOU, Sucker Punch games in general, GOW, etc. Basically 90% of Sony 1st party games. I'm probably doing myself a disservice but I generally know what I enjoy and mainly stick to it.

I feel guilty enough sitting in the basement away from my wife and dogs so I at least want to be enjoying myself. I never game for the sake of gaming. FOMO ain't shit to me.


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Yes, I feel like Lego Journey is a direct replication of my life, like, it’s mapped out for me. I just need to select the right bricks for my onward destination, what is waiting for me I don’t quite know but I hope it’s something good…
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There was a time when ARMA II, ARMA III, DayZ Mod and DayZ SA became more than just games, but something like a social network for me. Everytime I came home from work there where people me and a friend met online on TeamSpeak. We had a lot of fun talks, lot of laughs, knew each other, playing together was always more like an interactive chatroom than serious or competitive play.

I think these where, besides childhood gaming memories, my favourite 2 or 3 years of online gaming and I will always keep these great memories in mind.
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For me it's just a hobby.

Nowadays I play less than I used to play when I was a kid or teenager, but I got more productive at doing it, so I'm able to finish quite a amount of games. Besides that, nowadays we have more access to information, there's aways some news, trailers, discussions and industry insights, so it's a wider hobby now.

I enjoy good stories but ultimately I care for the gameplay the most.
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For me gaming is no different than watching movies and listen to music, they are entertainment, nothing more and nothing less.
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