Heavenly Sword Devs going Multi-Platform

EDIT-It's a New Interview about the devs going MP and the CG movie along with a few other things.

For a Shorter version, Ninja theory is going Multi-platform for their next game, and it isn't Heavenly Sword 2, they're also thinking about possibly doing a CG movie using the Game's engine to release along with their next game.

I wasn't exactly a huge fan of HS1, but the whole CG movie thing to go along with the game could be pretty cool.

"Q: GamesIndustry.biz: Are you working on a sequel to Heavenly Sword?

Nina Kristensen: No we're not, we're working on a new IP. "

"Q: GamesIndustry.biz: My next question was are you looking at working with other publishers and other formats?

Nina Kristensen: Yes, our new game is going to be PS3 and Xbox 360. We have actually signed it but we're not announcing to who at the moment. "

Read the full interview Here
Didn't we already know this a couple of months back?
Q: GamesIndustry.biz: What can we expect from the new project – can we expect another three year production with a massive budget?

Nina Kristensen: Yes, we're looking at doing something really big and ambitious and absolutely build on our strengths in storytelling, cinematics and combat.
I'm glad I'm not publishing it.
badcrumble said:
I wish that they'd confirm that they'll never make a sequel to HS so I can trade my copy in without any pangs of doubt.
According to the recent OPM HS2 is goign to star a male character and take place 10 years after the original.
flarkminator said:
awesome, people won't have to pretend to like this one

I wonder who picked up the publishing rights? Given that HS wasn't a financial or critical success, they must have had some balls to pick up what is seemingly going to be a costly project.
Cool. There was really nothing about Heavenly Sword that screamed it had to be console exclusive. Graphically, it was only amazing in the cutscenes that were pre-rendered anyway. And I'm sure the tons-of-people battles could be done without the CELL PROCESSOR. If that viking game that just came out can have tons of people on screen, I'm sure a Heavenly Sword port could've.

The only thing I want from their next game is to have it *lead* on PS3, which I'm sure they will considering they already have the experience there.


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I did buy HS, and it was pretty good, but egad the glitches. Sometimes I'd have cutscenes with NO ONE IN THEM...no voices, no nothing, just cuts and pannings of empty rooms.

They're a good dev, and I'm sure HS wasn't their best effort, I hope. At least the pre-recorded cutscenes were excellent.
SolidSnakex said:
According to the recent OPM HS2 is goign to star a male character and take place 10 years after the original.
O rly? Surprised Sony is going to give this series a second shot. I wonder how's developing it.


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Shogmaster said:
If it sold 1M, I don't think NT would have been bumped offed of the IP...
With bundles :(

Also it was one of the most expensive projects SONY had, someone had to pay. They probably had a deal where cambridge help with tech but tech kept the rights to the engine built.
After Kung Fu Chaos and Heavenly Sword I'm going to have to wait and see before I look into picking up any more of Ninja Theory's games.
I hope their new IP is good.
Heavenly Sword was actually a good game... but it'll be interesting to see what Sony decides to do with the extra money... Hopefully they are smart enough to use it to get another exclusive from Square Enix or something along those lines instead of dumping it into a project like Lair.