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Heavy Rain new stuff (pic & ^r


Bad Art ™


edit : could some mod fix the thread title I fucked up ?


I wonder how much of it will be set in that 'new york' location. We still seem to know so little about the overall game design, only the minute to minute stuff has really been covered.
Iron Toaster said:
Looks nice, but it sounds like the game is just one big interactive cut scene. I don't see much fun in that.
The devs never said it was gonna be a TPS or something. I mean were you expecting exactly? It's an adventure game.


I'm amazed with what they can do with faces and environments but game developers still don't have paper right at all. Take a look at the reports on that detective's desk. In games paper always looks like the edges are glued to the surface but a piece of paper, even a brand new one, has a ridge that lifts and merges with the table its laying on.



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Looks amazing. My anticipation levels are really rising. This and Alan Wake. Can't wait :)


eggandI said:
You serious? these are probably the best eyes I've seen in video games.
No, I agree with him. Hoodie guy's eyes are the same in every shot and the guy getting robbed has no expression. Graphics are insane though. Looks better than the last batch of screenshots I saw.


Flo_Evans said:
Looks awesome... but it's going to be more of a QTE fest than a game right?
It's an adventure game. The game is about exploring, puzzle solving and progressing the story. QTE's is only a part of it.

Edit: Heavy pictures...

Ranger X

I only they will never ever pull again their "we have surpassed uncanny valley" because those characters are uncanny valley total!!

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