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Heavy Rain reviews

tacotime77 said:
I honestly might rent this to play on a friends PS3 I'm that pumped about it. If this was ported it'd be amazing.

Not gonna happen. Sony bought and paid for this game as well as Quantic Dream's next game!


Great scores, getting quite excited. Though I recommend waiting for the US reviews (which are delayed for 10 days thanks to Sony's odd embargo policies) if you're on the fence.

It is a niche title though, so it is very surprising to see these reviews :)

Either way, it's a day one for me:D
Foliorum Viridum said:
I could've afforded it easily if I didn't get Mass Effect 2 (which I was way more hyped for <3) and had a girlfriend that wasn't born in Feburary. :lol Yakuza 3 takes priority just because it's a guaranteed awesome time, whereas the last quarter of Fahrenheit burned me bad.

I'm quite glad I don't have an overdraft, really. I buy enough games as it is. :p

Yeah, I feel that. I have a wife and child with Bday's in February, plus Valentines day! My bank will be broke, lol!

Agent X

Empty said:
More interested in GAF impressions from those who didn't love Indigo Prophecy.

I've never played Indigo Prophecy, but I preordered Heavy Rain, so I'll be going into this one with a clean slate.
moojito said:
Glad to see this finished at last. I hope it has some cool moments like the beginning of fahrenheit when you're walking out of the diner and it goes into split screen while the cop goes to the bathroom. That was a memorable scene.
It does


i would expect similar scores from american sites

farenheit scored realy well and it too was made up of quick time events
watership said:
Any of these reviews discuss the total playtime?
8 hours from eurogamer
but they were compelled to start up a whole new playthrough as soon as the credits finished, to see how else the story could have gone
JWong said:
Man, the Futureshops and Bestbuys around my area do not have the preorder yet. Kinda sucks.

Use Amazon, your dollar is as strong as ours so it should be the same price if not cheaper, I think the release date delivery should apply to canada too.


XiaNaphryz said:
Haven't looked at the reviews yet, but have the reviews played through the entire game? We all know how the tail end of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy ended up.

Nah, we all stopped just before the end. What's the point of finishing it, rite?


I heard that if you want to see everyones storyline you will have at least 30 hours (of course, 8 hours x4) but I suppose that there are very probably more than 4 endings in this game.


SamBishop said:
Nah, we all stopped just before the end. What's the point of finishing it, rite?


I'm expecting good reviews for the game all across the board, it's the sales I'm worried about.

Edit - Beaten. :(


I'm having surgery to repair tendon and muscle damage in my right arm next week, I probably won't be able to play games for a month :( But then again, I haven't played any games for the last 6 or so months, sucks that I get hit with this when I just start to play again :lol


bridegur said:
I was slightly interested until I saw that mall video. The voice acting is incredibly distracting.

YES, YES!! Because that one video is a representation of the whole game.


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Good to hear - I look forward to more games that are fun to play. Nice and simple.


In case someone missed the train:

The game offers permanent character death and the story still continues, their omission affecting everything else.

Multiple routes trough the game and choices (and consequences) for everything leading to multiple endings. :)

Looks kinda good. Isn't a shooter. Unique.
Awesome scores!!

I almost forgot this was due out later this month. God damn Q1 is ridiculous, can't wait for

the summer when shit gets dry so i can catch up. I'm seriously considering dropping the day

one purchases for good, because of stuff like this.
Looking forward to a good relaxing rental with this one.

SolidSnakex said:
He's right though, if this was ported that would be amazing considering Sony owns the IP.

Stranger things have happened. Sony had their own internal development team make Wipeout for the Saturn and Sony owned the IP at the time to that title when it was published.


Balb said:
This doesn't seem like the kind of game that would get universal praise. Nor should it.

Yeah video games that try not to stick within the norms and try to be unique and push the industry forward shouldn't be the type to get universal praise.

This is definitely the most ambitious game in years, and I'm glad it's getting critical praise.


Goldrusher said:
Source ?

There's a trophy to get them all, so with 8 hours of game, that's 160 hours for that trophy alone ? :/
Maybe you can "cheat" a bit and save the game before the story branches and start at that point again...
Goldrusher said:
Source ?

There's a trophy to get them all, so with 8 hours of game, that's 160 hours for that trophy alone ? :/
You can probably speed through the game/cut the story short in some scenarios
Can't remember the source, it was from a while back
edit: interview with Guillaume de Fondaumière
"20 plus," he explains, "But, I guess, what&#8217;s more important for us are the different journeys and I really don&#8217;t have a clue how many journeys there are to come to those endings. But it&#8217;s also in a particular scene. A particular scene may end the same way, however, the information &#8211; the experience &#8211; can be very different, depending on your choices."


jett said:
Getting pretty decent reviews, I'm getting moderately excited about this game. :p

Same here. Was not really interested in the game before.

Wow, reviews ARE important.


Well, there are 4 characters and all of them can die. That's 16 outcomes I think...Plus they can probably be killed in many different scenes.
I did enjoy Indigo Prophecy and thought it had some really neat ideas. Sure, near the end the game fell apart, but I still enjoyed it. If I had money I'd pick this game up asap. But alas I must hold off for a bit.
I am going to need to know how long does it take to complete the game with all endings before I decide to buy or rent this game.


imtehman said:
great scores, not surprised at all

i guess i can live with renting it

Keep in mind that this is going to be one of the most replayable games with a straight narrative structure ever.


Decent reviews so far, but since I don't know any of the review outlets yet (except for Eurogamer), I'm still moderately wary.
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