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I'm immensely nervous about this game. I can't read the whole thread right now, but are there any impressions about how it uses the concept of psychosis? As someone that deals with mental illness I'm wary of the game and if they'll use it... respectfully I guess? Not as a storytelling caveat, basically. Is it used well or is it more like, "Ooooh she sees demons because of her psychosis!!!!"?
I'm actually impressed with how much work they put into understanding psychosis and translating it into a game.

For instance, check this out. It's a brief teaser of a 25 minute featurette in the game, about how they handled the issue:


If you listen to what some of the participants (patients?) say in this clip, this was "no token effort," but a serious and sincere attempt by the developers to listen, understand, and integrate what they heard into the game.

In the end, it's still a videogame, so it's going to be "gamey" in some ways -- the aim is entertainment, after all, not (primarily) an authentic rendition of the psychotic experience. But it sounds to me like they did due diligence, in trying to handle the subject matter in a reasonably authentic way. It certainly sounds better than a lot of what we've seen before in videogames.

p.s. It was actually that teaser that pushed me over the edge and persuaded me that I have to play this game.
Great OP I am excited for this game and cannot wait to play tonight on the PC. I am looking forward to what they bring to the table given the subject matter and fact that they are trying to hit that sweet spot that AAA games ignore.
The review embargo is a little concerning, but maybe there's a good reason for it (spoilers, concerns about reviewers not "getting" it. whatever). No matter what though, I'm super eager to see how some of their design decisions from the dev diaries work out.

How's the pre-order theme?

I'm a sucker for great ones and have sometimes been known to have a great theme push me over the top on a pre-order ;p
I'm running theme now. It's the first time I've changed mine since the Transistor theme came out and I'm happy with it. It's a decent theme, and coupled with supporting the game, I was sold.

Edit: Also, the theme has binaural audio like in the game
I'm running theme now. It's the first time I've changed mine since the Transistor theme came out and I'm happy with it. It's a decent them, and coupled with supporting the game, I was sold.
Thanks, was hoping to get an actual impression and not just a video :)

I'm thinking along the same lines, will be nice to support this effort, nice price point and I've always enjoyed NT games, especially Enslaved.

Gonna pre-order it.
Having seen a very short scene in 21:9, I think this game will look great on ultra wide displays, with it's closer camera. Sadly I don't own such a monitor or a decent gaming pc. But if someone could capture and upload some gameplay in 21:9 that would make my day.
I'm hoping a tweet Jim Sterling made recently isn't an allusion to this game. Hopefully it's something else.

Wish the reviews would hurry up I just need that push in one direction or the other.
This game has such a weird camera perspective for being what seems to be a hack and slash. It's got a weird Ryse vibe to me. Hopefully it's better than that game!
Ok I'm terrible with time zones lol
No problem. Time zones and regional pricing are the bane of |OT| creation.

The developer is from the United Kingdom, with an embargo noted in an American time zone, plus regional equivalent pricing to boot. Sometimes I wish I was the more typical narrow-minded American.

I know many other people have already said this but wow, great job on the OT!
Thanks. Gotta have the positive comments to outweigh the ones that say it looks bad.
Great OP!

Is there any reason to get the PS4 reason of you have a capable PC? Wasn't sure if the console version supported HDR or anything special like that.
Just triggered the purchase on Steam for this game, can't wait for it. Honestly it looks fantastic and it's in the vikings era too isn't it?
Yup. It's set somewhere in Britain and the protagonist is a Celt whose village was attacked by Vikings IIRC. Which is a tiny bit confusing to me because they've said that they were inspired by a Celtic-Roman goddess called Senua which originally made me think that they were trying to suggest that the Senua in the game is supposed to be the person who was eventually deified and whorshipped during Roman times but from what I've read, the Viking raids in Britain didn't start until long after the Roman era so that can't be the case. Guess they just meant that they used that name and Celtic culture/history as a general creative jump-off point.

EDIT: Someone on Tomb Raider Forums finished the game and posted some impressions:

ThatSassyKid said:
Finished the game.
50% love. 50% hate.
Trial-and-error segments.
Combat is definitely the strong point.
2 hour segment in the middle of the game with not one bit of combat, whatsoever.
Good game regardless, definitely recommend for the half-price tag! :)


I'd be in the dick
Ugh, the countdown timer is such a tease on my PS4. Wont be able to play until late tomorrow evening.
This is why I hate digital preorders and preloading. The whole game is already on your hard drive but you can't play it. The countdown timer just taunts you.
I remember leaving the first comment on Ninja Theory's blog when Hellblade was announced 3 years ago, super excited, not knowing what the game would look like.

Well, I'm still as excited as ever!

Launching the game in a few minutes, let's do this. Please don't disappoint, Ninja Theory! <3