Hello, Neighbor - Rear Window: the game with adapting AI, PC/PS4, Kickstarter soon

Kickstarter is live


Kickstarter coming mid-October

Prototype gameplay | Teaser

Hello, Neighbor! is a first-person tactical thriller puzzler with a tricky self-studying A.I. as an opponent

The Neighbor gathers all the information about the player's actions, decisions, movements etc. Having analyzed it, he comes up with counter-actions, traps and a unique tactics against the player. The more one plays, the more experienced the Neighbor becomes.

The main goal is to get into the Neighbor's basement and reveal his secret.



I like the concept and especially the art style. But assuming the AI works great and all, I wonder how long the game could possibly be if the goal is to reach the basement. Perhaps the house is huge, or he has 50 locks on his basement door or something? Looked like a really small house in the prototype, but yeah... just a prototype. They caught my attention at least, nice to see a dev try something different like this.
I haven't watching the videos but I'm guessing this is inspired by Hitchcock's "Rear Window". Sounds interesting if they can pull it off
Well, a similar concept of a weird neighbor that you're trying to learn about and then, a la Rear Window or Disturbia, sneak into the neighbor's house to learn the truth
Finally watched the full prototype gameplay, and I don't know if this is actual gameplay or concept footage...but damn, does it look good

Some of the moments look so reactive, you have to assume it's scripted

Like this one. The neighbor throwing a chair through the window so he can climb out and cut off your escape

It looks like the "stealth against a single enemy" of Alien Isolation with the interactivity of Amnesia (unscrewing a lightbulb, prying away boards with a hammer, throwing a trash lid through a window, etc.), except instead of a instinct-driven xenomorph, it's an intelligent human that can learn from and adapt to your tactics
This looks great though I'm personally pretty wary of games that sort of promise these impressive AIs that learn and whatnot, they don't tend to live up to expectations.
Why didn't he just climb over the fence to get away?

Fail state?

Really interesting game. One hopes that the game world both changes and can increase in complexity. If the key is just sitting on the table in a two floor house. . .not that interesting.
Oh, so it seems like there's going to be a playable prototype for the KS. AI won't be as advanced as the full planned version but still give an idea of the gameplay

That's a lot of movement for a Rear Window comparison.

Looks okay, o guess. Definitely an interesting premise.
In hindsight, Disturbia would have been the better movie reference
Love the concept, AI quality is my biggest disapointment of last and current gen.
Anything that tries to push that envelope has my support.
The Kickstarter says Xbox One as well; why doesn't the thread title?

Anyways, this looks pretty damned cool. I might jump on board for this.
I was disappointed until I read this post. The OP should be updated, but this is an interesting concept. I hope they hit their stretch goals, too.
This looks fantastic, but at the same time there was next to no interest in it.
When you look at the support, community managers are able to provide by being active on sites like neogaf, I'm thinking you need someone providing updates and answering questions directly to big gaming forums like this when you reach a certain budget.

Otherwise it's a situation where people are looking at a project and forgetting it after when it vanishes from page one, never to return.

Sad to see this one fail though. Hopefully they are able to realize it somehow in the end. I'd like to play it.