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Help finding a good travel laptop/2-in-1 for school?


Feb 7, 2007
Otterbach, Germany
So I'm about to start traveling soon for work quite frequently. I also want to start going to school to work on my Master's. Obviously online classes will be necessary, but unfortunately my laptop at home is massive and pretty old (2010) anyway. Functional, but not great for traveling, ironically.

I want to have something I can comfortably type up school papers, but then also use for video such as Netflix/Amazon/etc on the side such as when I'm on a plane and can't do internet research or taking a break from writing etc. Light gaming on it could be nice but honestly I'll be likely bringing Switch/Vita/3DS with me so not a big deal.

I was looking at 2-in-1s, basically tablets with keyboards that detach or rotate, but maybe a light laptop might work, too.

Anyone have good experiences with anything? I'm kind of looking at Windows OS but am down for Chromebook as long as I can type up papers offline.

I'm also not super rich, so something a bit more on the budget friendly side would be nice.

Anyone here have any good suggestions or recommendations?


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May 9, 2016
You’re gonna be paying a premium for a 2 in 1. By that I mean you’ll get less power for the money than you would with a regular laptop. Just be sure to ask yourself if that’s really what you want before buying. If you haven’t already, I would get hands on with them to compare size and comfort between thin laptops and 2 in 1s and see what you can see yourself using every day.
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