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Help for anyone having Radeon 6800/6900 random PC shutdown issues.


I'm here to offer help if you recently were able to procure a Radeon 6800/XT/6900XT and are having issues with random PC shut downs (when not gaming).

The solution is to install the Radeon drivers WITHOUT the Adrenaline software bundle. You'll need to do this by letting the package extract to C:/AMD/ and then updating the driver manually in device manager. I used the tool "DDU" to completely remove all the AMD software first.
1.) Download the AMD driver package.
2.) Install and use the DDU driver uninstaller to remove the existing Adrenaline software and drivers.
3.) Run the AMD driver package and let it extract to C:/AMD/ - THEN AFTER EXCTRACTING CANCEL THE INSTALL
4.) Go to device manager and select your display device - go to 'update driver'
5.) Point to the specific location C:/AMD/ and Windows will install the driver but not the Adrenaline software package.

Problem solved.

If you still want to tweak performance of the graphics card you'll need to use MSI afterburner or your OC tool of choice.

I also submitted a ticket to AMD explaining the issue and the solution - their response was unsatisfactory but the goal was to attempt to alert them of the issue. I'd recommend doing this as well and maybe.
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