Help, looking for Maria Ozawa no make up on

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I saw it somewhere on gaf. Tried to search for it for a freakin hour already and I can't find it. Someone help me please! Trying to show my friend that she looks ugly without make up on.
Osaka said:
What is this, 4chan?
No, but if you keep threadcrapping like this it'll turn into Gamefaqs. Gaf slow today? :p

I know someone has it, anyone? Thanks~

Edit : That picture isn't it laserbeam
Already tried that Gig
demigod said:
Any idea where that pic is?
I just saw it recently myself. I know her name was said in the thread and possibly the posts where it was put, yet search isn't showing me anything that looks familiar.
Maybe it's just me but I'd much rather watch a video of her licking all sorts of ungodly things that shouldn't be licked than trying to find pictures of her that are ugly.
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