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Help with PS4 Slim internal HD replacement


Oct 26, 2017
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a replacement HD for my son's PS4 slim... we're doing a "hand me down" type situation in my house. I got a ps5.. .my daughter got my PS4 pro, and now my son has the ps4 slim... however the slim now has an HD issue. I purchased a replacement from NewEgg thinking all ps4 internal HDs were created equal but to my dismay I popped the old HD out and it looks like the HD inside is like a mini HD or something?

I then started doing research and I guess the PS4 slim only takes a 2.5" HD but there's limitations on the thickness... I've already dropped $30 on a wrong sized HD with the shipping being the same cost as the freaking thing to send it back so I'm writing that off as a loss but don't want to make the same mistake twice and the internet has not been my friend with trying to ensure I don't fail on round two.

Can anyone recommend or drop a link to an HD that will fit inside this thing? Since he's only 10 I'm really only looking for a cheap replacement... can be either 500Gb or 1Tb. Thanks fam! :messenger_heart: