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Here's one of the best Video Game Documentarires on Youtube nobody knows! (feat. NBA Jam T.E.)

Rat Rage

I can't take it anymore!

Usually I don't bother making threads, but sometimes... there just comes an issue along that just keeps nagging me day in and day out, slowly burning my soul until I just have to take action.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a strange video on youtube titled:

NBA Jam Tournament Edition | Reviewing Every U.S. Saturn Game | Episode 30 of 246​

I thought: "Oh cool, a video/review about one of my favorite (fun) sports games of my childhood", let's see what's that about... Then I looked at the length of it, and it was a whopping 1 hour and 50 minutes :oops: "For a fucking REVIEW?!?", I thought.

THEN, after clicking on it and just few minutes in, I immediately realized: "DUDE, that's not a REVIEW, this is a WHOLE DOCUMENTARY of NBA Jam Tournament Edition", and what seemed to be a very well done one on top of that.

And I was correct: it wasn't JUST another video game documentary on youtube, but it turned out to be THE BEST VIDEO GAME DOCUMENTARY (that happend to feature NBA Jam T.E.) I've seen in fucking YEARS!

I was glued to my fucking screen from the first to the last second (I SWEAR! 🤞).

But the craziest thing about it was, that it only had like 7000 thousand views... I thought: "How the fuck is this possible?! How can every fucking youtube video featuring dogs eating banans get 1.000.000 VIEWS in just a day, while this VERY WELL MADE, SOULFULL AS HELL videogame documentary only got 7000 view in 2 month??".

(Well, I have to admit, the title kinda doesn't give it away at first glance...)

SO, without further ado, I present you what I believe is the best VIDEO GAME DOCUMENTARY (that happens to feature NBA Jam T.E.) of the last few years on youtube!

Forget all the stupid console warring, all this stupid, meaningless gaming market talk (and talk about aquisitions, consolidations and what not), and PURIFY YOUR GAMER SOUL with this HIDDEN GEM of a videogame documentary featuring THE GOLDEN AGE of videogames!


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