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Hey GAF, what was your first car?



106 gti, amazingly fun car


A Buick Opel wagon. You probably have no idea what this is, with good reason. Here's a pic, just picture this but like, Crayola blue. Had some crazy adventures circa 1990-91 in this fucked up old piece of shit.
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What was, still is my first car. Mercedes A180 from 2005. Ugly as hell, but drives like heaven. Hoping to be able to afford a newer car somewhere this year.



1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. I bought this a few months into my 1st job out of college the following year, paid it off in 4 years. I was so excited to get this (wanted the 3000 GT but it was a bit out of my price range, honestly this was pushing it as well since I wasn't exactly making a lot of money out of the gate). I happily drove it for probably 14 years or so before killing the transmission twice (100 miles/day commute for a couple of years will do that to you I guess). After that it sat parked in my back lot for a few years before I finally parted ways with it for a couple hundred bucks, sigh. Downgraded to my ex- GF's 94 Geo Prizm for nearly 10 years following that, which also sits w/ a dead battery in my driveway now. Really need to get rid of that thing.
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Oh ya, the dashboard. Another piece of work.

Not my picture, but this is the dashboard that was in my dad's 92 Cavalier. I'll never forget the stupid dashboard 'gap' (I can still hear my dad saying "You can store pens and stuff in there!") or the really crappy retractable cup holder that no one but him was allowed to touch. Whoever took this picture cut off the left side of the dash which had another knob and an interior light slider.

Ahh, the vent warping... LOL. The vent warped, cracked, and popped out of place six months after he bought it. It was still under dealership warranty so they fixed it but in doing so they fucked up the actual defroster duct work leading to the vent. For the remainder of the car's life the right side of the windshield wouldn't defrost.



some good looking cars in here

man, been looking for a truck just like this but even with a ton of miles they still go for +10k usd

Nissan hard bodies are a thing of beauty
new trucks are an abomination to look at however.

The old Nissan Hardbodies are the shit. I have a Tacoma, but I want to get a hardbody or another Toyota pickup and fix it up. Those 80s/90s mid-size trucks in general are timeless.




A Plymouth Sundance, My brother and I drove it for several years. It was a death trap, and one night after driving it home I walked in the house and remembered I forgot something in the car. I walked outside to find flames coming out from the hood. I told my brother to call the fire department and they came and put out the car. I had popped the hood when I saw the flames and the fire fighters were able to lift it and put out the flames. I sold it for $100 scrap. It was a car that worked for the time I had it, but I was glad to see it go.

I was also given a motorcycle for my 14th birthday. And I drove that all the time, until my dad shipped it to my brother living in the Dominican Republic at the time, where the customs agents promptly took it.


8th gen civic. The automatic transmission in that thing was dog shit. My first week I was driving some friends home and my buddy asked me if I was just learning to drive stick.

Upgraded to a 10th gen with a manual 2 years ago.


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1996 Plymouth Breeze in white. It was my parents, but they gave it to me once I was old enough to drive.
1968 Mustang. Did a frame up restoration with my dad (who did most of the work in reality). Loved that car. Bought an old vw Passat to drive around while we did the work.

Third car was a 1969 Mustang haha. Redid that one too to a lesser degree.


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An old Civic, I forget the exact year. It was a real beater but it did my college-attending broke ass well for two or three years.


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Found the photo of my champion white 98 Integra. First car and a manual at that. There my haunted room above the garage.
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