Hidden Gem Hunt-- New games that aren't very popular


I’ve been playing the Apple Arcade Mistwalker game Fantasian on an iPad.

Is a very well done jrpg and I heard about it when it release and I don’t think anyone played it because of the Arcade exclusive.
From the FF creator? Wow, first time hearing this. It looks cool.

The "dimengeon" system seems to have made the random encounter thing interesting. But Apple arcade exclusivity is probably the worst example of exclusivity deals. You can't buy the game even if you want to, you have to be an "arcade" member to play it. It's complete bullshit.

More ppl need to try Session. It takes the concept of doing tricks via the analog sticks that Skate had, but expands upon it. Instead of just the right stick representing the board, each analog stick represents your foot. Its a lil janky. There's no multiplayer and not much of a campaign. And the tricks are relegated to street skating and not so much vert. Its made by a handful of ppl, and imo has great skating gameplay and a very addicting loop of just finding a spot you like and coming up with a trick you want to land. And just keep trying to land that trick until you do

Seems interesting, waiting for a sale for this.
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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Haters put rain clouds over video games that aren’t call of duty or elder scrolls.
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