Hideki Kamiya annoyed on twitter, tells fanboy to use his own brain

ashkan from The-Horror.com's forums sent Hideki Kamiya..."some" Twitter questions about the original version of Resident Evil 4 that was eventually turned into the first Devil May Cry. Among others, he revealed that Spencer was to be the protagonist's father, and that the hero was called Tony before they changed the name to Dante.

As the questions get more stupid, Kamiya becomes more and more annoyed. :lol

Is Vergil dead after the final Nelo Angelo battle?
HK: It will be revealed at the sequel I'll make.

Will you ever be able to work with Makoto Tsuchibayashi again?
HK: Of course I want to!

Who is Tony Redgrave?
HK: Play Bayonetta.

I mean Tony Redgrave in your Devil May Cry.
HK: So play Bayonetta first.

How Eva and Vergil were killed and why Dante survived only?
HK: Some day I want to reveal it in the game...

I love Alastor Sword, Ifrit and Nightmare β. what about you?
HK: Alastor is Dante's real pal.

Who is this guy in your Biohazard4: http://www.ephotobay.com/share/11-30.html
HK: Hero's father in a 1st plot,I think.

Can you please tell me his name: http://www.ephotobay.com/share/11-30.html
HK: Hmm...I don't remember,sorry...
HK: But in the 1st plot the hero's name was Tony.
HK: Oh, now I remember. His name was Lord Spencer.

Lord Spencer and his son was Tony right? what about Vergil?
HK: Paul or something... just a temporary name.

Umbrella corporation was in Bio4? What was the story behind the twins? http://www.ephotobay.com/share/tsuchibayashi-123.html
HK: It' a secret.

Who made Dante's handguns?
HK: It's a long story... Read the novel of DMC (though it's written in Japanese)

Why didn't you make a flashback about Dante's past when he was a child while you were making DMC?
K: Give me time.

I've got the first Devil May Cry Trial Edition. I noticed that it has more doors than the original DMC. Why did you remove them?
HK: Cut waste.

Why Dante's hair is white?
HK: Because he is Dante.

What's the reason Dante hunting Devils?

Is this Eva's bedroom? I've seen her portrait in this place: http://www.ephotobay.com/share/bedroom-4.html
HK: She is not Eva.

If she's not Eva, who is she then? what's her name?
HK: She was a hero's mother only in the first plot.

Can you please tell me her name?
HK: She didn't have a name.

So did Lord Spencer killed hero's mother in Biohazard4 ?
HK: Kill? What's that?

HK: Only in the first plot...

How old is Dante?
HK: Why don't you imagine by yourself?

How many plots did Biohazard4 have?
HK: One.

Will you use Drew Coombs again in your next games?
HK: It depends.

I love his voice. When he says: Let's rock baby!
HK: I love his "Yaaa!" when Stinger.

Trish is Dante's love or Dante's partner?
HK: Only Dante and Trish know.

Is Dante hunting devils to take revenge on his brother and his mother?
HK: I said you must play DMC first and THINK.

DMC had a few characters. I wonder were there more characters in your first plot Biohazard4?
HK: No, almost the same

In your first plot Bio4, who was Stevie Wonder's daughter?
HK: Aisha was hero's partner's name.

Why Spencer's left eye is red? http://bit.ly/aQ5Htq
HK: I don't know. Maybe he is angry or something.

When you were making a DMC, wasn't difficult to work with PS2?
HK: To make games is always difficult.

Did you ever had a plan to port your Bio4 or DMC to Gamecube console?
HK: No.

In your Devil May Cry, Dante was a devil hunter. What was hero's job in your Biohazard 4?
HK: I can't tell detail.

You won't believe me if I tell you I'm still playing your Devil May Cry.
HK: Thanx!

You think your Bio4 wasn't scary enought that you've changed it to DMC?
HK: They changed cuz it was far from Bio.

Your Biohazard4 had zombies instead of marionettes in DMC?
HK: I'm tired of BIO4 things. That's all in the past now.

Sorry tho bother you, but can you please tell me how much percent of the first plot bio4 was completed?
HK: 100%

Thanks for the response. I hope you are not kidding me.
HK: I'm talking about the scenario.

What about the game itself?
HK: We Changed Bio4 into DMC in midstream. It's a wrap.

Did you ever had a chance to play Hiroshi Shibata's Biohazard 4?
HK: Yep, and I liked it.

You said you've played Shibata's Bio4. you've played it in 2002 or in 2003?
HK: I don't remember.

Have you played Demento game?
HK: No.

Tony in Bio4 didn't have any sword but why his older brother had a sword in the artworks?
HK: Cuz it was just a plot

I heard a rumor that you like to remake your DMC at PlatinumGames. Is this true?
HK: Who said such a thing. You?

Griffon was in the cathedral instead of Phantom in the earlier trailers of DMC!
HK: That was just for the trailer.

Why did you design Nelo Angelo's model much bigger than Dante in the third battle?
HK: Use your own brain.

Why Terra sword is not selectable in the DMC Trial Edition?

You said you've played Hiroshi Shibata's Bio4. What version it was? Fog version or Hookman version?
HK: I don't know the different.

Do you know this woman who created by Tasaki Atsuya? http://f.imagehost.org/0995/DMC1.jpg
HK: "Do you know"...? Do you know I'm the director of DMC?
HK: and his name is Tasaki Junnya.

Of course I know, just wondering if she had anything that I should know about?
HK: Her name's Dominique Tereshkova.

Wow... She was from Russia?
HK: No one knows.


Why is this man allowed to "interview" Kamiya?
It's like reading the questions of an obsessive 8 year old.

Devil May Cry was 9 years ago. He isn't returning to the franchise, stop pestering him about it. :lol
Hahaha jesus christ, give the guy a break. I'm impressed he kept his cool as well as he did.

Sounds like he really would like to work on DMC again in the future, though. Colour me surprised.


Why Terra sword is not selectable in the DMC Trial Edition?

This is the question when I would have just answered *laughs*, and /ignore from now on, jeez.

Regulus Tera

Romanes Eunt Domus
_dementia said:
:lol sounds like Kamiya doesn't care about any of it



Blinded by the luminous glory that is David Bowie's physical manifestation.
Tobor said:
After the interview, ashkans Mommy gave him some milk and cookies, and he took a nap.


Seriously, though, those questions are written badly.

And it seems Kamiya is annoyed at people wanting to know about his version of Biohazard 4. Which seems kinda dickish, given we know about the "three" versions sort-of after it and only know Bio4->DMC turned into slightly without plot details (Umbrella, characters, blah, blah, blah).

Would be nice for a good retrospective on Biohazard 4's long development process after Bio3: Last Escape winded down.


You know, from the bits where Kamiya is actually serious, it sounds like DMC never really changed significantly from his original "Biohazard 4" game. It seemed like it would always have been about some guy and his partner attacking a gothic castle, fighting his brother and father, etc. The only difference is probably that the castle was probably the property of the Spencer family and related to Umbrella, similar to what we've seen of such manors and stuff from RE1, RE:CV, and the Spencer flashbacks in RE5.

Kinda glad they had the sense to change it into a new IP, because that would have been reaaaaaaaaally weird for RE.


Danielsan said:
Why is this man allowed to "interview" Kamiya?
It's like reading the questions of an obsessive 8 year old.

Devil May Cry was 9 years ago. He isn't returning to the franchise, stop pestering him about it. :lol
It's like reading the questions of someone who's sour over DmC. The white hair question reeks of that...

Gomu Gomu

I was playing this interview in my head. Ashkan is this 15 year old annoying and obsessive nerd and Kamiya is being himself. It was the greatest thing ever :lol
I've seen some alchemy books in DMC. But I need to know more about them
HK: Then study Japanese & buy GraphicEdition

But I don't think the Graphic File Edition has any thing related to alchemy.
HK: But there're my commentaries in it



I have changed the title to more accurately represent that this was not an interview or any sort of official correspondence between a site and Kamiya. It is some guy annoying him on twitter, and since he has nothing to do after working hours, he's replying to every single tweet the guy is bugging him about.
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