Hideki Kamiya on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: "It's just a ripoff."

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Oh lol those tweets, Kamiya doesn't give a fuck.

Anyway, who cares if they lifted the mascot brawler idea from smash? I love the smash games and I'm glad there's another game with the same concept.
Many people here are bitter over nothing, the game is really fun from what I've played from the beta. If this is about some console war thing, just get over yourself.
So you're gonna keep buying soulless and unoriginal stuff just so people can keep their jobs?
Video games don't have souls and most of the successful games are inspired by competitors in one way or another. Look at Gran Turismo vs Forza...Forza added so many new ideas to the racing slim genre or CoD4 vs Battlefield 2, COD4 borrowed a lot from BF2 but also introduced many new ideas at the same time. Kill.switch vs Gears of War etc etc.

I think some people here take video games a bit too seriously.
If you have a very simplistic idea of how video games work.

PS All-Stars was inspired by SSB in the fact that it's an accessible mascot fighting game. Pulling characters from different games requires a universal art style.

The games play very differently from one another. The biggest similarities are the fact that it's cartoony-looking and there are items. Beyond that they are not so similar.
They are platform-fighting games. So yes, their gameplay is very similar. Their only difference is the mechanic: in SSB you have to throw your enemies; in PSAS, you have to kill them.


fired zero bullets in the orphanage.
Maybe I'm just tired, but it does look really similar to me.
The supers are the biggest thing that differentiates to me. I feel like when I'm playing PSASBR that it barely matters what you're doing until the moment you pop a super, since you can't 'fall' off a stage. There's more to it to build the bars, but yeah. If they have other modes it would be much more like smash, but I'm not sure how it'd work with the current stage setups.
I dunno any of the follow characters! Who are what the heck are:

Big Daddy
Cole MacGrath
Colonel Radec
Fat Princess

Assuming I didn't find the full roster, but from the list I quickly looked up these characters are all ?'s to me! And Nathan Drake I only know through the endless amount of Uncharted threads posted on GAF with his name on 'em (and I think I played the original UC demo loooong ago, very unmemorable). Also PS3 is my only console this generation... so idk, maybe these no-names are from ancient one-off PS1 games?
Big Daddy - Most well-recognized icon from a multi-million selling franchise.
Cole - Protagonist of a multi-million selling franchise.
Radec - Villain of the best-selling installment of a multi-million selling franchise.
Fat Princess - Star of the PSN hit of the same name.
Toro - Japanese mascot of the Playstation brand. VERY well known over there.

Needless to say, lots of people out there have heard of these characters.
Seriously, I can't believe that all of a sudden everyone is argueing that Okami isn't inspired by Zelda. Just look at the Medicritic page for Okami and you get 6 references to Zelda just off the little blurbs, and I'm sure you will see Zelda referenced in the articles that don't have it in the blurb. You see Okami referenced in many a zelda topic and no one ever says "why did you bring that up". Just do a search for Okami here and see how many Zelda threads come up.

But now for this one instance, you change the narrative because you guys want to shit on PSAS. I really can't believe it.
So pretty much kamiya looked at the game only on surface?

That's, pretty funny considering the games he's making now.

To me, the fact that you have to actually attack instead of letting others fight while keeping your percentage low to only join the fight when they are around 100% is already a game changer.
Everyone already knows its a rip-off. I'm more interested to see how it does sales-wise once it's released. I hope it bombs, but I think it will probably do alright.
Why would you hope it bombs??? Seriously, I don't understand stuff like this.

I agree that the game looks to me a rip-off, however, maybe it plays very different. Maybe it's still a rip-off then, who cares. What matters is if the game is good, plays well, is fun etc. And people who played it had fun with it, which is cool. Wishing that a game bombs... so fucking stupid....
Well, funny reactons.

Nintendo fans are the most rabid fanboys eh? This thread tells a different story.

Gotta love Kamyia lol

Smash 4 vs PSABR comparisons will be interesting once Smash 4 gets unveiled.
So are we pretending like Bayonetta wasn't inspired by Devil May Cry and Okami wasn't inspired by Zelda now?

Were you trying to show Kamiya's point?
I guess people will just not give up on this idea. The gameplay mechanics are *objectively* different, they feel like two very different games even if they look similar at a glance.
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