Hideki Kamiya on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: "It's just a ripoff."

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this thread is going to get really ugly.

The game i would rather say is inspired rather then being a rip off.

when everyone plays the beta, i guess they will get it.
Saying Battle Royale is a rip-off would be as intellectually honest as looking at P-100 For 10 seconds and saying it was a Pikmin ripoff without looking at the mechanics of the game an how it works.
Well I did like the game before I realized it's just a soulless product placement title to appease 3rd party developers like Capcom.

Superbot can fuck right off I completely agree with Kamiya. Shit awful rip off that doesn't understand the meaning of celebrating PlayStation's history. Hopefully next gen the idiots will get it right


GAF's Ed McMahon
pretty much....he is on nintendo's payroll and I don't expect him to say anything good about any Sony game.

But yea that Sony all star game is a total ripoff...same goes for that little big planet cart racer.
I was watching the giantbomb quicklook, and it has a "blue missile" that target the player in first place. Unless i am mistaken.

I mean, really ?
I think people are miffed that he says stuff without touching the game.
He didn't call it a bad game, though. It can be a rip-off while being a ton of fun at the same time. Kamiya simply isn't interested in the game because it's a rip-off, though.

Its me what?

Oh a tag on a YouTube video is consider damning now?
When it's put there by the publisher of the game? Absolutely, yes.
He didn't call it a bad game, though. It can be a rip-off while being a ton of fun at the same time. Kamiya simply isn't interested in the game because it's a rip-off, though.
It feels nothing like smash below the surface. Thats like calling GoW a DmC ripoff.
I guess I expected more out of GAF but I guess fanboys will be everywhere. Play the game first, then judge it. The point here is that he hasn't even played the game and is already speaking this way. I don't think there are a lot of original ideas anymore so this doesn't bother me.
The concept of play first is silly. By that account, no should comment on an entertainment medium without first stepping through it.

There is enough information on the made for someone to form an opinion. If was talking something detailed like controls without playing it, you have a better point.

Seems pretty clear to me he's speaking conceptually. On that, there is plenty of opinion for one to form an opinion.
the entire gaming industry is built on ripping off ideas...look at first person shooters, they "borrow" so much from one and other. Same goes for the GTA clones, the Uncharted and Gears of War clones...not a big deal at all.
Eh, Kamiya may just talk himself out of future contracts if he goes on this way.
He apparently knows little of honor.

Can't say I disagree. Which would be fine if the entire affair weren't so slapdash. It's an aesthetic mess, and even the move sets often have little to do with the history of the characters. It all feels extremely lazy to me, and I cannot understand the excitement people have for it in that beta thread.
Does Sony care that PSASB PSARB Sony Smash is similar to Smash Bros.?

It seems like they are inviting the comparison rather than shying away from it.
I'm pretty sure they do not, but the word rip-off has a lot of negative baggage attached to it and I can't imagine sony would be pleased.
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