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Hideki Kamiya: "to say that Yoko-san saved Platinum would not be an exaggeration."

Keiichi Okabe deserves more appreciation. So much of the game is dependent on the strength of its soundtrack, and the finale is just as much a result of his genius as Taro's.
Nier Automata is Taro's best selling game, Platinum's name helped. There is no doubt about it.

The first Bayonetta sold more than 1 million and if Bayonetta 2 with its high scores got released on ps4, xbox one and pc it would have outsold the first one easily.

The first Bayonetta sold better on ps3 than on xbox 360 despite the fact that the xbox version was better.

Platinum's best titles has the misfortune not to get released on Sony's consoles, that's why they don't sell very well.

Taro saved platinum because they needed a big hit after the cancellation of Scalebound, it was a dark time for platinum and I'm happy that Automata helped.


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Automata is one hell of a gestalt of great people culminating in a great game.

Really glad it hit as hard as it has, it's really something great. My hope is that Platinum and Taro capitalize on their great partnership.


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And you know who's in charge of bringing the elements together?

The producer.

Yosuke Saito needs more credit. That man is in charge of dragon quest and he threatened to quit (probably joking, but still) if he couldn't get to work on another Taro project even after D3 bombed.


Isn't Nier the first Platinum game in years that was well received critically and was also a success at retail? When was the last time that happened, Metal Gear Rising? Everything else is either well received and bombs, or poorly received and bombs.

Honestly it's kind of amazing PG continue to survive, somehow. Hopefully they continue to get good work, and stop being so uneven too. :p
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