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Hideo Kojima takes pictures with Sexy Russian Cosplayers (Death Stranding Edition)


Jun 20, 2018
Oh jeez. That's fucking stupid. Nothing wrong with putting your arm and hand on the woman's waist during a picture.



Aug 9, 2014
I like Kojima and respect him but at the same time, I believe he's overrated and overhyped. As for his games, I quit playing his games after the clusterfuck that was MGS 2. Fuck Raiden and that shitty horrible ending boss fight which introduced a new gameplay mechanic that was never explained.

As for Death Stranding, I have zero interest in playing a deliver man/babysitter walking simulator. It simply looks empty, dull and boring to me. Funny thing is that every trailer that has shown the game has only decreased my interest to where it's negative. LOL.

But like I said before, I do hope you enjoy the game. :)