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Hitman 3 PS5 upgrade confusion


Jul 19, 2018
So I’m looking into purchasing hitman 2 on my PS5 on the in game menu and it’s 59.99 for the upgrade but if it go into the ps store and search for hitman 2 I can get the full PS4 game for 17.99 and the expansion for 12.99. Are these the same or am I missing something?


Jan 19, 2008
Richmond, VA
the upgrade only costs money if you don't own the game + expansion pass already

if you buy the game (go for Hitman 2 Gold edition which will include both parts for less) then the access pass in Hitman 3 should change to free

at least that's how it worked for me when I got Hitman 3 back at launch (though oddly PSN doesn't seem to recognize that I own it despite it being in my library and installed even)
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Feb 23, 2018
Yeah, when you own Hitman 1/2 it then gives you access to an additional piece of "DLC" that is basically a DLC for Hitman 3 that tells the game to give you the levels from 1/2.

The nice thing about this system is when Hitman 2 was on PS Now for the week after Hitman 3 launched you could use that access to create the Hitman 2 access DLC for Hitman 3, and now I have Hitman 2 access within Hitman 3 even though Hitman 2 isn't on Now anymore.