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Hogwarts Legacy Reclaims #1, Starfield Descends to #8 in UK Boxed Charts

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I’m don’t think Starfield will have the sales longevity that Skyrim had because the exploration is not as seamless and immersive as Skyrim and I think that exploration playground really resonates with a wide audience. But maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps mods will add to the game sufficiently enough to keep sales going strong for a long while.
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Starfield will be heavily digital, but fast dropping physical tends to indicate fast dropping digital, I think it wouldn't be if had turned out to be a better game it wouldn't be. GmI had really high hopes for it, but its been a disappointment to be (B- experience when I wanted a+)


It's objectively one of the best games released this year.

Btw how come Chris isn't giving us the usual week over week decline percentage after launch week?
Too unforgiving after the pipedream of this game selling like Diablo 4? :pie_grinning_sweat:
I don't think the full report is out yet. This is just the initial tweet.


Speaking of which, they are now getting dangerously close to falling below Fallout 76:

Only going to get lower the longer it takes them to get rid of the code that only benefits amd (well effectively only hampers nvidia) and official dlss support remaining missing.

I guess vulkan is off the cards now ms own them, which is a shame.
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