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HOME: Expansion of Closed Beta Summer 08, Open Beta Scheduled For Fall 2008


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Just got this in the inbox.

TOKYO, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI)
announced today that it will expand the Closed Beta testing for
PLAYSTATION(R)Home in Summer 2008, inviting a further number of registrants
from the PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(R)) users. Following completion of the Expanded
Closed Beta test, the PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service will commence in Fall
"We understand that we are asking PS3 and prospective PS3 users to wait a
bit longer, but we have come to the conclusion that we need more time to
refine the service to ensure a more focused gaming entertainment experience
than what it is today," said Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, Sony
Computer Entertainment Inc. "Our overarching objective is to provide users
with new gaming experiences that are available only on PLAYSTATION Home.
Spending more time on the development and on the Closed Beta testing reaffirms
our commitment to bringing a quality service, maintaining the PlayStation(R)
The PLAYSTATION Home Open Beta service that will become available in Fall
2008 will be built around providing new and fun community gaming experiences.
Details of the Closed Beta testing features, registration for the test and the
opening of the service will be announced as they become available.


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Wow, this shit isn't coming out until '09 now :lol

This pretty much sums up Sony's path to home



Nooreo said:
my hype for home has died

Same here. This was originally suppose to be released late last year and it keeps on getting delayed. Maybe it will arrive on the PS4. :lol


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Good on Kaz for doing the right thing but man, this will end up a year late.


Let's hope it's seriously worth the wait


not fast enough sony .. you are dropping the ballz!

just get us in game msging and invites this summer and I may forgive you.


FALL 2008!?!?!?!?!!? WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?! Whatever hype I had for this has completely died unless I get into that closed beta, but I doubt it.


speculawyer said:
Oh just download SecondLife if you want some 3D to screw around in. It is free. I just don't see the point.

because secondlife doesnt have everything this has .. thats tied in the games and events of the ps3 ?
kenta said:
How did I know you'd already have a blog post about this!
Because I am a night owl?

I had a post up immediately about the Smash Bros. delay, too. I am an equal opportunity bearer of shitty news.


Garnett was right in his blog post, whenever that was. Sony should of put the resources to get the basics in first, before trying to get HOME out the door. Put that manpower into getting ingame XMB, then start talking about HOME.


Wow. This has gone on for too long. It would've been cool if open beta started now or in a couple of weeks so people could at least try it out... jeez :/


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Kobun Heat said:
Because I am a night owl?

I had a post up immediately about the Smash Bros. delay, too. I am an equal opportunity bearer of shitty news.
That wasn't exactly where I was going with that, but close enough!
Cdammen said:
It would've been cool if open beta started now or in a couple of weeks so people could at least try it out... jeez :/

Well people are talking about the delays being a buzzkill, if they release an open beta now and it doesn't impress people then that's it. All the money down the drain. It's better to get it right than to force it out just in order to please people who don't have patience.


It surely would be nice if Sony were to share a bit more details about what they're intending to use the next 6 months or so to do with Home.

I mean, I'm sure they're communicating with the developers (they are, aren't they? rainbow promise?), but Kaz didn't say anything at all communicative about what they're doing to Home in to fulfill the goals he has for it.



2009 = Sony's Year confirmed
2009 the new year of the ps3! Now with HOME and God of War 3 and Twisted Metal
Dal_boy said:
but it still reflects badly on sony

It doesn't have a god damn thing to do with Sony which is why the situation is so fucking infuriating.

Ok well technically it IS their machine, but from what we know, Konami decided to use their own fucked up server system.


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man, if they show us home -again- @ e3 this year im gonna choke a bitch hopefully this delay is for the best


So now Home is 2009?

Might as well not even exist as it'll be competing with Xbox 720's online structure pretty soon after it launches.


This fucking sucks. Open beta in Fall '08 mean Home in Spring '09 and if these delays are anything to go by then Fall '09.
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