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HOME: Expansion of Closed Beta Summer 08, Open Beta Scheduled For Fall 2008


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XHitoshuraX said:
It doesn't have a god damn thing to do with Sony which is why the situation is so fucking infuriating.

Ok well technically it IS their machine, but from what we know, Konami decided to use their own fucked up server system.
I know that but as a ps3 owner,all we seem to get is bad news


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Just call the HSG lobbies "Home" and be done with it already.

XHitoshuraX said:
It doesn't have a god damn thing to do with Sony which is why the situation is so fucking infuriating.

Ok well technically it IS their machine, but from what we know, Konami decided to use their own fucked up server system.

As you say its still on there platform and so reflects badly on sony, not to mention some huge first party games not even having voice chat i mean come on.


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SPEA said:
Garnett was right in his blog post, whenever that was. Sony should of put the resources to get the basics in first, before trying to get HOME out the door. Put that manpower into getting ingame XMB, then start talking about HOME.

QFT I don't care about a 3d myspace or facebook. Just give me ingame xmb. They could of cloned live by now with all the man power they put on home.


Home is still coming out in 2008. It's an open beta AKA anyone with a PS3 can get in. It's just that it won't be feature complete.

Think of it like Gmail.


CcrooK said:
So what will be the difference from Home Open Beta vs Offical Home?

nothing they can just use it as an excuse if something really bad happens.

"oops ok we have to reset everyones home accounts.. but hey we told you it was a beta!"


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CcrooK said:
So what will be the difference from Home Open Beta vs Offical Home?

they can take it away in an instant


they can ummm.............................stop calling it a beta?
We should just be thankful that Konami aren't handling it otherwise we would be homeless until 2026 and even then we would have to share a bed. Think prison not woohoo.


Give us in-game XMB now and then I won't care about Home at all.

I still remember when Phil unveiled Home all those years ago and said it would be release that very same year... *weeps*


CcrooK said:
So what will be the difference from Home Open Beta vs Offical Home?
From what I gather there will be no "official" Home. The open beta is essentially the public release, but for whatever reason they've gone with the more ambiguous "beta" name. You can't really look at it the same way you'd look at an open beta for MGO or Halo 3 or any other game. They're not going to take away our access after having opened the gates.


Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Johnson on the purchase of your new home. We hope you enjoy it for years to come. We do however feel compelled to inform you that this house has not been constructed as yet. You should be able to visit later this year to make sure the roof does not collapse onto your head. Construction of this new property will depend largely upon the growth of our community.


Perfect timing for a news like this Sony, congrats! Tomorrow tell us that Killzone2 will be available in summer 2009, perfect week.
The Take Out Bandit said:
Just beef up that crazy cat thing Sony Japan has and release that.

I like cats. :D

I agree.

I'd rather see adorable crazy cats running around than 20 something hipsters ripped from the Apple Store.



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SolidSnakex said:
Why would it mean that? Home and In game XMB aren't the same thing.

It just seemed like they were gearing up to launch in game xmb with the home open beta.

Boy, that cat sure likes to get his wank on!

But yeah, this is so much more awesome than Home it's not even funny.

Even that HSG lobby looks awesome.

I prefer a layer of abstraction in my virtual worlds. I can go to a mall to see the trendy Biff-Tads.


Who the hell wants HOME?

I want In-game messaging and Soundtracks.


Although, this shows that Sony is taking the XMB hostage in order to hook it up with home.


Couldn't they at least do an Open beta, wtf 3 years of no service.


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SolidSnakex said:
It obviously isn't right now which is why they're delaying it.

Meaning that not only is their infrastructure not ready for wide scale testing, but they are behind schedule with delivering the required/promised/hyped feature-set and after that it will be a matter of testing and testing and testing and testing... I'd take a functionality reduced Open Beta now than a more featured version in the Fall...

The Home project began with a lot of enthusiasm and great ideas and IMHO is suffering also from "always in the lab never released and market tested" syndrome: it would better for them to have a not vision complete but stable 1.0 out than waiting for the perfected product to be out IMHO (I'd rather have a stable infrastructure first and add features later than continue to add features over features delaying the mass deployment indefinitely).
Imagine if MS never introduced the LIVE and the XBLA platforms on Xbox 1 and kept iterating on them internally... my bet is that they would not be where they are with either of them right now.


After all the good moves Sony has been making, here goes Sony being stupid again. Really, what's the freaking problem of giving out an open beta? Let the public try it out. Is it THAT HARD? I'm almost to the point where I don't really even care anymore.


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SolidSnakex said:
Well people are talking about the delays being a buzzkill, if they release an open beta now and it doesn't impress people then that's it. All the money down the drain. It's better to get it right than to force it out just in order to please people who don't have patience.

According to Harrison they were on schedule for the old Open Beta schedule in Summer 2007, before Kaz forced the "back to the drawing board" path so to speak... what if Sony went on a "feature-creep" mode and kept on pushing and pushing a product which might have deep flaws that can only really be exposed through large scale testing? In lab testing not always exposes all the problems you might face out in the wild when servers are swamped and clients are in the hands of any kind of possible user trying to exploit the system.
Is it better to have a solid and tested core which you can expand and update and maybe also replace (that's what versions 2.0 and 3.0 and 4.0, etc... are there for) or use years of internal R&D work to attempt to release something you consider feature complete?


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Warrior300 said:

Support is there in the FW and memory has been given back to allow some features (such as that one probably) to be implemented in the application at no extra memory space cost for the application. Sony cannot easily follow MS approach because MS has already patented it and has a quite broad patent on it. Let's bitch, but let's do some educated bitching please :p.
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