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Horizon Zero Dawn |OT| The Land After Time

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Sep 28, 2010

In a lush, post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization, pockets of humanity live on in primitive hunter-gatherer tribes. Their dominion over the new wilderness has been usurped by the Machines – fearsome mechanical creatures of unknown origin.

The story follows Aloy, an outcast of the Nora tribe. As an individual, Aloy is inquisitive, compassionate and brave. Strong and resourceful, she was raised by Rost, another outcast. She has a fascination with technology and embraces it, much to the dismay of Rost. Spurred by certain events in the game, Aloy sets out to discover her origins and the secrets of the past.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world action RPG. You play as Aloy, an outcast of the Nora tribe, as she ventures forth to discover the mysteries of the world, as well as pursue her own agendas. On her journey, Aloy encounters a vast ecosystem of mechanical wildlife, wondrous robots each fulfilling a niche in an endless process, their goal a secret to everyone. These machines are both an obstacle and a resource to Aloy. Each machine is a source of materials for improving and sustaining Aloy's armor and arsenal. Whether it be collecting wire to create cables for her traps or tracking down rare parts to create new weapons, each machine is important if Aloy wants to survive the wilderness.

Beyond hunting machines, there is plenty to do in Horizon to keep players entertained. Whilst boasting a meaty main quest line, the game also features a wide variety of side content. Tribe quests help Aloy learn more about the tribes that populate the world, hunter trials help the player learn new ways to fight and to test out new strategies, corruption zones and bandit camps offer challenges for the player to clear the zones of enemies, and finally there are the cauldrons, a unique dungeon style environment where the player must put their skills to the test to recieve powerful rewards.

Throughout the course of the game, Aloy gains levels which allow you to customize her appearance, her skills, stats, weapon effectiveness, damage modifiers, etc. Looting fallen enemies and tracking down resources in the environment yield components for further crafting.

Aloy is no slouch when it comes to fighting. An agile archer, she has deadly aim and the athleticism to easily weave throughout the battlefield. She comes armed with a wide variety of ranged weapons, traps, and her trusty spear. Throughout her adventure, you'll
increase her toolkit by crafting new weapons from the machine parts you collect. Aloy's main weapon of choice is her bow. The game offers a wide variety of bows, each coming with it's own forms of ammo. Ammo differs by damage type, all of which are tailored
for fighting different machines. Fire arrows and Ice arrows apply elemental damage, whilst Tear based weaponry is designed for ripping off machine components such as weaponry and armour plating. Many more elements exist in the game waiting for you to experiment
with. Aloy also has access to other ranged weapons to supplement her bow.

The Ropecaster is a tool that allows Aloy to pin down machines and leash them to a spot, whilst the Tripcaster allows her to set tripwire traps to get the drop on unaware machines. She also has access to many more weapons, each with their own specific niche.

Whilst Aloy shines at ranged combat, even the most prepared huntress runs out of ammo eventually. For those moments, Aloy comes ready with her trusty spear. With a combination of light and heavy attacks Aloy is able to dispatch smaller enemies without
needing to waste resources, as well as stealthily striking unaware machines, and critically striking machines that she's managed to temporarily disabled.


The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is inhabited by machines of all shapes and sizes. Terrifyingly alien yet strikingly familiar, these mysterious automatons combine mechanical strength with organic features and an animalistic ferocity. These are just a handful of the deadly machines you'll encounter along your journey.





Fully customizable HUD:

Retail- $59.99 : The standard edition of the game is just that, standard. You get the disc!

Retail - $69.99 : The Digital Deluxe Edition of the game comes with:

  • Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Game
  • The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn Digital Art Book
  • Exclusive PS4 Theme
  • In-Game DLC Items: Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Mighty Bow, Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Culling Bow, Banuk Traveller Pack, Carja Trapper Pack, Nora Keeper Pack

Retail - $119.99 : The Collector's Edition of the game comes with the following:

  • Copy of Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Special Steelbook case
  • 9” ALOY Statue by Gentle Giant
  • 48 Page Art Book
  • Voucher for exclusive PS4 Dynamic Theme.
  • In-Game DLC Items: Carja Storm Ranger Armor, Carja Striker Bow, Carja Trader Pack, Banuk Trailblazer Armor, Banuk Culling Bow, Banuk Traveler Pack, Nora Keeper Pack, Nora Machine Trapper Pack

Q. How long is the game?
A. Most estimate playtimes range from around 30 to 60 hours. The critical story path has been in about 25-30 hours on average.

Q. Is this open world?
A. Yes. This game is completely open world. The player is not limited or gated from exploring the world fully in its entirety. Some areas may be require you to be a higher level to stand a chance at survival.

Q. Is this a fully-fledged RPG?
A. Yes. Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action RPG where you play the role of Aloy. During the course of the game, you level up your character, invest points and upgrades into various skills, craft weapons, armors and
other items, and engage in conversations with NPCs that may have an affect on other events in the game.

Q. How much harddrive space do I need?
The game's total install size at the moment is around 42GB.

Q. Multiplayer?



PlayStation 4
  • 1080p
  • 30FPS
  • HDR

PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Checkerboard 2160p or 1080p supersampled
  • 30FPS
  • HDR
  • Improved shadow maps
  • Improved anisotropic filtering
  • Performance Mode: "Smoother" and more "stable" framerates at 1080p

**Special thanks to Kyonashi, ShemhazaiX and MatthewHN7 for their help!**
Mar 26, 2015
As someone who's had the game since yesterday the hype is freaking real. Its amazing! Combat is well done, running it on a Pro and 4k 28 inch monitor looks for freaking insane. I often cant believe i am playing on my playstation. Story is interesting and i cannot wait to find out what caused this apocalypse.

Oh and first!


Sep 2, 2010
Great OT.

Here we go boys. Lets kill some robo dynos.

Best looking open world game to date.


Oct 4, 2016

Yuss! One of the best games i"ve played on PS4! Have fun you guys! Someone should do the official photomode thread too!


Jul 8, 2011
West Virginia
WE DID IT. Crazy to think the time is here. Horizon made it to the finish line, and was critically acclaimed. It's crazy. So happy for Guerrilla, and for myself for being able to play it.


Apr 9, 2014
Shinobi was the first person on earth to tell us about this glorious game in 2014. It's only fair that he make the OT.

Great job btw.
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