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Hot Take: Tetris Should Not Be On Any Top 10 ALL TIME BEST Games List


Blockout was better.



Tetris Gameboy should be based on the amount of hours played on toilets across the world. The game play remains relevant even today. So simple, so addictive.
Outside of the portable versions, it does lose a bit of its luster. The VR tetris was pretty sublime though, music and all. You can zone out and go into a zen like state.


It's a bunch of little squares, people. Pull your head out. Dump a box of cheeze-its on your coffee table and hum the song.
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It's as eternal as Minecraft. I don't personally care for either, but I acknowledge their place in the industry.


Tetris is a classic and a fantastic game in every sense. Sorry it doesn't have gacha loot boxes, a mandatory online connection, and a character creator with a gender slider OP.

Side note: adding all this into a fan made version of Tetris would be the ultimate game jam game. Call it "Modern Tetris".


Just like Super Mario Bros. was not the first platformer, and Doom was not the first FPS game, and Double Dragon was not the first brawler, and Street Fighter was not the first fighting game, Tetris was not the first puzzle game. But, like the aforementioned titles, Tetris is among a very short list of games that so perfected its mechanics that it became genre defining. The fact that it is synonymous with and revolutionized the hugely popular puzzle game genre means that it has earned its place on any all-time best list that chooses to include it.

And I can say all that even though I don't particularly like the game. Mad respect to Tetris.

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Reseterror Resettler
We shouldn't count this game that helped ease the mainstream into gaming as a hobby in the top lists because I don't agree with the perfectly sensible rubric that's the unwritten standard in "qualifications for a good game,"

I'd say in the classical oldskool Nintendo game design philosophy, Tetris is pretty close to perfect. The premise is simple. The game is simple. But the factors that make it harder are based on the player's reflexes and hand eye coordination and nothing super cheap or left field. Mechanics aren't introduced midway through, there's no winning class or ability set up that you'd be an idiot not to use. It's a pure, quintessential GAME that is appealing in part BECAUSE of how mundane it is. Like a plain salted kettle cooked potato chip. Mmm, tastes like corrugated cardboard and sweat, but fuck me if I can walk away from a bag.

If the argument moved on to "there should be a more strictly enforced standard for these top 100/10/5 Lists," then I'd be willing to listen, but the elephant in the room is really

Who fucking cares?

Also, I fucking hate Tetris.


Hmm, I'm not sure I would personally place it in my top 10 but it's definitely in my top 30.

It's the very definition of a videogame and even the 34 year old Game Boy version is still fun to play after all these years, and will remain enjoyable for decades to come. Which is more than can be said for most games. Most other games, and especially games that tradionally compete for GotY are obsolete after a few years. I mean, you could argue that something like GTA5 earns a spot in a top 10, but once GTA6 releases, everyone will claim that 5 has aged poorly and sucks. The same happened with 4 and earlier games.

For me, for a game to earn a spot in my top 10/30/50/whatever, a game needs be a timeless classic that can still be enjoyed after countless years, sequels and (hardware)improvements and so Tetris earns that spot easily.
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