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Social Housemarque use of voxel destruction+raytracing on ps4

abel empire

Feb 8, 2021
After yet another great particle tech showcase with returnal on ps5 i had to go back and do some digging on housemarque's older games and it turns out like a couple of lastgen games out there, theyve also used raytracing on Nex machina. A lastgen ps4 title.

And i give more respect to the team for this they seem really technically gifted, but also this got me questioning what is behind the whole hype about raytracing this days cause it seems its been used in a dozen games lastgen but nobody ever discussed it.

Weve seen it used in claybook, killzone shadow fall reflections, nex machina and could have even been used in more games that didnt get covered.. like the tomorrow children with voxel cone tracing! So why did raytracing suddenly become a talking point after nvidias rtx marketing and puddle reflection showcase tech demos? It feels like nvidia was getting free marketing and false praise for something that has been done before on lastgen consoles. Its the same thing they did when they claimed to have invented the gpu, while it was sony who inveted the gpu with the PS1.

Heres the nex machina playstation page:

Heres the nex machina tech interview:
But what i was more impressed was nex machina's use of sdf voxels for its destruction technology something that ive always wondered why war games loke call of duty or battlefield domt use such techniques for their destruction engines? Why always the cheap boring polygonal baked tricks, battle field bad company series had more destruction than modern battle fields and its embarrassing knowing they ran on a x360 and ps3,

So id love to see more technologies like what house marque produce. A battlefield game with fluid voxel destroyable worlds would be the real deal.