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How do you feel about VR? I never use mine apart from maybe once a year and I'm starting to get sick of it


Love my quest 2.

Endless amounts of beat saber custom maps to sink my teeth into.

It's amazing for sim racing (iracing, assetto corsa, automobilista 2, rfactor 2), flight sim and elite dangerous.

No man's sky is incredible in VR.

I still need to play Alyx, Asgard's wrath, Stormland and Boneworks. RE4 has also just come out.

There's also the VR mods for risk of rain 2, doom, quake, doom 3 and outer wilds which are all supposed to be amazing.

If my wife wasn't so addicted to beat saber then I'd have more time with it to play other things.

The only way I can see someone saying their quest 2 is gathering dust is if they don't have a link cable along with a decent gaming PC which really opens things up.


I like the idea, but practice seems to be consistently less appealing than the theory. I've got the original HTC Vive and a PSVR and both of them are literally collecting dust. I get the occasional urge to buy a more recent headset, but then I realize how little I've used the existing ones and change my mind.
Well it’s a pair of screens, not a camera. And there’s all kinds of other wizardry going on. Not sure why you’re so keen to paint it as really elementary tech?

Also, what’s with the constant wii comparisons? Nobody has mentioned the wii but you.

Chill out…
I mean it's a view into the game world's camera. That's... it.

What's wrong with comparing 2 motion devices, one of which came much earlier?


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
There are many games worth playing so your one major point is simply false (other than potentially handwaving it all as crap without ever trying it or being one of those people who only ever praise AAA Uncharted-likes, similar to what fanboys/haters do for platforms like Switch, Wii or even PC). Your gifs of people being stupid and your complete misrepresentation of what the tech involves is silly, just as people wouldn't handwave flat gaming as all crap by showing random youtube videos of raging idiots falling off their gamer chairs or smashing their PC setup or whatever.

Here is a preliminary PC VR focused (plenty are on other platforms too) list of VR games I can recommend, obviously always depending on one's preferences (even excluding obvious must have shit like Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx). I go back to it once in a while to add new games and even trim others that are still worthwhile just to keep it relatively short, it's only to get people started really. Oh, and this is all perfectly playable on my original Rift CV1 ~5 years from its launch, you don't need to upgrade often just as you don't buy new keyboards, mice or monitors all the time.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is an immersive sim-lite full of tense action alongside some scavenging and crafting.

Cosmodread is an expertly crafted roguelite adventure like a mix between System Shock 2 and Dreadhalls.

Vengeful Rites is an RPG with reactive melee, gesture based spell casting, exploration, puzzles & bosses galore.

Eye of the Temple is an inventive adventure that will bring out your inner Indiana Jones with its clever room scale shenanigans.

VTOL VR is a really cool light simulator of combat aircraft with amazing interactive cockpits perfectly suited for VR.

Song in the Smoke is a made for VR survival action adventure with a clear narrative attempting to immerse and amaze.

Budget Cuts is a stealth puzzle adventure series with well integrated teleportation mechanics & humour.

RC Rush is a polished racing game injecting VR zaniness to otherwise realistic remote controlled car races.

Squingle is a unique puzzle game with abstract visuals & design that's hard to describe and hard to put down.

Apex Construct is a sci fi action adventure game with archery and exploration in its post apocalyptic core.

Myst is the legendary adventure once again reimagined with all that made it special making a great transition to VR.

Vermillion is an incredibly realistic oil painting application that will bring out your inner Bob Ross.

Cubism is a wonderful puzzle game that's sure to entertain your neglected grey matter.

I Expect you to Die and its sequel will make you think and laugh with their secret agent themed escapades.

Airborn and SwarmVR are arcade shooters turning you into a flying & grapple hook swinging gun wielding hero respectively.

Eternal Starlight is a smart, intuitive, comprehensive space based Real-Time Strategy game a la Homeworld.

Battlegroup VR is another RTS where you direct your space fleet in first person from the bridge of your flagship.

Grapple Tournament is a next gen PVP arena FPS like UT/Quake with all the classic genre trappings redefined for VR.

Stormland is an open world shooter, more limited than its scope hints at first but still fun as hell.

Forewarned is a 1-4 player co-op horror game with inventive challenges set within procedurally generated Egyptian ruins.

MaskMaker is an adventure that will have you crafting and using magical masks as portals to other worlds.

The Room VR is a wonderful continuation of the famous puzzle adventure series, perfectly adapted to VR.

A Rogue Escape is another puzzle adventure with very unique themes and mechanics to check out.

VR Skater wants to make a Tony Hawk out of you, except you'll be using your hands instead of feet to perform tricks.

HoVRboard and Jet Island tried this concept first with sci fi trappings & the latter as part of an action game.

The Thrill of the Fight is a tried & true exhausting boxing simulator, if less fancy than the more gamey Creed.

Journey of the Gods is a Zelda-lite linear action adventure that's simple but polished and works really well.

Stones of Harlath is an indie RPG with many things going for it, from its retro looks to the satisfying combat.

Vertigo Remastered is a robust Half-Lifesque immersing and bizarre adventure with a spectacular sequel on the way.

Pistol Whip is a violently cool rhythm shooter, I love it like it’s a funky, musical Virtua Cop-like.

Everslaught is a fast action roguelite with melee and ranged combat, cool skills, perks and tools like a grappling hook.

Drop Dead is a fun riff on The House of the Dead, not nearly as tight as Sega's but maybe the best for VR.

Racket: Nx is a unique blend of skill, puzzle and high score fueled addictiveness that's worth checking out.

SUPERHOT VR is a puzzle action shooter with cool slow motion mechanics. Be like Neo.

Compound is a modern take on the boomer shooter genre with procedurally generated elements.

DeMagnete VR is a Portal style adventure that will challenge your brain with its magnetic force based puzzles.

Gorilla Tag is exactly what it says. It's free so you have nothing to lose, except your sense of time.

Synth Riders and OhShape are two popular rhythm games to move your hips and dance to like there's no tomorrow.

Eleven: Table Tennis is a table tennis game (duh) said to be the most sureally realistic yet, with a focus on PVP.

Moss is a third person action adventure where you lead a sword wielding mouse as if in a diorama of a fairy tale.

Lucky's Tale and Ven Adventure are, similarly to Moss, traditional third person platform action games with a VR twist.

Down the Rabbit Hole is another classic fairy tale adapted to VR, with its own twists, turns and style.

Asgard's Wrath is a lengthy made-for-VR action RPG with a Viking theme that many gamers vouch for.

Unplugged, BoomBox and Ragnarock are the new kids on the rhythm game block that everyone seems to love.

Ultrawings is a flight game, not quite a sim, maybe a bit like pilot wings in ways, with a sequel on the way.

Windlands 2 is an action adventure with grapple-hook-swinging and archery at its core, it’s also co-op capable.

Vox Machinae is a PVP focused giant mech combat game with awesome interactive cockpits.

Stride brings the premise of Mirror's Edge's parkour in VR with inventive controls and game modes.

Dash Dash World is a cartoony kart racer with no shortage of tracks and modes for solo or online play.

Demeo is a recent and already popular tabletop/pen & paper/Dungeons & Dragons type game you can play with your friends.

Ancient Dungeon is already the best VR dungeon crawler even though it's atm a free alpha, coming to proper early access soon.

Onward*, Contractors, Pavlov and other popular VR FPS games put their own twist to the military theme and style of play.

Population: One is atm the most popular VR Battle Royale FPS, it's arcadey with crosshair, simplified reloading, etc.

Waltz of the Wizard was initially a cool magical toybox but just received a huge free expansion with combat and other scenarios.

Blade & Sorcery has the best physics based melee combat but doesn’t yet have a campaign, though the recent Dungeons update helps.

Alternative takes on fantasy slashing are offered by Gorn, Swordsman, Until You Fall, Swords of Gargantua and Hellsplit: Arena.

Hard Bullet meanwhile takes the arena combat concept to modern weaponry and plays much like a physics driven F.E.A.R. game.

Lone Echo and its sequel form a must play astronaut adventure, the free PVP Echo VR/Arena and its $10 Combat DLC rock too.

Red Matter is another sci fi adventure with a different spin than the above and great object and puzzle interactions.

Gadgeteer is a physics-based VR puzzle game where you build chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles.

Legendary Tales is a dark fantasy cooperative action RPG that's currently in a very promising early access state.

Karnage Chronicles is a very in depth dungeon crawler with co-op capabilities and precious loot for all involved.

V-Racer Hoverbike is a cool futuristic racer where you can lean to realistically control your jet moto thing.

Guardians VR mixes first person shooting with some tower defense and RTS elements to impressive effect.

Jetborne Racing is a thrilling multiplayer focused flight racing game by the developer of the great VTOL VR.

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades or H3VR is basically a gun nut's heaven with all the models you could need and more.

Pixel Ripped is a duo of games with nostalgic trips down retro gaming memory lane in special VR fashion.

Lies Beneath is a meaty and well crafted stylized horror action adventure that immerses, entertains and frightens.

Boneworks is a fully physics driven indie take on Half-Life style shenanigans that many will vouch for.

Sweet Surrender is another FPS roguelite experience with plenty of cool tricks up its stylishly cartoony sleeves.

Paradiddle is a drumming application, it's not 100% realistic but it also takes advantage of VR for things you can't normally do.

VRkshop is a workshop simulator where you can craft the furniture (and more) of your dreams in a very realistic fashion.

Tea for God, like Unseen Diplomacy, is brilliant if you have a few square metres of space to explore its non euclidean environments.

A Township Tale offers social online f2p RPGing/surviving/crafting that's sure to get more fans as it's developed further.

Space Pirate Trainer is a mainstay static wave shooter you might want but personally I've grown past such things, as well as mini game collections like Job or Vacation Simulator which is the reason you don't see many of those in the list (though I had to include various popular rhythm games at least), I prefer more in depth experiences. If you're looking for such games you may want to give them and others like Tower of Doom, Raw Data, Loco Dojo, Rags to Dishes, Cook-Out and Traffic Jams among many others a good look.

There are many more, in early access or similar. ARK-ADE is a visceral FPS with a Tronesque neon look and plenty of content to sink your teeth into, Low-Fi is a Bladerunner style sci fi game with impressive visuals, Crunch Element is a promising procedurally generated co-op romp through destructible enemy compounds, Escape from Mandrillia is a unique asymetric competitive game that seems directly inspired by Alien: Isolation, Bean Stalker is another roguelite with a substantial resource gathering and crafting component to compliment the inventive themes its name suggests, etc. Social playgrounds like Rec Room, VRChat, Bigscreen & NeosVR are also worth a look. VR even has anime visual novels like Altdeus: Beyond Chronos, its expansion Episode Yamato and Spice & Wolf and various titles of the Car Mechanic Simulator, Cooking Simulator and Thief Simulator mould that has become popular in recent times.

Then there are ports of flat games or games that optionally support VR like Skyrim VR, Pulsar: Lost Colony, Phasmophobia, No Man’s Sky, DCS, Elite Dangerous, DiRT Rally, PayDay 2, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, Star Wars: Squadrons, Project Wingman, Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect, War Thunder, American/Euro Truck Simulator 2 (in the beta branches), The Forest and more. Some like Fallout 4 weren’t as well done so caution is necessary, though in this case mods help. Others have been converted by fans. MotherVR is a great VR mod for Alien: Isolation, with gamepad/mkb play like PSVR's Resident Evil 7 (or Subnautica), there's a superb Outer Wilds VR mod and Risk of Rain 2 VR is also great alongside Valheim VR, Quake VR, all the classic Doom engine games and Doom 3, all as good as any native VR games. Naturally, there are also great VR content mods, like ApertureVR for Alyx and Roblox's Cave Explorer 2.

Upcoming titles include Outlier, Gravitational, Frigid VR, Dyschronia, Into the Darkness, Samurai Slaughter House, Runner, System Shock 2, Buccaneers!, Wanderer, Zenith, Undead Citadel, Sushi Ben, Green Hell VR, Captain Toonhead, Firmament, N1NE: The Splintered Mind, Hyperstacks, Vertigo 2, Panther VR, Quantaar, Paradox of Hope, Hubris, Shock Troops, Stress Level Zero's Project 4 & more.

*Facebook acquired the Onward studio, we'll see if they'll properly finish it before moving on to a sequel/future Quest projects.
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I have the Vive 1 and I so wish I could sell it. I haven't used it in at least a year. I'm glad people who like it have it, but for me it's a completely uncomfortable, disappointing experience. For the first couple of months I was impressed, but to me it feels like the only games coming out are shovelware. Even besides that though, the discomfort and disorientation and screen-door and all the negatives just burned me out of it.

Once we have a pair of wireless vr glasses you can wear I'll probably be interested again.

I'm not sure I'll ever buy into the immersion of VR. I don't want to walk around in circles in my room anymore. I'm more just interested in stereoscopic 3D I think.
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I remain uninterested. It’s not even just the lack of compelling software either. I’m just not interested in the novelty of the tech for gaming.


It’s not how I want to play games. Racing games and flight sim in cockpit view might be the only exceptions.

I’m likely going to end up with a Quest at some stage but that will be for things like watching movies and “attending” sports games and concerts etc.

Also porn , obviously haha

AR is the real exciting tech. I’d love to have a HUD in my vision rather than on the TV.
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I know very well what it is and offers, thank you very much!

Claiming to know what VR is without having tried it is grounds for immediate dismal. Anyone who has tried VR would laugh at you.

Someone who tried it could hate it all they want, but they would at least have to acknowledge that trying it is required for understanding it.

I'll give you a chance without going out and trying it, though. Try to explain to me what presence is and how it relates to VR, whether VR is categorized as a genre or something else, is, why Facebook bought Oculus, how VR enables new character AI, and what game genres VR is good at.

If you can't explain all of that, then you don't know anything.
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It's an expensive gimmick that will never work the way people expect it to.

Good for some very specific types of experiences though.
So, like consoles then? Those are expensive, and they never work the way people expect them to given all the rage online. Also technically good for very specific types of experiences (RTS is hard to make great on console for example).
Anyone that isn't impressed by VR probably needs to play a good racing game in it. Ideally with steering wheel + pedals, but without is ok too.

There is simply no way to go back after it. I still need to use flat screen for some long online races (2+ hour stints) because just just need to scratch your face or rub your eyes at some point. But to make it as "VR like" as possible I'll soon be doing it in 3x 55in screens so I can feel inside the car like I do in VR :messenger_winking:

Do yourselves a favor and give it a shot if you do already have a VR headset.


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It’s absolutely awesome in a few games but sadly crap in most.

My best experiences:
Moss, it’s just a great game.
Skyrim VR, with HIGGS and VRIK mod, is a transformative experience.
MS Flight Sim, haven’t even played with a flight stick and I’m still blown away.
No Man’s Sky, you’re really there.
Half Life Alyx, technically awesome but I got bored, maybe the tutorial was too long I don’t know.
It's mostly just my porn viewer currently tbh. Quest 2 is convenient enough for a device, but it still could use more comfort. Especially for a glasses user the headsets just aren't that comfortable for long use, and I really don't want to bother with contacts or spend another 100€ for prescription lenses for a device that will be dumped in a year or two anyways. The other issue is still the image quality, and more so just how much blur and godrays there are and how narrow the sweet spot is for me. It just makes watching stuff uncomfortable even if the resolution of the panels is technically sufficient. Then there is the performance question. Mobile just isn't enough for good graphics, and Air Link is a must, but we really need stuff like eye tracking to work to a degree we can get foveated rendering save a ton of performance.

That said, I think we're pretty close to getting something super solid in a gen or two that's going to remedy these issues. The more compact devices will drop the weight, and I might even prefer using tethering to a separate device on the body (like a phone) to not have to deal with weight of battery and all the other stuff on the face, just use the HMD for display and sensors only.

I fully believe PSVR2 will be a pretty big break in VR popularity, even if that itself probably won't be the most advanced device due to needing to keep the costs down for it. Ultimately it's probably going to be whatever Oculus does that's moving the needle elsewhere. I wish it was Valve instead, but they just don't have the same kind of resources to subsidize the devices so they end up too costly just like most other players in the VR market.


Infrequently used my Oculus Rift CV1 for about two years, tried a lot of games, some good, some meh, but yeah, after a while the low res screen and heavy headset just makes you want to do something else instead. It's been gathering dust for a long time now.

I'm just waiting for wheightless+highres headsets to come now. Hopefully a portable Valve headset will happen someday.
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I want to love it, but it's hard to find the motivation to strap the headset on to play games that require movement on my part after a day at work.


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I had Oculus Rift CV1. Games like beat saber and robo recall were amazing experiences. But the screen door effect on that headset was a deal breaker for me. Fast high intensity experiences were fine, but every time I tried to immerse myself in a VR world the pixel grid became obvious and distracting.
I might get a quest2 if there is a black friday deal and try again.


I love my PSVR :) can't wait for PSVR2 and what it'll bring!

Lots of games have been really new, experiences for me, which had way more impact than "regular flat-panel" games. Games like Astrobot, RE7, Pixel Ripped, Moss and Transference.

It's just different to really be a part of the world, being able to look around as you please.

Though, I wouldn't want PSVR to be the only way to play. It's like handheld gaming for me; it can perfectly exist next to regular flat-panel gaming.


i'm constantly on the verge of buying an oculus, but then cool mind prevai and i realise that i will probably not use it that much

don't know how much the back and forth will go until i actually pull the trigger though..curretly waiting for the facebook conference or whatever is called at the end of the month to see if they present a new version of oculus or something.

also, sicne i don't use facebook at all, will i still be able to use the oculus?


That was exactly my experience with VR. I sold my PSVR long time ago. Then, I purchased it again, played a couple of games, and sold it again. I think I'm done with VR, it's so tiresome compared with a TV.


It is the best way to play games. Unfortunately there is very little content right now. We are lucky if we get 3-4 good games per year. Hopefully PSVR2 will change that.


I never got a PSVR but I think I’m going to go all in on the PSVR 2. It looks like it’s going to be a great compliment with the PS5 and especially the controller look much improved. I think that’s why I didn’t bother with the PSVR. Using the move controllers that were already out before the PSVR was, seemed like half-assing it compared to making a new controller for the VR device.
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I think VR is a really neat way of playing games, but as of right now I’d never purchase a set for my own. Mainly because of the reasons mentioned in the OP.
Here's an example of the superior gameplay and immersion that VR can offer in comparison to flatlander games, when correctly implemented...

Watch about a minute and a half of this and compare to the VR version.

Compare that clunky gaming to tetherless VR where you feel like you're really in the game with realistic looking, aiming, reloading, and item management. You feel like YOU are being attacked, not just a character on the screen.

*NOTE* While in-game, the black faded border that appears while running isn't as pronounced as the captured footage. This is a result of how Quest 2 captures 2d video feed, so it focuses more on the right eye image.
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It’s good for blasts and there are a couple of really amazing things in VR, Alyx says hello. Outside of that I’m feeling less and less insptred to strap something to my head once I’ve got home from a tough day at work.


Alyx is awesome, Superhot is awesome.
I play them for like 20 minutes at a time every once in a while and go
“That was really cool!”

Kev Kev

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I love it. I’ll fire it up just to fly around in a ship in no mans sky for a few minutes. There’s always something to do in skyrim or minecraft. I still have borderlands 2 to play through, which I never played on flat screen so that’s a whole new experience for me and the graphics of borderlands looks great on psvr. I still have games I haven’t tried out with walking dead saints and sinner, ace combat, rogue squadron which I heard is phenomenal. Re7 is still one of the best psvr games to date and I can get sucked back into that one anytime, especially right now during spooky season. I still want to do another play through of AstroBot because it’s that effing good. I still hasn’t played through Moss and the demo was lovely, plus there is a sequel available on psvr.

And then there’s the probably dozens of psvr games that I have yet to try (bc my back log is pretty filled up obviously), plus all the games they will release in the future.

I dunno OP, this sounds like a you problem, not a VR problem. Perhaps VR just isn’t your thing. Personally, I find plenty to keep me busy and enjoy VR nearly everyday. Cant waiting to see it keep growing and getting better!
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I've only played a PSVR, which I got a couple of years ago.

My feelings on it are pretty conventional: absolutely brilliant experience, but such a pain to set up that I just stopped bothering.

I'm really looking forward to the new one though. Looks like it will solve the inconvenience, the tracking, the controls, the graphics, the screen resolution, and the FOV issues.

So it should be a pretty fucking big upgrade. I'm not really interested in it outside the PlayStation ecosystem cos it seems like you need a platform holder to subsidise the software for such a niche product, otherwise you just get minigames and curiosities.
That's the problem most people have with it. I personally know 3 people with a PSVR. After a few weeks of fun it became a dust collector to all of them. I think it just needs much more good software and wireless hardware to keep people sticking to it.


I love the *idea* of VR, but in practice it's been severely lacking for the most part. We need better tech, and more importantly, better games.


I love VR and wish more games could be played like that, even third person games. But since a lot of good games don't support VR, I split my time between the two types.

I'm playing Doom Eternal these days and constantly thinking: it's great, but would be much better in VR with the guns in my hands.
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My boy bought himself the Quest 2 recently, and I tried VR for the first time.

I was genuinely blown away after trying Superhot. One level spawned me high up on a balcony, and I couldn’t bring myself to step off (despite knowing I was safe in my garage). Even the intro office, where you pick up the floppy disc to start a level - wow!

The clumsy hardware and the fact that you look like a nob wearing it will mean it will never reach mainstream as it is currently, but maybe one day it will just look like a pair of specs!
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Half life alyx

Lone echo

half life 1, castle wolfenstein, quake 1, doom series (old gen pew pew games)

resident evil 4, 7

nintendo virtualboy emulator.

beat saber.

pistol whip.

that's about it

so about 14 ish games.. that's enough to validate a console to me anyway (looking at the n64)
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After reading this thread I think I need to buy Pistol Whip.

But as a general observation, it's pretty sad how closed minded some people are. You can't complain about "lack of innovation" in gaming on one hand and then dismiss what is the most innovative space in the medium outside of Indie games (which also largely get dismissed here).

resident evil 4, 7

Is resident evil 7 playable in VR on the quest/PC VR now?


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After reading this thread I think I need to buy Pistol Whip.

But as a general observation, it's pretty sad how closed minded some people are. You can't complain about "lack of innovation" in gaming on one hand and then dismiss what is the most innovative space in the medium outside of Indie games (which also largely get dismissed here).

Is resident evil 7 playable in VR on the quest/PC VR now?
Nope still psvr exclusive 😕

Kev Kev

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My boy bought himself the Quest 2 recently, and I tried VR for the first time.

I was genuinely blown away after trying Superhot. One level spawned me high up on a balcony, and I couldn’t bring myself to step off (despite knowing I was safe in my garage). Even the intro office, where you pick up the floppy disc to start a level - wow!

The clumsy hardware and the fact that you look like a nob wearing it will mean it will never reach mainstream as it is currently, but maybe one day it will just look like a pair of specs!
As ridiculous as the HTC Vive Flow still looks, it shows that we are one step closer to VR just being a pair of glasses. I think it’ll be quite a long time before it’s like a pair of ray bans or something, but the smaller and lighter, the better.

Once VR gets as small as that tho, and they have better motion sickness technology, it’s going to take over the entertainment world and I can’t fucking wait.

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i had the Rift S. it was fun for about a month and then the excitement wore off. i tried many games but it ended up the only one i played was Beat Saber. This was just before Alyx came out which i would've tried out but instead of keeping the headset to play just 1 or 2 games i decided to punt it knowing people a lot of people were desperate to get a headset for Alyx. i got back about 80% of what i paid. i'm glad i sold it because fuck Facebook and if i did keep it i probably wouldn't be able to use it anymore because they make you use a FB account.

i felt that the tech just isn't mature yet. to be fair, i haven't tried a Valve Index so can't speak about that but with the Rift S my issues were:

  • shitty fov - felt like i had a pair of binoculars glued to my eyes.
  • low resolution - not terrible but for reading text it was annoying
  • focus - was constantly trying to keep it in focus.
  • not comfortable - i wear glasses so that didn't help. generally i couldn't wear the headset for too long. also being held back by a cable was frustratiing.

and of course there is the lack of games. most of them felt like cheap trash. of course there are the bigger titles like Skyrim, No Man's Sky, Elite Dangerous, Doom, Resident Evil, etc but those are games i had already played. If I had a headset right now there wouldn't be any upcoming games I'd be interested in buying. i know it's a catch 22 in that if people don't buy headsets then developers won't make VR games and because there aren't a lot of VR games then nobody buys a headset. some studios have took a chance on it but we need way more support.

i'm cautiously optimistic/hopeful about VR. give it more time to mature and if studios make more VR games then i'd love to give it another shot. it's a fun way to play games but i don't think it's quite there yet to go all in on it.
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I think sony paid everything to make the VR part.

i assume it will come out again with psvr 2

I remember it was originally stated to be a timed exclusive and then they just never got round to releasing the PC version for whatever reason.

If PSVR2 innovates in any significant way then I'll get that and play it on there.
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