How do you record and track your goals?

If you don't record and track goals, which is probably about 98% of us, this thread is probably not for you.

I'm pretty terrible with procrastination and decided I need to be more 'goal-oriented' if I want to tackle this. Also I just listened to this Stuff You Should Know podcast on setting goals, which got me motivated.

Just wondering what tool you guys use, whether it's just a notebook, an excel spreadsheet, or a website. Also curious to know how helpful you've found it.
I always forget to check my list of goals. I find the best possible way is to keep whatever window open / binder out on your desk / paper tacked on your wall until you finish.
I've got a fresh pocket notepad I'm taking with me on the train today. Gonna try to sort out my goals. I'm thinking of one part "Here is what the daily routine will look like," One part "Long term life goals," and one part "Constructive uses of downtime."
In my brain, because that's where I am most of the time.

Seriously, having a positive mindset towards the benefits of achieving, and inching ever closer to your goals is the real key. Believe you can make them and you will.
1. Buy Getting Things Done
2. Actually follow it for more than 2 or 3 weeks
3. Win at life

The book and most people say that the willpower to continue using a trusted system is more important than whatever system you choose to use. The system requires a few things to become trusted within yourself but it is not that hard to clear the requirements. Some people literally use sticky notes or some strange paper based system.

I use OneNote and Evernote, many people use Evernote these days to just not forget about things. These days syncing between multiple devices is important because you will feel lost if you suddenly do not have access to your todo/task lists...if you start following a GTD style system rigidly.

Also here is a post from one of big influences in my career, Justin gave me similar advice to all of this many years back and it helped me out a lot: