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How many consoles have you owned that had hardware failure?


Only one for me - the OG Fat 60GB PS3. The fan just started going into overdrive every time I switched it on and it eventually got the infamous YLOD

Edit Also my PSP. I put it into storage and left it for a good 10 years then when I discovered it again the battery was bloated. It was kinda gross
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Atari Lynx died in the late nineties, I'm sad I didn't get to keep the games for it.

My 360 RROD'd twice, replaced it with a slim model that still works fine.


None really. Even my 360 was fine
My Saturn has kinda died after 24 years because someone modded it really badly…
My Nes’s spring broke because we were kids and fucked it up but it still works


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PS2 - it ate my DVD's
Launch PS4 - Dead on arrival, got a replacement one quick though.
Xbox360 - 2 times RROD
A PS3 Fat totally burned out and a couple Xbox360 but not the RRoD, the CD Player it failed to read by telling me that the disc inserted was not a 360 game, that's all.


Only device that ever gave me problems was my NES as a kid. It was the typical cardtridge-reading problems suffered by those machines.

None of my other Atari, Nintendo, or Xbox consoles have had any defects or breakdowns.
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CD32 - Complete death

Xbox 360 original white - Scratched discs for no reason, after spending £40 on it's last game, I threw it down the garden, pissed me right off

Dreamcast - Drive failed

Playstation 1 - Drive failed

Playstation 2 - Drive failed

In thirty eight years of gaming thats all I've had fail. Of all the consoles i've bought I still own.


Ps2: stopped reading and started scratching disk.
Ps3 fat 60gb eu: Yellow light of death.
Ps3 fat 60gb eu refub: Yellow light of death.
Psp phat: Screen cracked.
NDS: cracked...in half.


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NES with some contacts issues and OG PlayStation needing to be turned sideways/upside-down probably happened to almost everyone who had one.

My PS2 probably won’t read discs anymore and even the disc tray tends to get stuck, but I finally put an HDD inside the thing and it works with that. BTW, anyone has a clean solution to keep a modern HDD stable inside the PS2’s slot? It was designed for older, bigger HDDs that would fit much more cleanly.

ODE solutions for PS2 and Wii - still need to cover the others one of these days.
Wait, these exist? I use HDD solutions for both, but there’s ODEs?


OG PlayStation.
Went from upright, to sideways, to upside-down before the laser couldn't read anymore.

Samsung Nuon. PSU packed it in.

360 RRoD'd.

Day 1 Japanese launch PS3.
After a good few years of service, the GPU completely melted down when I was trying to play Uncharted 2 on a hot Australian summer day.


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Only console that ever broke was my launch PS5.

Which felt super bad, but Sony customer service was amazing and I had a new one within a few weeks.


1 ps2. - launch unit. issue with graphics chip that caused crazy artifacting
3 360s - rrod. I was getting free systems through wife’s work at the time and MS was fixing them for free so it didn’t sting so bad.
1 ps3 - ylod
No issues with my psx, Saturn, snes, genesis, nes, gameboys (all the iterations, Xbox, or DS/3Ds

Both ps4s ran great and I never got a xbone.
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I managed to accidentally kill 4x PS1's of my brother's, he had to take back to WH Smiths - last revision of the old style before the PSone revision - using one of these arcade joystick in the marathon sessions of ISS Pro Evolution Soccer we used to have. Turns out the arcade sticks draw too much power from the later models, and are only compatible with the earlier PS1 revisions - (edit) but definitely not my fault as the retailer sold both items together as compatible and because the joystick PS1 port fitted the PS1 socket, implying compatibility.

After my brother got the 4th console replaced he checked the box of the joystick and saw the small print. I was then forced to give up my preferred control method and go back to pad.

And like everyone else, I had a PS3 60GB die with YLOD beyond the reflow repair.
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PS 2 - The lens in those systems are crap, sheer crap

OG XBox - It still works but that Thomson drive can't handle some games

Xbox 360 - The less said about the 1st year of this system the better

PSP Vita - The system still works , just not the analogue sticks . So it might as well be dead


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definitely the Xbox3-shitty.

it broke 4 timies before the Jasper revision and I kept getting it due to its awesomeness.


PS1, disc drive stopped working just weeks after getting one, played it upside down as a hack. 360 RROD, PS3 RLOD. No failures on any other console, I still have my Dreamcast, GameCube, OG Xbox, PS2, heck even my N64 all working forever.

Ultra Donny

One, My Series X. Went in for repair and works fin now, it overheated.
Have owned all Xbox consoles besides Series S. No problem with none of them, even my 360 managed to stay alive in 6 years.
No failure on my Playstation consloles, that include Ps2, Ps3 and Ps4.


The only two systems that have failed on me(that I purchased new) were:
PS2 - disc read error
360 - RROD

I've aquired a few used systems that have had issues, but I wouldn't count them since I don't know how they were treated before I got them.


Just one, the XBOX 360, which died a few months after I purchased it.

Apart from that I've been lucky, no problems at all.


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1 - 360

Every other console I have ever owned, never failed. Even when people were putting their OG PS1s upside down, I never had to. My Commodore 64, Intellivision, NES, etc, all turn on and can still play games today.

They sure don't make shit like they used to.
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I’ve had every single PlayStation console and I’ve never had them fail. Each one was a launch system as well, I’ve always finished the generation with the system I bought except the PS4 generation where I bought the PS4 Pro but gave my OG to my brother and it’s still working.

I guess I’ve been lucky. Same goes for few Nintendo/Microsoft systems I’ve owned as well, no issues.


Just the XBox 360 - it wasn't RROD but the disc drive stopped reading. My PS3 Phat is still going strong although it has a flat CMOS battery. But no sign of YLOD ever.


Have owned almost all consoles.

Had a PS1 start to die... had to play it upside down. Never completely died.

Launch PS3 dead. Ylod. Also had a launch 360... but got the hdmi model before it ever died... so no problems there.

Series X overheat issue... It would have had to be fixed... but I opened it and replaced the terrible thermal paste solution and that fixed it. It counts though... because most wouldn't do that.

Naked Lunch

Wait, these exist? I use HDD solutions for both, but there’s ODEs?
Sorry I misspoke. I meant avoiding having to use the disc drive for PS2 and Wii in general.
For PS2 I use a SATA HDD and OPL.
For Wii I use USB Loader. Some games like Monster Hunter Tri wont work so I still use the disc.

So wild being able to run translations on official hardware.

I saw that the creator of the Gamecube's GC Loader is working on a PS2 ODE "PS2 Digital" - I guess its on the backburner since OPL is so easy to setup.
I still need to get a Fenrir or Mode for Saturn and Dreamcast. Or even that Satiator thing for Saturn so I wont have to remove the disc drive.
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PS2. After 12 years of use the drive failed. Can’t complain about that.

Launch PS3 60GB. It had the yellow light of death after 25 months of use. I actually repaired it many years later by replacing the NEC/TOKIN capacitors. It works wonderfully now!

PS4 White coloured Destiny bundle version. Power surge in the house caused damage to the internal power brick, the HDMI port and another small component inside. I haven’t got around to repairing it yet.


Microsoft bulldozed their way into the console market. All that mattered were sales, not that almost half of those sales were replacement consoles. Those machines were dogshit and designed to fail.

MS have trampled over customers (and many developers) and rarely offer anything different let alone exceptional. I have no idea why anyone is still interested in that company.


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Out of everything I’ve ever owned…

2 zx spectrum 128’s with the toast rack that over heated and died

2 xbox 360’s with the RROD.


N64 - lasted forever
360 Falcon died, Jasper lived until I sold it
Wii U -still alive
PS4 1200 - still alive till I sold it
Not quite launch but same model number PS5 - still going

So only the 360 I guess
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I’ve had every console since the Sega Megadrive with the exception of the latest two Xboxes.
The only ones to die on me were my launch PS3 and several Xbox 360s.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
360 had a record for console failures I respect the game lineup but console longevity is not one of Xbox’s strongest attributes.
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