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How many hours do you play games a week on average?

How many hours do you play games a week on average?

  • Less than 5 hours

    Votes: 33 13.6%
  • Between 5 and 10 hours

    Votes: 76 31.4%
  • Between 10 and 20 hours

    Votes: 71 29.3%
  • Between 20 and 40 hours

    Votes: 48 19.8%
  • Full time job/ more than 40 hours

    Votes: 14 5.8%

  • Total voters


So my current situation, married with young children, has definitely taken a toll on my gaming. I'm down to a few hours a day for 2 to 4 days a week. On average I am playing between 5 to 10 hours a week. I typically enjoy open world RPGs or jRPGs, and they definitely take a long time to beat, usually over 40 hours. So I am really limited to only a handful of RPGs a year total with maybe a few other games sprinkled in between. Between new games coming out and current games available, we are drowning in games. What a time to be a gamer. Too bad I do not have time to play most of them.

I am curious how much time others spend gaming. I imagine it is much more than me.

Winter John

About an hour or two if I'm lucky. I've had Elden Ring since release and just beat that first boss on the bridge. I reckon I might finish it by December. Thanks to COVID I was finally able to finish Witcher 3. If I'm lucky I might finish Cyberpunk before the next Witcher comes out
Married with 20 months toodler. When he was a newborn i still played a lot holding him on my arms lol. (finish TLOUS 2 and Tsushima like that).

Now that he is bigger we dont allow him to watch tv/table/phone at all (TV is all day covered with a blanket), so i can only play around 20 minutes a day when he is sleeping. (recently i finish SIFU and Judgment 2, now im playing Horizon 2).

Sad is that i bought all new for the Playstation 5 ( Play 5, Oled 65, Sonos system with sub and rear channels ...lol).

I may introduce game or tv when he is 4 or older, right now we read tons of book together and i enjoy it.
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Used to play between 20-40 hours before marriage and kids.

Now it is just 5-10 hours… sometimes when there is a big release or something I end playing all the night on weekend so I probably reach 20 hours in these weeks but it is very unusual.
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5-8 hours a week. I am college student, so I dont have that much time to play around. Free time, depending on the game.
Varies. But typically just shy of 10 hours a week.

Lately I've had huge games to play on the weekends and have sunk an extra 10 on just Saturday/Sunday, Horizon and Elden Ring being the primary culprits. Not this week but next I have Returnal DLC and Cyberpunk to tackle.

I will get to you eventually Hades! Go back to your room.


Try to get in 15 hours a week, but often find I'm too busy or just tired on weekends to always reach that. Hence an increasing backlog building up.


Depends on the week and what I'm doing. First couple weeks of Elden Ring I was definitely 40+, but rarely am I compelled to actually play that much. Probably 20-40 normally. Work from home helps.


It varies drastically. Some weeks I'll play only a few hours, others I'll play significantly more. This last month has been as much as I can remember playing since my EQ days.


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Normally it’s between 10-20 hours a week. If the kids are playing and my wife is busy I’ll just remote play since there’s not much else I can do. Often times everyone wants to do something, kids are sleeping or my wife is busy. I get most of my game time when they’re sleeping. My kids love to play/game too, but I have to make sure the place doesn’t look like a trash can too. I think it’s easier if you have a device you can remote play with or if you just plan things ahead of time.

It’s real life, so gaming is like doing something you want to do. Beating a mission or a boss and saving is still gaming. Even if that’s like 20-30 minutes. I see people get down about not having time, but there’s autosave features, remote play, and most games are a good value for the money. You spend money to watch a film, read a book, etc. Games give you hours and hours of entertainment that you just have to space out.

I do see the trend of finishing a hot AAA game within the first two weeks of its release has been going on for ages now. That probably makes people feel like they have to beat a game within a certain period of time and if they don’t do that then they’re left out. The hype somehow vanished into thin air.

I’ve seen and felt so much hype about Elden Ring. Lots and lots of places have videos, articles, and etc. They’ve published their boss kill skills and etc already. What does that say about this medium and it’s type of content? Get in, make something out of the popularity, and then wait for something else. I’ve been gaming since I was in kindergarten. I’ve lived through numerous console generations and AAA games. I am starting to notice it more and more. I put 70+ hours into Elden Ring already. I loved it. I also wonder if the dust has settled in a way? When I browse a digital game store online I come across games I preordered years and years ago. I’ll find games I passed up on and my only thought is, is that someone must have played this at launch and now it just feels old/dated. It’s not like being a kid and having a big box of games you pick and choose from each week. Typically you uninstall the game you beat and move right along. Sorry for the rant, but it’s things like that that come to me when I think about my game time. Now a days I am more concentrated on the specific type of game, the feelings I have about the game’s objective, and if it makes me feel good playing it. Sometimes an older retro style game feels more genuine than a New Release does.

I get excited for new releases and video games in general. I’ve also played a lot in my life, so I know how things can easily come and go.
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Usually 20-40 but when something I really like comes out it's closer to 80. The last game I went all in on was Forza Horizon 5. I put over 5 days into the game in the first week (over 120 hours) and it wasn't the only game I was playing.

Starfield is going to be interesting. I might have to hire a cleaning service to empty my poop pail, piss bottles and dust me off once a week.


During the week I usually play for an hour or two daily. On the weekends it depends, sometimes it can be 3-4 hours a day if I'm really into something or nothing at all if I'm not staying home.

On average it's probably something like 12-15 hours a week.

Don't have kids but between work, other hobbies, house chores, meeting with friends/family there isn't that much time left for games. Though even if the day had more hours, I find that with the majority of games I've sort of "had my fill" for the day after a couple of hours and I get the itch to do something else.
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On average at the moment I might get 3 1-2 hour sessions in. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Before family life I’d easily do 4 hours a night during the week and 8-10 hours plus on both Saturday and Sunday most weeks.


I have 3 kids. My gaming time isn't what it used to be, but that's okay. I also mostly enjoy longer games so I play only a couple of games per year. My gaming time on average is between 10 - 20 h/week.


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It varies. Sometimes nothing for weeks. Sometimes 3-5 hr days. Sometimes more. Really depends on the games, mood, what life throws at you etc. Married with 2 kids.

So I'll say it'll average out 10-20 hrs a week.


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Less than 5 or a bit more on an average week. Even 0 some weeks.
30+ if there’s a Souls game around because I just have to beat the bastard.


1-3 hours a day, doesn't really get more on the weekends.

Single, early 30's, happen to have a daily step count of 30k so that takes a decent chunk of my time.


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Probably 5-10 normally. But more right now, since I'm addicted to Elden Ring. Playing like 3-5 hours of that every day. Once I've started it's so hard to quit, there's always that "just one more thing".
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No kids, now running my own business. Sometimes I don't play games at all for weeks, sometimes take time off for gaming and binge for days or longer. So I don't have an average, can be anywhere between 0 and 100+ hours.
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Way too little, unfortunately. I haven't even beaten Radahn yet

Fools idol

when I was younger probably 20 hours a week easily with all nighter binges once in a while for the big releases.

Nowadays, with a business of my own and a 3 year old.. I tend to only binge-game one night per week with the recent exception of Elden Ring, but I took a week off to do it.

Realistically if you want a healthy balance in life hobbies should be 10-15% of your time I would say. Family and productivity is far more important and healthy.


Bout 5 hours gaming a week, 20 hours wasting my life playing rocket league. Trying to become the oldest grand champ. Made it to champ 2 but it's tough from there. 45 married no kids.
20-40 but I prolly peaked even higher with ER and Horizon but since these were the highlight, until the end of the year theres not much else important releasing so...prolly gonna be a lot less.


Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
Not as many as I used to now I'm 90% working from home. Pretty much spend the entire day in the same room. Weekends used to be sacred for game playing but would rather try and get out in the fresh air now after living in the same room 20 hours a day.


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Yeah, the 5-10 slot seems accurate for me, and I'm content with it. My friend at work keeps pestering me (in a fun, silly way) about trying this game, and that game... I've just got other things to do and focus on. My gaming time is mainly still on my 3DS before and/or after work. I like it. I've got Switch games waiting for me, and I'm sure eventually, I'll get to them...
Almost picked 10-20, but decided it's probably in that 20-40 range. Some days I don't game at all... but very possible that I'll put in a full 10 hour shift on a Saturday. And I probably underestimate how long my normal multiplayer sessions are. But they seem to be slowing down a bit from my younger days. Eyestrain is becoming more of a thing.
10-20 hours sounds about right. More closer to 10 though. I seem to get fatigued very easily these days which is sad as I used to get no fatigue at all during my younger years. I really miss the carefree days of gaming all night.
As I grow older, I really don't have much time to play games, Nintendo Switch is mostly the only thing I play due to its portability.

Every time a new game is released I've always wished for a port to Switch, even if it mean downgrade to potato, Its still better than nothing.

My PS5, Series X and PCs are all eating dust, I love them all, but dedicated time to play them are a luxury for me.
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