How much playtime do you have in Elden Ring?


I'm on NG+, just got to Mountaintop. 283 hours.

Its strange as being my favourite game in the series, I have less time in it so far than DS1.

Made me wonder how much time others have played it. Initially I felt like NG+ in a game this huge is pointless, but now I'm nearing the end of a second run its actually alright, because there arent really any new items etc I can follow the critical path and just do whatever side content takes my fancy at the time, without feeling like I might be missing something. Considering going for 1000/1000 on it, even though I never bother with achievements usually.


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About 80 hours before I gave up

Never finished a Souls-like game, so before I started I thought to myself
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About 400.

Not tried NG+ yet. I have two characters hanging around at the end game waiting for DLC and one maybe half way there.

I have a load of other lower level characters for co-op at specific points.


About 400.

Not tried NG+ yet. I have two characters hanging around at the end game waiting for DLC and one maybe half way there.

I have a load of other lower level characters for co-op at specific points.

Yeah summoning on NG+ is crap there isnt much action at all. I think at 180 I outlevelled myself 🤣

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Around 400 hours. One platinum. 2 characters. Three and half playthroughs. It's almost the only game I've played this year. Will pick it up again when my backlog is a little lighter or when/if From is releasing a new expansion.


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700 and change but that doesn't seem right. I do explore a lot and fuck around. And have been intoxicated in some manners while playing. Still.


Only 10-12 hours so far, but I'm planning to get all the achievements and doing multiple playthroughs.
Over 400 hrs. I put 113 on first playthrough trying to find everything, i failed... went back through a second time as a magic focused build doing the whole Rauni quest line not realizing i couldn't do everything in that play through either :(. Played back through again as an immovable rock haha just straight tanking everything! Great game huge fan
403 hours...NG+5...currently doing a magic faith only run...already 100% achievements of the game but still go back in cause it's just a blast to play.
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382 hours according to the Wrap-up 2022.

First run with full exploration : 190 hours to the end
Second run, rushed : 52 hours to the end (include quite some PvP session)
Third run with almost full exploration : 88 hours to the end
Fourth run on going : around 15 h I would say

Add to that many coop sessions with a friend with these different characters.
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120 hours for my first and, currently, only play through. actually that 120 hours includes 2-3 hours of NG+ but i obviously didn't stick with it. i was going to try speed running it but gave up.

i don't know how i could spend anymore time in it unless i was doing co-op/pvp. at a push i might be able to hit 150 hours. there were a few things i missed/skipped but nothing major i suppose. i got to the end credits.
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Around 180 hours, all from my first and only (so far) playthrough. I have one or two achievements left, kinda waiting on DLC to resume playing.

I've been gaming since the Atari 2600, and ER is in my top 5 games of all time.


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I think around 150 hours. First playthrough was about 90 and then I've completed it 3 other times and have another 3 or 4 characters at varying playtimes.

Favorite playthrough was Greatshield only. Also have a fun co-op fist weapons only character that's nearly done.
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47 hours but I haven't played it since before the summer. I might have to start a new character at this point. Got to the boss lady with.. did she have a katana? She loves the moon, anyway, whoever she is.


100+ hours - I got through the Lyndell Royal Capital area, into the snowy area, but got battered several times off one of those winged stone thingies. I’ve not been back to it since. I think I am level 100+ and the game always seems to want to throw a brick wall in the way.

Edit: the annoying thing is, I’ve probably spent a good percentage of my playtime farming - and I don’t mean pulling up turnips.
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Pretty rookie numbers for GAF.

I was expecting at least a few people to clock up a couple of thousand hours.


About 210hrs.

Never pulled the trigger on New Game Plus, but I’ve gone through and wrapped up every side boss/dungeon I could.


Put about 70 hours into it. Stopped at the mountain tops of the giants. Loved the game and didn’t quit out of frustration but just felt enough was enough and wanted to play something else (Cyberpunk!) and never went back to it.

I’m not really a completionist, so when a From game starts to run out of steam, it’s hard for me to get the motivation to finish. I’ll probably pick it up again and play another 10-15 hours or so when the DLC gets close.
A bit over 110 hours to get to an ending.
The only reason I played this game was everyone was talking about it and video's and posts everywhere about it.
I don't think I will ever play this type of game again. It was a grind every step of the way.
Beautiful game and world.
Played mechanically very well.
Not a single glitch or bug that I was able to find.
I would routinely load the game spend a half hour and quit.
I spent too much time looking up on the web what was what and what to do and how to do it.
I might as well have watched others play that knew what they were doing. Would have been faster.
I was surprised that I was able to beat it but I cheesed and grind my way through.
Will probly be my last of this type of game for at least 5 or so years. Maybe by then I'll be ready for another grind.
Not much fun, but I was part of the year of Elden Ring so I can get all the memes for the future.
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