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How often are big cities in jrpgs frauds?


Mar 30, 2018
For me, the most annoying is when the walkable layout is way too simple. I understand that unless the setting is only one city/town, gameplay wise the game can became very boring. But when it's just one street which leeds you sometimes only left or right, I feel cheated.

The Shepard

Jan 7, 2018
For me, the size of the city is not as important as the interactivity of the city. Sure, a scaled down big city in a RPG is disappointing, but I feel equally disappointed when traversing around Manhattan in Spider-man and not being able to enter 99% of the buildings. I much rather have a smaller city where I can interact with everything and enter every building than a large city that's large for the sake of being large.

Yakuza series does this the best imo, scaled back in size but lots of things to see and do.
Feb 7, 2012
Black desert has some of the best cities in games....full open world cities with tons of tiny detail and npcs doing interesting things. tons of nooks and crannies and secret happenings...and some of the larger cities are really large and instead of just beinga city and ending...they stretch out to farmlands and small villages everywhere.



May 22, 2019
I would agree that most JRPGs cities are frauds. But I like it this way.

I am not a fan of immense town with hundreds of NPCs to speak with, dozens of place to visit etc...
I like to visit so cities but it has to be rather short to do. Otherwise it usually feels like a waste of time for me.

Now that I think about it, from recent memories (played it last year), one of the only time I enjoyed a big city was Baldur's Gate (but not JRPG).