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How often do you play through a game that makes you wanna start it all over again immediately after finishing it? What was the last one?


Very rare for me to want to do that, but two games that released not long ago actually made me want to go back in right after the first playthrough. Those being Metroid Dread and Doom Eternal. Both I played on the next harder difficulty after completion.


Despite having an unending supply of new games I want to play, I almost always do this.

Always do it on Souls games, Sekiro being a particular highlight which I did 4 times in a row, despite not having much in the way of build our customization. First playthrough took me about 40 hours and the last only around 5. Great game. More Recent games I've done it with would be Elden Ring, Astral Chain, FF7 Remake.

Almost did it with XB2 but pushed myself to start the DLC (which is great) so I can get to XB3 which I'm highly anticipating.


As an adul5, hardly ever. Think last one was Ratchet and Clank PS5... but that was because of my son.

Kids can play games or watch movies over and over again. Unfortunately as we age we tend to lose that ability it seems or it at least dwindles significantly.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Hitman is the epitome of replay ability fooling around with all the ways to kill someone is the reason to play the game, the hyper focused missions. I guess that team is moving into 007.


Almost never. The story is usually a pretty big motivator for me, and I feel it would be annoying to constantly know what would happen next. Last game I did it with was probably Infamous Second Son. It had a karma system which essentially provided two divergent paths affecting the powers you got and some story elements, so it felt like it could be a quite different experience. I also took the opportunity to raise the difficulty one step, feeling that it would balance the advantage of playing it the second time around. It was a good experience overall, although the impact on the story was less than I hoped for (most of it was shared between the paths, usually in a way that fit good Delsin better).
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This was probably Contra on the NES.

I don't really do this. I play games until I beat them I rarely start a modern game again.


I think maybe stuff like Frostpunk or Slay the Spire where the experience is more in the gameplay I've done that, but nothing that has a straight linear narrative.
I don't always finish the replays when I do this, but it is a good feeling to want more/feel the need to replay. I restarted Fallen Order almost right away, but not sure I'll beat it again. It takes so long to get up to full capability (all moveset, etc) and then the game is basically over. It's sad because the game was just really getting good and then you're at the end. Still a solid game.

Others recently include Resident Evil 4 Remake - went through that multiple times. Triangle Strategy - got all the endings. Resident Evil 2 Remake, played this a looottt of times, each difficulty, getting each rank with each character ,etc. Heroine's Quest was another one, started it up again right away to play with other classes.
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Lokaum D+

RE8, did 3 playthrougs just to upgrade the magnum and melt everyone in nightmare difficult
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I don't replay games anymore, but the last time I did this was the Mass Effect Trilogy on 360 and Red Dead Redemption on PS3.


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Journey, this game is a such incredible experience with so immersive musics (Austin Wintory), this game is pure art to me.

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And before this game, this was Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)
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And Zelda: Link's Awakening (Original Black & White GameBoy)
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Last one I did that with was Infernax, jumped right into a second 'evil' playthrough. Didn't finish it a second time though.

Metroid Dread before that -- went right into hard mode and play it all the way through to completion a second time.

But really, not very often. They need to be short-ish, get right into the gameplay, and provide a decent but fair challenge with great controls and game-feel.


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Last game I instantly replayed was Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Give me NG+ with plenty of interesting and/or fun sidequests, classes, characters to experiment with and I'm usually drawn to replay a game.


Not often, the last one was last year when i played Demon's Souls Remake. I was still feeling burned by how long Elden Ring was, so i just wanted to try Demon's Souls out to see the graphics change compared to the original, somehow the game being more closed felt fresh again, and i just was having fun with it, by the time i ended my 1st run in about 40h, i still wanted more and started a new run right away with a slight diferent build and to see the other ending.


The most recent: RE4R
Detroit: Become Human
Heavy Rain
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
The Order: 1886

I tend to replay games that has unlockables and/or different branching paths. Or sometimes if I really enjoyed the overall gameplay and/or immersion, I would play again for fun. I don't usually play to complete all achievements/trophies but it's rare for me to get most of them and most rare to complete 100%.
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