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How the Nemesis System Creates Stories


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Nemesis System in Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is a unique villain generator. But in the sequel, Shadow of War, it's a full on story generator. Here's how it makes narratives that are interesting, meaningful, and memorable.


Yea,I recommend anyone playing Shadow of War for the first time,put it on Nemesis(hard)difficulty and sit back and enjoy the crazy shit you get yourself into.
Tried playing war on ps5. Had to stop due to 30fps with awful animation.The game looks no different than Mordor which was a cross gen game and I just can’t get over that 30fps on an action game like this.

might try and revisit it as I want to experience the nemsis system in War. Not sure what Sony was thinking with these plus collections without getting the fps unlocked at least.


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Shadow of War is one of my favorites games and its due to the nemesis system, I really want to see their next game using this system or at least a Shadow of War sequel.


Nah, there were only very few variables. It only took me a few hours for the nemesis enemies to start repeating themselves. And the only way to make it work properly is if you play bad on purpose. You have to die/be defeated, for the nemesis system to work as intended. If you kill everyone it really doesn't do much and even then it felt like every other orc was a prophet of the wyrm or something with the same exact speech every time.

I liked it for the first couple of hours and then it felt like they were practically the same thing. If anything they need to enhance it a bit and make it more than an opening quote in combat.

Exactly right, it was very cool for the first few hours in Shadow of Mordor but it became stale very quickly in both Mordor and War.
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Yeah the system is really cool but the game is unplayable for me due to the atrocious writing, dialogue, repetitiveness and extremely dated animation/graphics. I really tried to like it but I couldn't stand it for more than a few hours 😶

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It doesn't. You start to see right through the system very quickly.

The problem with it in the first game, also, was that it was just a stupidly easy game and dying was actually quite a challenge.
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