How to brick an Xbone in six easy steps.

So, this image has been doing the rounds:
Spoiler alert: it won't enable backwards compatibility, instead it'll brick your console (specifically, by making it reboot endlessly). It's absolutely marvellous that Microsoft left such a feature in and not included a failsafe such as an automatic boot to safe mode option.
How would anyone know something like this? I wonder if a developer or someone at MS put this out there. Seems crazy anyone would run into that by accident.
This is going to be a bad weekend to be a retailer with a demo station.

(Apparently if you have a PC and the actual dev software it's possible to fix, but if you're a Gamestop manager that isn't going to be the case. I imagine Microsoft will be shipping a recovery USB to replicate that process next week to retail partners. Because there'll be hell to pay if there isn't.)
MS left in a process that users can enable to reboot the system endlessly?, I know a user has to do this themselves by access the dev mode etc - but that a pretty dam stupid thing to leave in.
Half of me wants to warn everyone not to do this, but the other half of me just wants to anonymously repost this image all of the internet and see what happens.
This is going to be the new "pinch a mates phone, set the language to Arabic and set up a new pin lock", isn't it?

It's actually quite funny.
Do consoles normally have such easy ways to access devkit tools?
No, it's something they lop out of the retail release. Then again, I suppose it's a tie-in for the whole "every Xbone is a dev kit" thing, although they really should make it harder to unlock than "press all of the shoulder buttons in the settings menu".