How to get rid of tooth paste/mint taste in your mouth

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Man, i can't stand the taste of food/liquids after brushing my teeth. It lasts for a good hour - two hours too. Are there any known measures to deal with this?
i guess it's just routine. its not a serious problem, obviously i can and do eat before brushing, but a lot of times i just shower and brush right after without knowing. is orange juice the only way?
why brush your teeth before you eat? the point of brushing is to remove food from your teeth, not add food to your clean teeth.

my wife does this in the morning whenever we travel, drives me batty.
Ok, serious answers. Buy different kind of toothpaste, not all of them should be as strong tasting. And you should probably not be eating immediately after brushing your teeth, practically all foods contain acids that eat away your tooth enamel, and because you have less saliva in your mouth right after brushing your teeth, the effect is increased. And of course for same reason you should not brush right after eating.

Or you can just try using mouthwash or xylitol chewing gum after eating.
^^^ I was always taught to "wash-up" before I go anywhere near the kitchen as soon as I wake up which means a. wash my face and b. brush my teeth. I know it's weird but I've always done it that way since I was little. I realize that I'm just messing up my teeth again but it's a force of habit I guess...
Brush once with only water, no toothpaste -- kind of a "rinse" cycle. Then rinse with water, then use a tongue-scraper. It's not 100% but I can drink orange juice afterwards if I do that, with minimal sourness.
Doesn't your mouth feel like shit when you wake up? You can eat while your mouth is like that, but you can't stand the taste of eating after brushing your teeth? WTF? If having a minty clean mouth bothers you that much, then use a mouthwash like Listerine and rinse afterwards.

I'll never understand certain things that some people do...
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