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How to make high performance thermal paste at home that's pretty much just as good as Noctua's


Rodent Whores
(as long as you have some chemistry tools on hand too)

This guy is awesome. He makes a video on thermal paste actually interesting. His explanations on how it works and also the process of densification is also very good.

How he made it:


Even Linus Tech Tips tested it out:

Next he needs to pass validation from Tech Jesus.

What's the best spreadable solid mixture you've made at home besides poop?


About 4 years ago, i ran a cpu on toothpaste for about 4 months. It ran super cool too, and was still slightly wet after 4 months.
Its probably not a good idea long term, but if you ever need thermal paste for a cpu, and cant get any for a paticular reason, toothpaste is a brilliant short term option. :messenger_beaming:
Feed the geese into the PC box

Tune into Pornhub if supply is low or during heavy gaming sessions

Apply solution from a distance of no more than 10cm. Squeeze tip to build pressure for maximum coverage
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