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How were you introduced to gaming?


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Hey. So, inspired by this thread I came to think that it'd be cool to share how we were introduced to gaming.

In my case, my two older brothers were already into games when I was born, so during my childhood I was very lucky to have access to a lot of games. We had a NES, an SNES a Gameboy and a bit later on, a PC and a N64.

I don't know when or how it exactly happened, but my first memories are playing Super Mario World when I was like 4 or 5 years old, and just a bit later Zelda: ALTTP. The later stood as a very special game for me, since as a little kid the little amount of progress I was able to make always felt like a huge acomplishment. To this day I still remember reaching the Dark World for the first time, that shit was cool as fuck. (And still is).


I also remember watching my bros playing some NES games that were too hard for me, like Battle of Olympus, Cobra Triangle or Ghosts and Goblins. I also liked watching one of them play on the PC, mostly the Lucas adventure games, Quake and DOOM. I remember thinking the Cacodemons were cute. Don't remember actually playing those shooters, but I do remember "helping" my bro with some puzzles here and there on the Lucas games.


And for you... When did it happen? What game opened your eyes and made you fall in love with games? Did you do it on your own? Or did someone introduced them to you?

Oh and keep it civilized please, no Nintendo/SEGA warrying allowed. :lollipop_tongue:


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Earliest thing I remember is Alex Kidd in Miracle World, my sister's Sega Megadrive. I got a Gameboy Colour and Pokémon Blue when I was 6 and that was the first game I owned.


I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
I'm not sure which came first - playing those cheap LCD handheld games or playing pong at the neighbor's house. I is old.
Do you mean like those?


I remember having one or two of those back then. They weren't much but hey, they were mine and for a little kid that already was kinda cool.

Don't really remember. It just feels like I opened my eyes one day and I was playing Contra.
That should have been one hell of a great day. :messenger_ok:
My mom ran a day care out of our house. In the playroom, we had both an Atari and an Intellivision. I'm not sure where they came from, as neither of my parents were into gaming.

When the NES launched, I got it that Christmas and became obsessed, mostly with The Legend of Zelda.

I actually still have all three of those consoles, along with almost every home console released after in my current home.
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I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
Earliest thing I remember is Alex Kidd in Miracle World, my sister's Sega Megadrive. I got a Gameboy Colour and Pokémon Blue when I was 6 and that was the first game I owned.
Same for me! My first own console was a Gameboy Color. Had to go with the fucsia one since every other color was sold out, but I couldn't care less since I was finally playing my own Pokémon game.
I'm not sure which came first, but I remember playing mario/duck hunt, and donkey kong country with my dad as my first video games in the 90s

I've tried to get him to play newer games over the years but he sadly lost interest long ago, was still pretty cool that he'd keep us up to date on console releases though lol


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I don't know exactly, my first videogame memory is my father teaching me how to play black and white pong on an amiga thingy (maybe) with that controller that looks like a dildo with a wheel to move the bar when i was 3 years old.

My second memory is playing with the commodore 64 of my sister, i loved that thing.
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NES clone: 42 in 1 cartridge or something like that. Either that or arcades like out run or operation wolf that I would watch my father play.

PC gaming slightly later via apogee games. Duke Nukem 1/2 or Wolfenstein 3d/doom. Jazz jackrabbit, rise of the triad that kind of stuff.
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I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
NES clone: 42 in 1 cartridge or something like that. Either that or arcades like out run or operation wolf that I would watch my father play.
Having a bunch of those cartridges was the shit as a kid. Tons of games in one place? Amazing deal.


We already had an NES when I was born. I remember watching my dad and brother play Super Mario Bros. on it when I was around 2-3 years old. I also remember trying to play Legend of Zelda one day when I was home alone with a babysitter and I couldn't remember how to buy things at the shops. I ran into the living room to ask the babysitter and she didn't know either, which blew my mind because I thought that all grown-ups knew everything.
Actually to add on to what I previously said, when I was younger I remember for a few birthdays my parents would rent out a local arcade so that we were the only ones in there and games/pinball were free.... That was pretty awesome lol


My first memory of playing a videogame was an arcade one.

There was a machine in a corner at IKEA, I was too young to reach, so I stood on a chair while mom held me. I was hooked/mind blown, later I got some of the early Game & Watch type games and a 2600 with Ms Pac-Man, Asteroids and Combat.


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I had technically played a few older Sonic games through my PC browser, but my first gaming console was a Xbox 360. Got it in christmas 2012 or so, it was really awesome, even if i DIDN't have Xbox Live or any games that could take advantage of the online multiplayer


My first memory of video games was playing a pong clone system at my aunts house. It had to have been 1980/81. And then various trips to the local pizza/arcade/pool place with my mom for lunch. Good times for sure


I started with a Sears Super Pong 4 console.
I remember my uncle's friend getting a NES like 8 months before the console even released, I heard he paid $400 for it and all we had to play was Super Mario Bros.
I remember going to rental stores and places like Toys R Us to see if they had any additional games.

I remember one thing very clearly when we asked someone if they had nintendo games...
"What's a Nintendo?"
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Amiga 500, Strider.

I remember that being the first game I saw being played by my dad on his Amiga. I was very young at the time and tried to play but I was crap at it. I remember him getting me games like Rainbow Island and Rick Dangerous.

My parents bought me a Master System pretty soon after that and I was hooked.


Started with Game & Watch. 6 years old.

Continued with Spectravideo SVI 328 at 9, and then I was sold. Even did some simplistic programming which planted a seed that later on grew into a minor interest in game development I still fiddle with occasionally.

After that I got a Commodore 128, maybe 10 years old. Then I was truly hooked.

Went over to the Amiga 500 when I was about 12 or 13. Kept playing and programming and making music on that up til I was maybe 17. Absolutely loved it.

Then I jumped to SNES. It was honestly a major struggle to use a D-pad, I had played far too long with joysticks.

After that, pretty much jumped into all releases day 1:
PS1, 19yo
Voodoo 2 PC
PS2, Xbox, GC
360, PS3, Wii
PS4, 2013
XB1, 2014, delayed release in my country
Proper gaming PC, 2014

Been gaming for 40 years 🫣


Santa in 1997 put a pc under my desk with Duke Nukem 3d on it.
The same evening I was giving strippers cash and destroying tanks in return fire. I was 7..

but I did had fake nes with real mario and so on games on it for 2 years before that.


My brother who's 7 years older than me was into them, so that pretty much meant I was into them before I was conscious of being into *anything*.

I guess early on I mostly just watched him play on the Spectrum, and at the arcade.

I remember an old Spectrum game called "Where Time Stood Still" that really fired my imagination. And Great Escape. I loved the Wonder Boy games too.

Arcade would be Outrun, Chase HQ, Operation Wolf, that sort of era.

I think my first console was the Gameboy. That's basically when I started playing and completing games myself. I was probably about 8.


3 older brothers, all of them into video games. Was only natural.

Remember an Atari at my aunt and uncle's ave but don't remember gaming on it.

Original Nintendo for sure. Duck hunt and super Mario 3. Had a Sega as well. Then SNES and 64, PlayStation.

Remember a friend having a virtual boy and another friend with a Sega CD.

That jump from SNES to 64 is firmly ingrained in me My buddy getting the first 64 on the block and him telling me about Mario.


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I had poor motor function as a child so my aunt told my mom that video games were good at fixing that kind of thing. My mom went out and bought me the super Mario bros/duck hunt NES bundle and the rest is history.

Did it help?

Ev1L AuRoN

I was 8 and went to visit my aunt, then I find a Super Nintendo with a copy of Street Fighter II hooked on her television. It changed my world, not joking.
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Super Mario World 2 and Pokemon Yellow were some of the first memories I have with gaming, though I got those games years after they were initially released. I remember throwing a tantrum when I was 7 years old until my parents bought me a transparent GameBoy Advanced from Costco sometime in 2002. My introduction to "mature" games came about a few years later when I was 10 or 11 and my father's friend told us about his Xbox and a bundle of games he was going to lose because he couldn't afford to get them out of pawn and that we could keep them if we could get them out. That's when I got hooked on Halo.
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Playing Barbarian in secret with my friend in his dad's garage, I was 8 I think.
Played a lot of 2600 games later at another friend's place.
Finally got my own megadrive at 10 with Sonic and Streets of Rage, life changing event, I eventually became a nerd.


Two of my earliest gaming memories are of uk teletext based game, I can't remember it but it seemed wild for the time. I couldn't belive teletext could do that.

Also of mario around my aunties on the NES.

I have lots of memories but I'd say that teletext game was my introduction into gaming for sure.
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