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How will they make an Xbox Series X PRO with the S?

It's a bit messy to have 3 consoles. Series X still powerful and not ready to move down the chain, do you drop the S or not.

I don't think this split console at launch has helped anyway, sounds good in theory having an entry level and and a powerful one to "not be beat on power" but people have gone for the simple option of a pretty powerful PS5. PS5's technological rival Series X must be way down on units compared to PS5
The question is more how can they not make a Series X pro version? If Sony does a PS5 Pro Xbox will have to follow, or loose some of that Hardcore/super enthousiast/whale money.
The S pro already exist. It is the X. So no Series S pro in my opinion. It would be super weird.

Better to do that than be even more behind in consoles version, with PS5 and PS5 Pro taking the most of the work, and a Switch 2 being potentially there too. If there is a PS5 Pro of course.
Sony is not making a pro model. The PS4 pro didn’t even sell as well as the standard model and they only made it because 4K screens started becoming popular
Sony is not making a pro model. The PS4 pro didn’t even sell as well as the standard model and they only made it because 4K screens started becoming popular
Maybe the Pro didn't sell well. As a premium product they did not need to sell as many PS4 Pro as they have sold PS4. But let's say you are right, and that whatever objectives Sony had were not fullfiled. It didn't led to a loss, was liked by its users, and sold relatively well as Sony did not put it on any kind of deal during the 3 years it was on the market. Same price from the first day to the end of production. So mission accomplished as far as I can see it.

It had been said a few times that the PS4 Pro was made against PC. See the link here. A new hardware does not need to have only one reason. 4K TVs, VR, PC concurrence... The reasons can be varied.

In this thread the question is not about if the PS5 Pro will exist or not. But if Microsoft will do it or not, and how to do it as they already have 2 consoles. And for me they have to follow Sony. For me Sony liked the response to the PS4 Pro and so is thinking about a PS5 Pro. Will they do it? It depends. But they are at least looking at it.
I always assumed the "series" branding implied that there would be a series of console launches for each product line.

So a Series S2 and a Series X2? Anyway the S is the baseline for this entire gen. Even if newer consoles come out, games still have to be performant on the lowest end system. And that shouldn't be hard to do, I mean what do we think the focus of a Pro console would be? Probably raytracing and faster performance right? There's plenty of room for higher end hardware, without sacrificing the scalability of software.

That said I'd love to see Microsoft leverage the AMD Z1 chipline and convert the Series S line into something more akin to the Switch, portable and dockable.. Though the addition of docking hardware, not to mention a screen and battery may undermine the Series S goal of being a low cost entry point into console gaming....

Still I'd love to see it.


They'll call it the Xbox Series XS.

Or the Xbox One.

Or the Xbox One Two. I don't think any name is too dumb for them at this point.
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