How would you feel if MTX were introduced to unlock achievements/trophies?


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So we probably all have games we can no longer get multiplayer trophies for, or that achievement which requires another two playthroughs.....

How would you feel if Sony/Microsoft introduced micro transactions so people can max out profiles or just pay an extra couple bucks to save 14 hours?

Price schemes could vary by rarity etc. Ranging from 99p to 4.99 so as to not devalue the time others spent.
This would allow me to judge the intelligence of others even better than cosmetics because achievements are completely worthless unlike MTX cosmetics which are just mostly worthless. I honestly like this idea. Got any more?
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I love it. Couldn't give a rats ass about achievements and trophies, but if they can bring extra funds to develop more quality games, so be it. Same as I am fine with Fortnite as its funding my weekly free games.
I am amused that you could buy achievements using in-game currency for Neir Automata. Yoko Taro is a treasure and he rebels in his own small way against the system.


I don't care all that much for trophies/achievements. If they ever did something like this, I'd stop caring about them altogether.
Hmm let's see, they introduce achievements to give players incentive to play the games, now you want to pay for trophies to "save time" for a hobby you have to pay for to begin with?

Has this entire world gone batshit insane?
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