How would you react to a Metroid reboot w/ a black Samus

Wouldn't bother me at all but idk why she would need to be changed.

Its not like Metroid is lacking diversity.

Samus is already pretty unique due to being a female protagonist.

I'm more upset at the current reality where they felt it would be a great idea to sometimes take her out of her kickass armor with an arm cannon and make her prance around in heels and a catsuit with a little pistol.
My first desire would have her be a Lesbian instead of black, however wouldn't mind her being black at either.

Black Lesbian would be the fucking hotness though.
A soulless doll (like a literal soulless doll like in that Netflix anime) has a better characterization than the wimp we got in Other M.
That's also not even top 20 of the problems of Other M too.
Lol, Samus (human) was always a character to players to look at, we all know the faster you beat the game the more skin you can see.

Sorry that Samus loves Adam instead of you bro.
I don't like reboots, or changing existing characters, so "black Samus Aran"
I'd be delighted playing a Metroid game with a black female lead though. Even better a black lesbian but I don't know how I could work that into a Metroid game lol.
The same way I woukd react to the shitty theories that Samus is actually a male or transgender, or how people would like a TR reboot with a black Lara Croft.
It'd be fucking stupid, illogical, and disrespectful, so I'd react badly.

I'm not sure if this is a troll/bait thread...
Why does it bother you so much that people with little representation in video games want to see themselves in their favorite games?
Also important point about Metroid:
The ethnicity of the character has no bearing on the games at all.
It is never referenced in any distinctive way, no characters (when there are ones) would interact any differently with Samus at all.
The only important part of Samus is that:

  • she's a female human from a space colony
  • she lost her parents to a space pirate attack
  • she was raised and modified genetically by bird people
  • she wears a kickass armor
That's it.
There's no real reason why the character needs to be blonde or white.
To be honest a black Samus would be something uncalled for, unless story-wise she is a very different person from the original blonde Samus Aran and the only similarity is that she has the same name while also being a bounty hunter.

Changing the race of an established character it just doesn't make sense, however if she is a completely new character that is taking the main role in the game, then I'm absolutely fine with it and I would love it.

But i repeat, I'm against changing the race of established characters, changing the main character is totally fine with me.
What a bizarre topic. Why on earth would anyone care, aside from being overtly balls-to-the-walls racist? Not to mention that you don't even see Samus for most of the game, and honestly the origins of Samus are irrelevant to the quality of a Metroid game.
Being against this instantly makes one racist, great argument ye got there. I'll take two badass women over a single one, thanks. Also means more candidates for Smash ;P
Wouldn't it be better to introduce a new bounty hunter?
Would be easy for a zelda game, as the hero is a reincarnation.

to answer your question. I wouldn't be offended.
I've found it's usually people from outside the U.S. who think "black=only African American"
Oh really.gif

I can tell you without a shred of doubt that the only time I've heard the term "African American", it has came from the mouth of an American... Even a few times when the "African American" person in question wasn't even American. I grew up in Scotland, lived in Canada and now live in Japan. People outside of America don't use the term because it's not relevant to them. The key word being American.
I don't know if I want to deal with a suddenly hyperactive space police faction, tbh.

White Samus Mode might need to be unlocked from the start for us casuals.
Then people will just complain those casuals should git gud and that they're used to playing as DKjr and never complained about difficulty.
Considering you never see Samus outside her suit till either the very beginning or end of her games. I'd rather them make a new character altogether than rebooting her. The games aren't called Samus Super Adventure, and there is a bunch of cool narrative real estate in the Metroid Universe.
It seems weird to change a character that has a canon identity in such a way. Why not just have it be a different character? That seems more fitting, since they can be their own character.
I would prefer a black Samus. Plot could be that Samus was from South Africa and is mixed.
Does Earth even exist in Metroid? I'm seriously asking because I can't remember.

Well regardless I'd just prefer if black Samus wasn't from Earth because it kind of takes away from how weird and out there Metroid is and Earthling Samus just makes it more EARTHLINGS ARE SPECIAL and if I wanted that I could look at literally all other video game and movie sci-fi.

It's also very on-the-nose in a way that's ridiculous. Where could a black character in a vast universe come from? Why, Africa, of course! Why would melanin work the same anywhere else!
it's a tricky question, i have seen many black samus fanarts that make me go like "daamn, this is great!", but i think the character might have been long ingrained as caucasian, it's hard to accept unless they do some marvel styled "ultimate universe" thing, or just make her a different bounty hunter.

But yeah, it'd be neat.
For some reason when I read the thread title I just thought you meant:
Which makes me want to replay the Prime Trilogy so much.

But as in the actual human below the armor... I don't see why it would matter if it was a reboot. Obviously in the current lore of Metroid Samus is a white, blonde human - but if they reboot the series or shift the focus to another female bounty hunter, I'd have no issue with it; and my only issue with them just changing Samus to black now is purely lore reasons.