Huge grain of Salt:NextBox teaser appeared on twitter/supposedly linked to Xboxevent


I'm still looking for it... is it the "T" shape thing that could be interpreted as a (short) penis and (weirdly positioned) balls ? Or the cut leg from the X that would be the tip of a penis ?

Yep, it's the T. Stretch it down to fit over where the little bit falling off is, and it's... I mean, it's not anything you'd cover your little sister's eyes over, but it's definitely pretty phallic.
It looks like a crying Atari controller to me.

Kinect only confirmed.


So I've analzed the twitter account's profile picture and noticed it is not completely black - so I decided to alter the color curve:

White dots...

Let's say I'm a dunce. Do white dots mean fake or real? Or do they have any real basis in this rumour?


According to its metadata, the image in the twitter feed / OP was exported from Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 for Macintosh. This was done at 03:19AM on the 17th March - but strangely in the +11:00 time zone. Can't find any countries of note in that time zone except a few small islands. I think I should give up while I'm ahead :)


The perspective is all fucked up...

My guess: "xbox" is pasted into the image by someone who can't adjust it according to the perspective.

Now that you say it - the "xbox" really seems to be added afterwards - just look at the artifacts around the letters.

edit: well - I ran it through gimp and it looks like the "xbox" lettering was there when the photo was taken.


This may mean the the next Xbox is called bo

(internet common naming practice : surround your name with any number of x's either side, eg. xxxWinkerxxx, in this case xbox )


Obviously fake, "new way to play" while using kinect 2.0

That's what I was thinking too... even if kinect2 is bringing new things to the table, they won't say "introducing new ways to play" when kinect 1 has been "introduced" 3 years ago. Unless they have another "new thing" that we're not suspecting.


I can't WAIT for Microsofts "new way to play" if this is real!

I mean, KINECT was just so bad ass and fun!

The logo is an X AND a Y, signifying that they have full intent to focus on a new "target" audience, audience "Y" (aka not gamers).

Pure speculation.


Cognitive Dissonance, Distilled
Aww man a junior stole my avatar. ;P

I actually hope this is real for the entertainment value.
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