I’d take loot crates over dlc, season passes, online passes and split userbases

Nope, I vehemently disagree. The Witcher 3's DLC/expansions/Season Pass/whatever turned it from a merely great game to one of my all time favourites. I've also got my money's worth out of DLCs for Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates, 3DS Ace Attorney games, and the list would go on if I could remember all of them, it's quite substantial. Microtransactions have been an absolute net negative on my enjoyment of any video game that has them, and I've played many.

Heck even just something like I dunno Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens, spent like £3/4 or something on its season pass and got instant access dozens of Star Wars characters and a few levels to boot. I just don't see how that would've been better implementation via lootboxes or something, I'd probably only have unlocked 2 cool characters and lots of boring emotes and sprays through hours of play had WB worked their usual tricks into that game.

The whole thing just makes games less satisfying and leaves a bad taste in the mouth so to speak.
Pretty sure he is talking about DLC map packs that split the user base.
Then the DLC Map packs should be so big and a good deal that people buy them. Also as a physical release or "Gold" "GOTY" release like a year later. That way if the game is good the userbase will simply not get split as they will buy the expansion pack.
Your tag fits you. Loot boxes will never be better than DLC cause at least I know what I'm buying with DLC.

This is like saying buying a $5 scratch off is better than putting $5 in your gas tank
The money to support after launch content with new maps needs to come from somewhere.
Boy, I remember back in the stone age when games solved this problem by LETTING OTHER PEOPLE MAKE MAPS. But we're so far beyond that reality now that everyone just assumes that we have to give publishers money in order to support map packs.

Yes, the maps made by actual developers tend to be better quality, but the flipside is all of these dubious monetization schemes to support them. The fact that people don't want to pay upfront for those maps (as seen through low sales for DLC map packs and season passes) is why we have lootboxes now; why not accept that consumer trend for what it is and just go back to letting amateurs and third parties make maps for the games instead?

Realistically this will never happen, of course; at best we can expect something like the Bethesda Creators Club where people can put their own maps up for a price and Bethesda takes a cut. There's no turning back the clock now. I'm just pointing out that our current reality is not locked in and it wasn't necessarily inevitable. We got here because at some point, publishers decided it would be more profitable to lock out amateur map makers and charge people for their own maps instead.
DLC/Expansions can be good, lootboxes are always shit, filled with stuff that would be better used as rewards for completing stuff in-game. Or at worst give actual advantages. So I disagree.

Never bought a season pass before all the expansions have been released/close to release. It usually saves you money. It's stupid buying them when a game releases though.
I don't think i have bought a single piece of DLC or a season pass for anything outside Witcher. As for Season Passes those were fucking bullshit and ill take non pay to win loot boxes over that shit.
Loot boxes exploit people's inherent desire to gamble. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially in a free game. I play tap sports baseball and basically every time you spend gold on a draft pick its a randomized loot box.

But I paid nothing for the game. Now let's look at games like Shadow of War. Not only is there paid dlc, there are paid loot boxes. These loot boxes contain exclusive content.

Loot boxes don't replace DLC. Good dlc is worth paying for. Just like expansions packs.

Loot boxes replace microtransactions. Instead of say, spending $5 for a gun I want, I can try my luck with loot boxes, and spend $20 or more and still not have the gun I want.

When people say they enjoy them, that's because people enjoy gambling. I like a good time at a casino once in awhile myself, the difference is once in awhile I win, and winning involves making monwy. In a game, winning just means getting the item I wanted. The system is designed to keep me spending money. Where as, microtransactions for items are just a spend what you want for what you want. Micro transactions for in game currency suck.

But you get my point I think.

Gets even worse, just like microtransactions do, when loot boxes can make the game unfair for those who don't want to spend money on them.
No way, man. Give me a Season Pass with meaty DLC expansions any day over Loot Boxes and microtransactions. Some of my favorite gaming experiences ever have come from DLC, including the likes of Oblivion's Shivering Isles DLC, ME2's Shadow Broker expansion, or any and all DLC from the Witches 3. Gimme more of that. Fuck Loot Boxes.
In these moments I just think about Tekken 3.

Extra modes included in the base game. No DLC/microtransaction.

Unlockable characters earned/rewarded by playing the game. No DLC/microtransaction.

My £40 got me the full finished game.

I know it's not the same anymore, and games are services and they want to retain your interest for longer/get more cash from you plus with the advent of online play more day to day costs are involved especially with patches. It was all once such simpler times. I liked it.

I'm fine with DLC/Loot Boxes and added bits of fun it's just there is a point where I feel like I'm being taken advantage of or it's assumed I'm too stupid to notice. Yet there are enough of those who play video games that clearly have money to spend so should I really be disappointed that businesses capitalise on it?
Actually, you weren't playing the original release of T3 (the arcade one), but a "Complete Edition"

Tekken 3 Arcade had a "timed content release" system
If it comes down to it, cosmetic items sold outright with no gambling or RNG crate mechanic tied to it.

Better yet, none of the above. You’re selling a $60 game, usually with pricey “Collectors Editions” on the side - no need for the rampant greed other than for the sake of being greedy.
Why is a loot box better than just letting people buy what they want?

Explain please.
I'm still waiting.

Question also extends to everyone saying they're fine with loot boxes so long as it's just cosmetic, why is that preferable to microtransactions, charging for skins, sprays, hats etc on a case by case basis? How does this randomisation/gambling element improve the system for you, the consumer?
So rather than paying for a product, you’d rather give them money and hope you get the product you want?
No, rather than paying for a product I'd rather literally never purchase a loot box and unlock things by playing the game. Which is exactly what I've done in every game that I own with loot boxes (Which is only a few).

I get why people don't like loot boxes, and I wish they didn't exist either. But in a world where companies are inevitably going to penny pinch their consumers, loot boxes are the only avenue where I can still get content without paying a dime. It sucks that it's randomized and I might not get exactly what I want, but as long as it doesn't create a huge competitive advantage in for someone I'll take that over things like paid DLC costumes.

I wish none of this shit existed, but if I have to pick one, which I do, because I understand that these types of practices aren't going to just disappear, I want the one that at least gives me the option to get content without spending extra money.
I'm still waiting.

Question also extends to everyone saying they're fine with loot boxes so long as it's just cosmetic, why is that preferable to microtransactions, charging for skins, sprays, hats etc on a case by case basis? How does this randomisation/gambling element improve the system for you, the consumer?
Because I have the option to literally never pay a dime but still get that content. I've played Overwatch and unlocked plenty of content for characters I like and I paid absolutely nothing for it. If it were all on a piecemeal paid basis, I probably would have had to spend at least the same amount I spent on the game itself to unlock every skin, spray, winning pose, ect ect that I like to use.

Would I love to go back to every game just giving you benchmarks like "Win 50 matches with Junkrat!" to unlock things like skins? Of course. That would obviously be the most preferable option. But you're asking why I prefer the method that gives me the option to get the content without having to spend any extra money over the one where I definitely do.

And the answer is pretty simple, I've gotten a bunch of stuff without having to spend anything. If I had break it down, I think I've played about 40 hours of Overwatch and have gotten about 75% of the unlockables I want. If the only way for me to get that was to buy it, I certainly wouldn't be spending all of the money it would take to unlock that 75%. I'd probably just buy a few of the skins I really, really liked and not gotten to use the majority of what I've unlocked by opening free loot boxes.
To me, loot boxes are worse because you don't know what you're gonna get. It's like the Let's Make A Deal of video games. With DLC, you know what kind you're gonna get and with Season Passes, majority of the time it's lame single player or tweaked multiplayer.
I find them predatory. Your case could be made with microtransactions, I'm fine with that, but loot boxes seem specifically design to exploit people who may suffer from gambling addiction. There should be some type of regulation on them IMO, maybe not exclude them but NOTHING in a game should be exclusive to a random loot box.
Loot boxes in singleplayer games can get fucked. Point blank.

I understand loot boxes for cosmetics in multiplayer games, but singleplayer games just doesn't make any sense to me.

Any by loot boxes, I mean loot boxes that are bought with currency that is attainable with real money, even if you can earn the money in game. (Because generally when you can buy the currency, it takes longer to earn it than if you can only earn it in game)
GAF lit AF.

Wonder how many of those OP's are actual employees, stealth sucking in data for their publishers as the industry takes GAF pretty seriously, at least more than random surveys.
I'd say that every new thread about lootboxes is a reaction to a previous lootboxes thread

Oh God! Another vicious cycle has begun!

For games like CSGO, TF2, Overwatch and Rocket League I've enjoyed the loot boxes implementation along with all the changes and updates it's led too. These are if course examples of it done right and there are plenty examples of them done wrong.

Speaking from the perspective of a MP only fan fuck map packs and dlc and divide the community. Lootboxes have been a great way to keep a game getting supported for years and growing the e-sports scene without depending 100% on sponsorships that tend to want games that just push hardware.
I don't play a lot of Warframe but I do pop it on here and there. I do t think it has loot boxes. Just an extensive store that dicesvreal money and funny money. MechWarrior online is really similar. Good setup considering they are free games and well supported.
Is this national loot box day on GAF?

The past week has stirred up an uprising against the industry and is spilling into multiple topics due to multiple games all coming out at once/being announced as having over the top monetization.

In response to people being unhappy there has been another uprising of people with different opinions that want to tell those being loud and noisy to be quiet, stop creating topics, deal with it and non-stop "well it doesn't bother me, so you should be like me".

Yes, the board has to try and balance 9,000 topics having the same discussions, but some of the responses to try and shutdown all discussion are a bit mental. I'm sure 99.9% of replies are simply from other gamers with a different opinion, but occasionally you do think in your head are some of these replies coming from employees.... Then again, GAF TOS usually has company employees tagged under their avatar for disclosure.
League of legends, a free to play game, don't spit userbase with rapid content update, let you buy anything you want without gamble.
Prove that you don't need gamble box to fund new content for everyone.
Loot boxes in singleplayer games can get fucked. Point blank.

I understand loot boxes for cosmetics in multiplayer games, but singleplayer games just doesn't make any sense to me.
Pretty much this.

I don't have anything against it in single-player games if you buy it with in-game currency, provided that it's not something that you're actually forced to use to get further in the game.
Just going to do what I did during season pass and nonsensical dlcs era. Just avoid them and move to other games. Publishers will get the idea.
Loot boxes are fun in overwatch and supposedly pays for all the updates so don't mind. If there are games which you feel are ripping you off just avoid them or buy them during sales which come very often nowadays.
As the Gaming business evolves monitisatuon methods change.

It was once DLC, online passes, then season passes and now it’s moving to loot boxes.

Honestly I would take loot boxes all day over the past monitisatuon experiments.
Calving a game up and paying for pieces seems to becoming a relic as games are becoming platforms we longer tails, free content for everyone to extend the game and playerbases kept together.

Loot boxes / crates News seems to becoming click bait outrage at the moment but honestly games like Smite, Halo 5, Rainbow Six Seige, Overwatch, Rocket League, Warframe, Dota 2 etc. have kept me playing longer and longer due to the playerbase supporting the platform and free content extending there lives.
Loot boxes employ psychology tricks to work. I think you’re susceptible to psychological tricks.
How about, none of those in video games? I may be a minority here, but I don't buy anything extra when I get a game. The only time I buy dlc is when I know that it wasn't thought of or created until after the games release and it's something I'm super interested in like a new place to explore or characters.
Loot boxes are only a chance of you getting what you want. Sure you could get it within the first 2 or 3 boxes you open, or you may be stuck opening HUNDREDS.

All these downloadable Microtransactions that would have cost you $2-3 now may take up to $200, $300, $500 or who the hell knows.

I would rather have the option to just buy it out right, rather than have a gambling mechanic that a lot of people, especially naive children will fall in to to.
Yes this is my preference as well.

Man I forgot about online passes, fuck everyone who tried to make that a thing.
Luckily the consumers stood united against that mess.

League Of Legends has lootboxes though
Do you even play LoL? Those are for cosmetics. Not pay-to-win variety that everyone hates. For example, you do not open a loot box and get granted the 'Uber InstaKill Sword' and proceed to pwn
Definitely yes, much rather let suckers voluntarily fund the content instead of having to pay for it myself. (In the context of multiplayer games)