I adore and Love Capcom , you?

I wouldn't even be playing games if it weren't
for Capcom.

Ever since I remember I had the luck to play arcades of Dungeons and dragon's, street fighter 2, the alphas series ect.

I would have never gotten a snes if it weren't for that awesome snes sf2 port.

How can I forget mega man x , ect

Resident evil was ground breaking and made me get a pso one, but I didn't find the game at my local shop so I got rival schools.

Capcom, gave me a reason to buy a ps2 with a little game called Devil may cry

I had the best sleep over with all my friends, constantly playing cvs , mvc2, power stone,breath of fire 3.

Than Capcom went all bad boy on me and released MVC3 with locked dlc and I didn't even care.

I loooove dragons dogma and resident evil4, 6, street fighter V may lack arcade mode but they are getting it right soon and I love the FM features.

If it weren't for Capcom, clover and platinum games wouldn't even exist.

That means, no God Hand, no Okami, No metal gear rising, no Nier, no Vanquish and no bayonetta.

Capcom could hide all dlc over and over in a discs, capcom could make the next 3 resident evils in first person and make team ninja make dmc5 and I will still be a loyal fan forever.

I Could never repay them for the most amazing gaming hours of my life.

Thanks capcom.

And anyone who works at capcom and visits Gaf.

Happy delayed birthday btw.
Capcom have made some of my favorite games of all time, they'll always have a special place in my heart alongside Square.
Prepare to be called Shill by a dozen members wearing DBZ avatars.

But, yeah, im not like super loyal "buy everything they make" kind of guy, but i still think of capcom as really good.
Dragon's Dogma is one of my favorite games of all time.

MvC2 and 3 are cool, and so is SF in general. 5 is getting better.
MvCI looks .... like I should wait
I love them for what they gave me in my childhood and youth. I hate them for most of the shit they pulled in the last years. I think it started with Tekken x Street Fighter and Resident Evil 5.
I like Resi 7 and Worlds looks good, but their absolutely inane business decisions and handling of a lot of their IP in general leaves me with a lot of not so nice feelings towards them.
They were my favorite developers growing up. Mega Man is my favorite game character. I'll always hold a candle for the day Capcom remembers who they are.

Until then, I can only wince with each new bungle.
I could never love a company that's killed mega man and refuses to do anything with him. Give me my mega man x9 16 bit game capcom. Then we'll talk about love.


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Company full of some of the most talented developers in the world with the dumbest management in the industry.

I’ll always like them for their legacy titles but they aren’t the same company they were even last gen.
Capcom is second only to Nintendo to me.

That said, I actually don't have a taste for most of their big franchises. Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Dino Crisis, Lost Planet, Onimusha, Dragon's Dogma...basically all of their 3D franchises, don't do anything for me. Monster Hunter World looks dope, though.
Nice way: Capcom's current negatives outweigh their positives
Not so nice way: Capcom has sucked for years and has done everything in their power to distance all but their biggest head-in-the-sand fanboys
I like then too, but they need to get their shit together.

The amount of talent Capcom lost the past few years is staggering.
I would love Capcom if only they would actually produce a direct sequel to Dragon's Dogma and/or port Dragon's Dogma Online stateside.

Otherwise... eh, they're alright, I guess. Better than some devs, at least.


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i loved capcom back when they released resident evil 4. they quickly killed all the good will they built up over the years. breath of fire 6 being a giant piece of crap and the way they handled umvc3 made me finally dislike the company. don't really care what happens to them anymore.
I loved Capcom as well, but man these last few years have really made me sour on them overall. Just so many bad decisions as well as releasing games half-baked or just not giving a crap. Hope they can return to their former glory, but I doubt it will happen at this point the way they are going. Will still be getting Monster Hunter World though, and really want to give Dragons Digma a try