I adore and Love Capcom , you?

Ever since they cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, I've decided to only ever support them in the most important cases.
So I have 3 copies of Strider (PC, PS4 and Physical PS3) and I have Gyakuten Saiban 123 on 3DS (Japanese physical import!).
On the other hand, I'm buying nothing else from them. Classic Mega Man games released as a collection? Normally I'd love to replace my copy of Anniversary Collection, but no.
Best Devil May Cry getting a hot re-release? No.
I'm done supporting anything remotely popular from them in favor of the niche stuff in hope that my wallet-voting will somehow change the way they think.

It won't, but it's worth a try...

Also yes, I'm forever sour about Mega Man Legends 3. One simple decision completely took away all the love I once had for the company.
I still like some of the games they put out, but all of their decisions outside of game design are baffling to me.

I know Inafune got memed on for being a business man, but maybe that's what Capcom needs right now. Or at least someone who's not 80 years old having final say on everything.
I can appreciate the great titles they have released and the positive impact they have had over the years.

Can't say the same thing for Capcom in their current form.
It's hard to love them. They do a terrible job of keeping their best franchises feeling fresh. You know how console Zelda felt like it was in a rut, stuck in Ocarina of Times shadow before Breath of the Wild came out, that is where almost all of Capcom's series that I'm fond of are.
Yeah I do, some of my fave games of all time are capcom. I literally hope they can make some big hits again and be a reliable AAA publisher.
Prepare to be called Shill by a dozen members wearing DBZ avatars.

But, yeah, im not like super loyal "buy everything they make" kind of guy, but i still think of capcom as really good.
DBZ avatar here. I love Capcom. So many of their games have always cut through the fat and reached me in ways that other games don't. Oh and I'm adoring MvCI.

Also definitely understand they deserve criticism though, although sometimes I do think it is overblown.
I never really played their games growing up so I don't have the nostalgia factor, though I do still recognize their current struggles.

That said, I'm cool with them for the most part. Resident Evil 7 is one of my favorite games of the generation and they do a great job of re-releasing their games for people like me who haven't played them before. I also actually do enjoy MvCI and am looking forward to SFV Arcade edition and Monster Hunter World will be my first Monster Hunter. Sure they have issues with marketing, content, presentation, etc and aren't what they used to be but god damm can they still craft strong gameplay. That alone can keep them off my shit-list.
I love Capcom too (circa 1998)
This. They are the most important publisher in my gaming history by quite a measure, but they done nothing more than disappoint me for years, apart from RE7. I don't know how much love is left....

Tell ya what Capcom, release Viewtiful Joe remastered on Switch and we'll let bygones be bygones.
I feel like I have the relationship with their games Nintendo fans have with Nintendo games.

These days they're worse but considering most of their output is remasters of their great games, I still have a lot of love for them. MVCI is a shame IMO even though I like it to a degree.
I love the Capcom that used to exist. Resident Evil 7 showed us that the Capcom of old may still be buried in there somewhere... but it is buried DEEP.
The talent at 1995-2006 Capcom who made gaming my passion are no longer part of the company.

But RE7 shows they still have some great people within. I just wish those developers weren't forced to continuously pump out sequels pioneered by other Capcom alumni and instead pave their own creative endeavours with their own IPs.
Their animators are legendary, so for that I respect them. As a company tho they are like Nintendo: The make incredibly dumb decisions that make no sense. The difference is sometimes nintendo gets it right.
They're a shell of their former self.

I want to really get into Monster Hunter World.
The next DMC better be tits off the wall awesome.
The rumored MegaMan reboot needs to be fucking great.
More news on Resident Evil 2 Remake.
Reboot Onimusha and go balls to the wall with a fusion of Ninja Gaiden speed and Bloodborne strategy.

That's all I want.

k thanks bye
I used to love what they represented. Now i wouldn't mind to see them going bankrupt or bought out (after they give us DMC5 first).
Capcom hasn't been great since the 90s...everything after SF III/MvC1 is like 'DO NOT WANT' with only a few exceptions (TvC)

Unlike a lot of fans I think their early 2000s games (ps2/gc/xbox era) are mostly horrible and they never really recovered.

Devil May Cry was never good and Resident Evil should have stopped after 2
I don't love companies but yes they are storied, and I have enjoyed more of their games than I have hated.

However, and it's not Jawmuncher levels of fandom or obsession but I truly won't be right with Capcom until I get a real, direct sequel to Dino Crisis2.
Loving companies? Come on now. Capcom made a lot of my favorites games but they are way past their prime. They deserve the criticism that comes their way.
Everytime I think I'm so done with modern Capcom they bring something I love or really want (Dragon's Dogma, new AA, MH World) but there's always a burning anger about Breath of Fire Deep Down in my heart.

Meanwhile I ignore everything from Capcom Vancouver.
Cacpom's like a dog that you have that used to be a really good boy but is now blind, deaf, poops everywhere, and can barely keep his food down. Every once in a while you see an echo of your old companion, but the rest of the time you can't help but wonder if the prolonged suffering is doing either of you any good.
Nope. Maybe when it's gone I might for example square soft but square soft left a fantastic legacy to me. When I hear capcom all I remember is on disc dlc, barebones 60 dollars release, each year they find new ways to let me down. Cant wait for the to get into loot box, it seems like the natural progression for that company.
Yep. I do too. I used to play Street Fighter back in the SNES days but to me, Capcom was always Mega Man and Breath of Fire. Now it's just Monster Hun. Maybe I'll get lucky in December with a new Mega Man (if they're to be believed).
Yes, I do.

I love Resident Evil, and have bought every entry.

I love Dino Crisis. I love Dragon's Dogma. I love Dead Rising. I love Mega Man. I love Devil May Cry, Okami, Onimusha, and Viewtiful Joe.

I love Capcom.
Not in the sense that I eagerly anticipate their new releases (although I believe they can put out great games even now) but I don't think any developer has as strong an overall lineup as Capcom's.
I adore/love/like companies that releases the games I want on the system I want to play them on. Right now I adore/love/like Bethesda!

As for Capcom

At one point in my gaming life I use to buy a lot of what they release. Now, not so much. They have a couple games coming soon I wouldn't mind picking up but they're not for the console I game on so yeah, no lost there on either side.

Man, Capcom use to be banging on all cylinders a couple generations ago.