I adore and Love Capcom , you?

I love their library and history but revile what they have become.

Company names come and go. Their products will guaranteed be something that will outlive them. I honestly hope they get Midwayed and end up getting bought out by someone with the money and the better sense on how to use their strengths and how to hide their weaknesses who can help them restructure and find themselves again. I want them to have a story similar to the Midway to NRS quality jump someday.

Till then...I just feel like its battered wife syndrome.

Its funny how folks give Capcom the credit but they dont look back at just who it was who made all those games for them at the time and how many of them have left. Capcom is not a person. Its a brand. Most of the imaginative brilliance that was the talent behind the titles have long gone.
I loved Capcom pretty much until this generation, I liked Dead Rising 3 a lot but I can't think of a single game they've put out since that I've actually cared about that isn't a port or remaster of some sort.
Capcom entered a cycle for me once they stopped making Breath of Fire games after V. There was nothing I cared about from them aside from Monster hunter, which then swiftly went to handhelds. I hated that shit so I basically ended up playing nothing from them until Dragon's Dogma. Then I hit a lull again until they now announced Monster Hunter World.

Street fighter looks god awful, artstyle wise. MVCI looks awful in general. MVC3 didn't wow me enough, but it looked alright. I don't play Resident Evil, they don't make Megaman or Breath of Fire games, and they betrayed me by tricking me into buying a 3ds just for MML3. All I've truly enjoyed on the thing was Pokemon, and I can't stand playing monster hunter on portables, and triple for this awkward to hold thing. Dragon's Dogma Online still isnt out in the west.

Nah. They're pretty dead to me, aside from Monster Hunter World and Dragon's Dogma.

But, hey, at least they're not Konami!
The only Capcom games I've played recently are their fighting games and Monster Hunters. I've been impressed and disappointed by different aspects of Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, but I think I can say that I still like Capcom simply because of what they've shown off of Monster Hunter World so far.
Company names come and go. Their products will guaranteed be something that will outlive them. I honestly hope they get Midwayed and end up getting bought out by someone with the money and the better sense on how to use their strengths and how to hide their weaknesses who can help them restructure and find themselves again. I want them to have a story similar to the Midway to NRS quality jump someday.
Even though people shit on Capcom, RE (Even though it didn't meet expectations, it still sold well, more than Horizon Zero Dawn iirc. Capcom always makes stupid ass expectations and misses them every time) and MH will keep them afloat unlike what happened with Midway where they basically sank and their pieces were bought up. MHW looks good but I think most people expect Monster Hunter to be a decent game, since the most recent iterations the past few years are pretty fun. For the other properties like fighting games, they probably would need the cash infusion like Warner Bros. did to make NRS for that to happen.

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I think Capcom currently still has some great talent and developers on board, but the boardsmen and people in charge have no idea what they're doing. The projects the team are given more control of, IE like RE7, come out much better.

I love several of their franchises and they still put out good games and good ports, though.
You are supposed to attach the cover letter to the email you sent to HR. :p

Capcom has many awesome IPs, but modern Capcom is king of wasted potential, just like most companies that have been in the business for long.
They have a fantastic history and the best properties in gaming after Nintendo. Sucks that they've lost a lot of their talent, are run by boneheads, and no longer seem to have much money to spend on games that aren't Monster Hunter or Resident Evil. I really hope they can make a comeback someday.
I live capcom. Easily my favorite game company.

I love them so much is why I’m so critical of them. They could be so much better. A lot of dumb decisions are hurting them from time to time that really lingers on them.
I like Capcom but the only two franchises I love them for are SF and G&G.
Most of their output over the last 15 years or so actually leaves me a little cold.
Past tense.

Past PERFECT tense... and then that other "c".

I loved Capcom, but then Capcom went full Cacpcom.

R.I.P. Clover, Mega Man, the Versus Series, and SF.
Konami used to be one of the best companies in all of video games as well. They still have an incredibly strong list of IPs...

Do they deserve that same kind of undying love?
No video game company deserves undying love. They're corporations, not your friends.

Unfortunately, it's only one that makes as many boneheaded decisions as Capcom that gets people to realize this.
Capcom is historically my absolute favorite publisher, no one else (not even Nintendo) comes even remotely close. So many classic and epic video game series, that have given me countless hours of fun.

Resident Evil alone has 3 entries in my top 10 favorite games of all time, including the top spot in Resident Evil 4.
Capcom hate is something of a meme and can get kind of embarrassing at times (as all "bitter ex" relationships between gamers and brands are), especially last gen when they were in a better place than they were for most of this gen. I'm glad they are finally releasing big games again, even if they haven't really landed launches or PR well. I do hope the risky move of putting Monster Hunter World on consoles turns out well for them.

They tend to release good games, so I play them. If they didn't do that, I would play something else.
Back then they really were one of my favorite devs.

Today they really need to step up their game, Vs series is in a bad shape, DMC and Mega Man are basically dead, Dead Rising gets more medicore game after game. I like SF5, but there are many issues with it still.

Only Monster Hunter has been Top Notch and stayed there.
They used to be something special to me but they've lost their way. They've become a bit too stingy and have started some bad practices in making fighting games so yea not really loving them
Resident Evil. Devil May Cry. Breath of Fire. Mega Man.

Legendary IPs, especially Resident Evil. I consider RE to be the quintessential video-game franchise. Only one company can say they've put out Resident Evil 4, the king of the entire medium.

And I still haven't played Ace Attorney or Monster Hunter! The Capcom well has much more to offer.

What I love about Capcom is that their IPs and design philosophy are actually very Nintendo-ish. Gameplay-focused, but also debatably more experimental than Nintendo. Look at Resident Evil VII and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Before Breath of the Wild, you would rarely see something that revolutionary and experimental in a major Japanese IP.

Right now, a lot is riding on the RE2 Remake, Monster Hunter World, and a potential DMC5. I hope all of those projects come to fruition and are fantastic.

EDIT: I don't know, Capcom certainly does a lot of boneheaded stuff, but I don't really understand the fall from grace they've had with fans. The latest games in every franchise that they still actively develop, are great. RE7 was excellent and a potential GOTY. DmC was fun once you got over the aesthetic, and if you count the DMC4:SE instead, that was also a great game in terms of mechanics. (Actually it's pretty funny how similar DMC4 is to RE6. Mechanically incredible, with an uneven campaign). Monster Hunter World is looking great.

The fighters (Street Fighter, MvC) have recent entries that are disappointing in some ways, but the actual gameplay is not one of them.

Then there's Dead Rising 4 on the flipside though, which I've heard is pretty bad, but I haven't played it myself.
Capcom.com was the first website I ever went to back in 1996. Have a huge affection for Capcom's history, their arcade output of the 90s was simply stone cold genius and one of the greatest achievements in the medium. Character design, music, gameplay feel...they were simply firing on all cylinders. Not so interested in what they're doing now, though I do appreciate that they're mounting a small comeback of sorts.
I really like a lot of capcom's games, old and new. I see a lot of faults with some of them but in general the games themselves are pretty great. Monster Hunter being the king of them all for me.

As with all developers I like though, it is still about the games and not the company. When they announce something I'll take a look but I hold no love or adoration to the company. To me, it is just a corporation and while I can support some of their products I don't think I can ever say I love or adore them. I mean, at least Bungie has some events and such that donates to charity and what not but I rarely see anything of the sort to give an impression that Capcom is anything more than a company that makes games in hopes to earn my money.

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Capcom is was one of my all time favorite developers, but they're going down the same path as Konami. Just a lot more gradually, but the similar feeling is there.
If I didn't love them, I wouldn't be so upset about their current situation.

Fortunately, they still have it in them to make great stuff. RE7 is awesome and MHW looks pretty great.
I adore...old Capcom. So much so that ive spent the last few years trying to preserve a bit of that magic at home.

Current Capcom needs to get a clue.

My Love

I love Ace Attorney, EX Troopers, and the Zelda games they developed but that's where my love ends. RE4 and 5 are pretty solid games, the fighting games they developed in the DreamCast era are darn good (though everything before and after that doesn't appeal to me as much for some reason, except for maybe Ultimate Marvel 3 which is an amazing spectator game if nothing else), Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara is an arcade classic. I might like the Mega Man games a lot, I really like 2 and 3 but don't care for the couple Battle Network games I tried and haven't played anything else in the series, but who knows, maybe X or one of the other random NES entries is a new all-timer that I just haven't gotten around to yet. I also haven't played the DMC games, but if they play like Bayonetta I imagine I'd just kind of enjoy them and forget about them like I did with that game. I haven't played Monster Hunter, but it doesn't sound like anything I'd care for.

On the side of things I don't like, I find the pre-RE4 RE games to be pretty abysmal, as mentioned I don't care for Battle Network or some of their fighting games (I really don't like CVS2 or the Street Fighter Alpha games in particular for some reason), and their DLC practices are pretty abhorrent.

I guess all of this is to say that they've made a lot of games of varying degrees of quality without much unifying them together (aside from them all tending to have incredible music), so while I have a pretty positive opinion of the talent at Capcom's internal tdevelopment teams I don't really have any strong emotions attached to them as a whole like I do with, say, Nintendo or Square. And for all I care, the Ace Attorney teams might as well have nothing to do with Capcom since those games don't really have anything in common with their other games, even just a passing reference to them is pretty damn rare.


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Current Capcom is a husk. Majority of its talent is gone with few to take its place. They failed to nurture new talent and tried to ride fads last gen, which cost them quite a bit.

Amazing library of IPs with no one to guide them. =(
capcom will always be one of my favorite gaming companies

this year they gave us the masterpiece Resident evil 7 and next year they will give a us another masterpiece, Monster Hunter world

lets hope in 2019 they give us DMC5
I love Capcom's games but hate the way they use them. They do get it right sometimes but not often and basically with the 3 usual series.

I do appreciate all the remasters but even then they have so much they don't even bother with.
One of the greats for sure, but that was some time ago. I don't remember the last time I was interested in a modern Capcom game outside of Dragon's Dogma (which was one of their all-time bests actually). If they would just ignore market trends and focus on making a good game they would still be cool.

/edit: actually RE7 was pretty good and it's cool it was a sort of throwback-style game. See this is the type of game I mean: just make it good. RE7 should have gone further, because ultimately it was a watered down RE, but it was a step in the right direction at least. Now don't just give in and make RE dumb and shooty bang bang again. Or do that (to appease action-RE fans), but also do this: split the series in two for all I care; they've been confusing enough as it is.