I am sick of the games not titled Overwatch

Wait till you have about year and a half of playing Overwatch, you will see the obvious cracks in the design and you'll eventually get sick of it.
Overwatch's system of freely picking heroes at anytime is interesting for a fully coordinated team of 5 friends, but for any other situation, it's a source of endless toxicity.
99% of my wasted games are because of horrible or troll picks.
At some level, it's the game design of the game in itself that's causing toxicity, and I realized I could do nothing about it.

I had enough of it, and simply got into HotS. HotS quickplay automatically balance the teams with whatever pre-picked heroes you selected before queuing, which makes it 10 times more fun than OW quickplay ever was. Not to mention the ranked play that separate your solo rank and team rank, causing less aggravation.
I feel you. I have played OW everyday for hours since the first beta until the end of the latest chinese year.

After that I put it on hold without entering for months straight sans events for loot boxes.

Nowadays all I play is HOTS.

Blizz ruined my life.
I have had that feeling towards OW, but after 300 hours, it is starting to fade away (for example, I have not touched the game for more than a week). I am also quite addicted to DBD (even though I have a love/hate relationship with it) and it is really hard to find similar games once you get used to their gameplay. Also, I do not want to play many MP games, I would just burn out and they take too much time.
I played Overwatch pretty much non-stop (as in it was the only multiplayer game I played) with friends from launch until the Christmas event. After that, I slowed down a lot.

I pretty much only play it when there are events now, and maybe the occasional match.


at last, for christ's sake
the good thing about Overwatch is that I can drop it for months, play Zelda and get back to it when there's time to spare. It's quite the perfect filler, as TF2, BF2 and RTCW did before it
It was the same thing for me except, replace overwatch with super smash bros 4. Like everynight i would come home, eat and a hour before bed, instead of trying to finish/start up games on my backlog/ new hot releases, all I would do is just play maybe a hour of smash online for glory mode, ....which would turn into 2 hour sessions and so on lol. i usually stopped playing when my fingers started hurting. the thrill of just one more match, makes it last...

the addiction was strong, like playing a hour everynight relieved me off stress, playing for glory mode was my downtime, my comfort time.
it was kinda of hard to stop until Zelda botw came out,
Not really. The game frustrates the fuck out of me in solo play. I only play the game with friends now, comp only. But because I semi fluctuate into Masters, I sometimes cannot even play with them. QP is a shitshow, so I never play that.
Overwatch was amazing for the first 6 months i played nonstop, now im waiting on new maps and Heroes.

It needs a kickstart IMO.

Oh and PUBGs take most my time now
Spec Ops: The Line, on the other hand, ruined most of the games that I played shortly afterwards that involved shooting/killing humans like Uncharted and especially Bioshock: Infinite. It rendered them pointless, but it was mostly because of how the former deconstructed the way I see those kind of games.
Overwatch is extremely different from the games you mentioned in that it is stuffed with mechanics meant to instantly gratify. You constantly get rewarded during a match with points/special mentions, have a chance to be a part of the play of the game even if you're not the player himself, and are constantly unlocking new things. Those other games you mentioned aren't really like that; some aren't even multiplayer.

Maybe try games that have a similar formula? Counter Strike GO, DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, etc.
This is me, but with Persona 5. I can't play anything else, for the sake of me. I think that game killed gaming for me.
Funny enough, I played nothing but Persona 5 the entire month of April. Wanted to plat it, now I'm back to Overwatch. The loveable cast of characters really goes a long way. Gotta get those dance emotes for Sym and Zen.
no idea but since last may i didnt play any other game (more then 1-2 day).
In terms of completion just finished Bayonetta1 and thats it. Even tried Dmc4 after people said its like bayo1(it is not so boring and slow and outdated after it)

I tried bunch of games all supposedly had good ratings etc like Dishonored,DMC4,Resident evil6,CoD Ghosts,SF5 etc
Does anyone have overwatch sickness as well,not like i play game daily so much its just that if i play video game i play overwatch. Like i didnt played game for weeks missed most of last event etc but that doesnt change it
I had a TF2 sickness, so I understand. It's all I could play for a very, very, very, long time. Like, over 2 thousand hours. The first several months of OW I was all over it. Burned out a lot sooner than anticipated.
Overwatch is the first game since halo 3 that all of my brothers/ friends and I have played together. It really is special. Our accounts range from grandmaster to gold so we have to play quickplay a lot but its still a blast.
Yeah this last year has been rough. It's like an addiction. Only the switch managed to get me out of it for a bit. I'm still playing but not nearly as much.
After about the 9 month mark I really started to burn out, plus the loot box system in that game drives me insane. I don't find much joy with an average of 3/4 of every loot box being duplicates and the conversion rate on those dupes into currency is very poor. I reached my breaking point during Year of the Rooster where I was getting event item duplicates in my second event loot box.

It was a fun ride to the end, but once I feel I reach my maximum ability with each character, as well as not making large jumps in CP, the loot boxes were the only thing I felt I had left to "aim for".
I played the hell out of the game during the summer of its release, but after that, I got more and more busy with college and slowly played it less and less. Now I play it about once a month. I guess the game just has a lower priority over other games for me, now that I'm busy with other things.
Sometimes there are some games that takes our attention in a given moment. Some games that we may even think "Wow, with this I won't need to play anything else for a looooong time".

It's always temporary though; and much shorter than we first expect... at least for me it always was.

Even though same games are very special sometimes, I always like to play new things, see new settings, know new characters, a new story, and more importantly: new gameplay mechanics. The variety multiple games provides is what makes this hobby never boring!