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Opinion I don't think I am moving from Modern Warfare to Cold War. How about you?

Will you be moving on from Modern Warfare to Black Ops Cold War

  • Yes

    Votes: 30 19.6%
  • No

    Votes: 74 48.4%
  • I don't play Call of Duty. Why am I voting in this poll? I must be dumb.

    Votes: 49 32.0%

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Dec 4, 2018
Cold War feels sluggish and unrefined.
the aiming is absolutely awful coming from Apex Legends and Modern Warfare.

it has an FOV slider on consoles tho, so that's something


Fantastik Tuna
Mar 18, 2020
I have both World War 2 and Black Ops 3, and nothing of value to add to this conversation.

Carry on, nerds.


Neo Member
Dec 26, 2019
Seems like they took a huge step back with cold war. I might get it once it goes on sale tho


Neo Member
Aug 13, 2020
Might get the campaign for heavy discount in console terms. And probably regret it because i don't think COD gameplay works for campaign scenarios very well. For MP MW reigns supreme.
Apr 27, 2018
East USA
Yea, it's the same Treyarch modded engine they've been using for the past decade+.

And it shows.
I think it not only plays better than MW, but looks better too.

Seems like they took a huge step back with cold war. I might get it once it goes on sale tho
MW is hot garbage thanks to it having the worst maps out of any MP game I've ever played.
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Dec 6, 2013
Cold War feels like a huge step back, sounds, animations, movement, etc. it all feels like shit, like a last gen title but not as good. A cheap knockoff by another studio.

I don't know why they bothered to release this year. Should have taken the extra year to add to MW2019 and work on CW properly instead of rushing it to fill for the scrapped SH game, they're even using the dated engine.

MW rebooted the series nicely and it's my 4th most played game in the series now, only after cod4, mw2 and bo1. Unlike CW, I loved the alpha and beta, but I was kinda heh about it at first when I bought it because I wasn't feeling a lot of the maps, and while they're still not as good as the OG games, they're a lot better than I initially gave them credit for. The only ones I hate are palace and 2 remakes, shipment and rust because they're shit shows.

I may get CW when its cheap. But sticking with MW for now. I'm just not bored of it yet. Between MP, co-op, survival and ground war. There's enough variety to keep me playing. Plus there's Warzone, which I'm not really a fan of but play from time to time with my nephew.
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Jun 24, 2016
It's the worst case scenario for Black Ops Cold War, the game development was cut prematurely due to Activision decision to remove Sledgehammer from working further on it, Treyarch just came out of Black Ops 4 and it was rushed / missing solo campaign they lied in multiple interviews that it was always supposed to have no campaign but we've found out since due to leaks that there was indeed a campaign/multiplayer hybrid that has been planned and worked on for most of the game development, they axed it and Blackout (battle royale) was what remains of it, the game got awful lootboxes mechanics even worse than Black Ops 3 before it, so needless to say when Modern Warfare came out it completely revamped the franchise, for better or worse but everyone will agree the game is night and day different from sound design to animations and graphics, this is what people asked for since the glory days of 2007 to 2012 and on top of that the game is consumer friendly, it's the best we've had to date with free content ( maps + weapons ) and cross play for every platform, if you wanted cosmetics you could just spend 10 bucks and unlock the battle pass (100 tier of stuff) that once completed give you virtual currency that could be spent buying the next battle pass that in return give you virtual currency too etc...

Remember what COD was prior to 2019, i've played every cod since 2003, the worst thing was the micro transactions/lootboxes for weapons, the map packs being 15 bucks for 3 maps that on top of it reduced the player base by sorting matchmaking with only players that had the maps installed, map packs that were available a month after on other platforms, and there was 4 of them in an annual release, so that's 60 buck for all the maps.

The animations / graphics / sounds needed an overhaul, the franchise had few for me personally, in my opinion COD 2 was a huge difference to COD 1 then COD 4 MW then we had to wait for COD Advanced Warfare to be a major step up and finally MW 2019, i'm in no way talking about the game fun or ranking, just purely the tech differences between them on a visual/sound standpoint.

Now we are in a cross road with next gen hardware and Black Ops Cold War looks worse than the previous one, i'd say it's on par with COD WW2 , i'm just taking multiplayer for comparison's sake, SOLO CAMPAIGN are completely out of this entire discussion that's not the point, it's a regression from COD MW 2019 in sound / animations / graphics.

The fun / balance / gameplay / meta is completely subjective for each COD and as such some players love 3 lane maps design for example that emphasis run and gun arcade style of play but gets repetitive and could reduces encounters to a slot machine on who got the jump on the other first.
Other love more open maps with asymmetrical design, slow paced "tactical" gameplay that rewards teamwork and punishes solo plays like MW 2019 map design with doors everywhere and safe spaces, loud footsteps that discourages moving, hiding places everywhere, walls and covers bulletproof... there's PROS and CONS to each.

The point is Treyarch is now behind Infinity Ward, they have catch up to do, it's already bad all the SBMM controversy since ACTIVISION patents to pair players based on skins to incentive others to buy them, but they could had at least avoid some negative points COD MW 2019 did with the disbanding of lobbies, no map vote, and they gonna have to work on season pass content and ... next year COD too ! Remember this year is what Sledgehammer was working on, they still had to work on their COD too, just had COVID on top and that's a recipe for disaster.

For those who still played BLACK OPS 4 and hated Modern Warfare it will do, but for most of the player base that's not gonna be enough to keep the great momentum the series had, i think WARZONE (battle royale) will retain most of the player base, not so much for the core multiplayer, then again this year warzone is a continuation of last year so it's gonna be weird for Cold War having not something new to put on the table, Zombies aside.

At last the Campaign will go back to it's roots, Black Ops 3 Campaign was abysmal and 4 didn't had one, so there's that, but it's just 5 hours of content not worth 60 bucks / 70 euros.

I'm very concerned for 2021 COD for all the reasons mentioned above and what will Treyarch do this year for the monetisation, they apparently gonna follow MW 2019 battle pass system but if the game performs worse than previous year, we could have bullshit lootboxes or worse down the line so i'm not confident on that, Black Ops 3 and 4 were the worst on that regard, we could end up having 2 bad COD back to back having to wait 2022 for a COD MW 2.
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Mar 11, 2009
I played the MW beta and had fun but didn't buy it. I just hit lv 40 in this beta and probably will buy it. The only other COD game I own is MW2 but I could see myself putting in a lot of hours in this. I really like the maps in the beta too... especially Miami and Satellite.
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Mar 27, 2020
I got to try this game out because the last 3 Infinity Ward games have been utter garbage Modern Warfare Multiplayer (Not Warzone the saving grace), Infinite Warfare, and Ghost.
If you want to stay with a fps game for more than a year then cod is a really bad pick sadly.
Ive done that before. The original cod 4 I played for two years straight.


Jun 1, 2013
Holly shit this is bad, just played a couple of rounds, it is god awful. They didn't go one step back from MW, they went a whole generation back, just feels awful to play. This is the second game where I deleted the beta after less than an hour of playing (first one was Avengers). Fucking trash.

Sander Cohen

Sep 3, 2019
Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina
I spent 8 months consecutively playing MW since the launch. It’s the best FPS and 4th best game overall this gen for me. After years of disappointments, IW decided to roll up their sleeves and create something truly special. FPS masterpiece.

Cold War, on its own, would be pretty good game, IMO, based on what I saw in beta. But compared to MW, it’s so much inferior, unpleasantly inferior. So, we’ll see with player base, will most migrate to CW or stay with MW, very interesting to see. I’m kinda burned out with FPS games after MW, not in that mood these days.

Would love to see what Battlefield is cooking. I reckon they learned their lesson so next one will be great.


Junior Member
Jun 30, 2016
I love COD but no way that im giving 60$ for a "updated version" of modern warfare. Plenty of other games to spend that 60$


Nov 20, 2018
I'm sticking with 2019, I refuse to pay $110 for a game that is worse than last year's.

I stopped playing cod from black ops 1 upto modern warfare 2019. Modern warfare was the step up I felt cod needed, the attention to detail in that game is phenomenal, it oozed the love and passion. I couldn't pull myself away from the alpha and beta when they came out. Cold war however has taken major steps back from visuals, animation, gunplay everything is worse and it's very unfortunate as allot of my mates will be upgrading due to there not being any multiplayer shooters for the majority of next year. So I'll just be kicking in with modern warfare and cyberpunk for the majority of next year. I need to finish Witcher also once they drop the next gen patch so I'll be busy anyway.


Mar 14, 2014
What's the story with DLC for Cold War? Are they back to charging for it, or will it be free seasons again with new maps etc for all?

That's one thing MW2019 really got right.

As for the game itself, I will get COD, like I do every year. Sometimes I drop it after a few months (MW3, Blops 3 & 4, WW2, AW, Ghosts, IW), occasionally it lasts me all year (MW, MW2, Blops 1 & 2, MW2019).

Hate zombies though 🙁
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Formerly 'Soulsborne'
Dec 28, 2018
I voted Yes. this will be my first Call of duty since Ghosts (turned me off from series). I will be getting it along with my PS5 on launch to experience it in all it's next gen glory.


Nov 13, 2015
MW modes are so much better than Cold War, but I am having a lot of fun with CW regardless. Better in some ways, inferior in others, overall, both are different enough to enjoy both.


Jun 13, 2014
Yes, I'm actually all in on CODBOCW.

I'll admit that after the Alpha, I went back to MW for the first time in months and there is more of a crisp and flashy feel to it. But I would say Treyarch games, especially their cold war era content, just has a differently stylized look and feel. On the gameplay front, too, they offer their own alternative take on the Call of Duty multiplayer, emphasizing moving from gunfight to gunfight rather than MW's situational awareness and map control. Although the maps are a little less complex, this is is still in the mold of MW's asymmetrical mix of open areas and winding interiors. I abhorred how Treyarch kept doubling down harder on 3-lane map design with each new entry, so this is really refreshing. I also like how they use the sand dunes on Satellite and hedges on Cartel to obstruct line of sight in a way we haven't really seen before in 6v6 CoD maps.

I've put a lot of time into this game already and tonight I reached the point where I started getting chopper gunners . The 12v12 Combined Arms mode is also really starting to grow on me, and I actually think it's going to somewhat fill the void left behind by the Battlefield Bad Company series.

I can't overemphasized how incredibly impressed I am with the PC version we got our hands on this weekend. The game looks great at 1440p max settings and is not demanding to run above 60fps. The audio quality some people are complaining about is a step up from the consoles, as is the overall fluidity of movement and aiming. With a controller on PC, this is hands down the smoothest fps I've ever played.

What really brought my anticipation to a new level is the Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode that went live this weekend. From what I understand, it's simar to Warzone's Plunder mode, but I've personally never played anything like this before. Even playing with random strangers without voice chat, we were still able to coordinate enough to string together these play sequences that were just unreal. The game goes from exploration to stalking prey in the woods to simulating 4v4 Demolition matches to a chaotic extended brawl of multiple Fireteams all going at each other. When you get a hang of how to put together a winning gameplan, it's an absurdly addicting gameplay loop. I also really liked theorycrafting a whole different set of custom loadouts for this than I would bring into 6v6.

I was really high on MW last year, but I'm excited to get into Treyarch's unique take on a similar content package.
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Dec 6, 2016
From a dumb guys perspective, I really never thought CoD gunplay changes from title to title.
I remember Advance Warfare shaking things up, other than that felt same to me. Guess I have to actually play to know, who would've known.


Oct 24, 2017
Hangzhou, China
At the end of the day, it's a new game running on an old engine, so we can't really expect it to quite match what they've done at Infinity Ward in terms of polish. However, I feel like the maps are already a step in the right direction, and the increased TTK and reduction in safe places and camping opportunities is a nice change of pace.

One bug on PC (pointed out in the sub) is that the TV and PC Monitor gamma settings are backwards. If you switch to the HDTV setting on PC then it drastically improves the colours and overall visibility.


Sep 16, 2020
It makes no sense to move on from a COD game a year after release when it takes them months to get it right.

MW is still in its prime. Cold War will be approaching that status sometime around Easter. In theory anyway. Treyarch had a lot to prove after BO4 and even more so after this beta.


Aug 2, 2009
Manchester, UK
I fear that modern warfare will brick my Pro (the fans always kick into overdrive on the lobby and last time the console shut off) so I don’t play it anymore.

Shame as I thought it was genuinely fantastic.

I’m playing WWII now though from PS+, it’s pretty fun.

Not tried the Cold War beta


Jan 12, 2018
I didn't moved since this one and i feel mighty fine

I never moved on from Modern Warfare 3, i.e. slightly more recent entry. COD is just the bastard miscreant twin of Fifa this gen IMO. Show anyone who isn't entirely living this stuff 24/7 in every detail clips from any of the COD's since 2014 or whatnot & it's like "same game eh". Ironically I think I bailed entirely when I read about jetpacks in one of the COD's because even though that was "different", it's still just effing jetpacks. But notwithstanding a few idiosyncrasies (i.e. "these new guns will feel different we promise!") it's just the same fucking experience every year: shooting gallery on rails single player campaign (auto-aim snap to target bam bam bam) + chaotic mindless multiplayer matches where guys with their faces glued to the monitor run around shooting each other all day everyday for xyz social experiment reasons.

But whatever, to the people who love this stuff good for you. But me, nope.
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May 14, 2015
Cold War is probably the most I've enjoyed a COD since MW2.

I liked MW's core gameplay but the maps were trash and they kept rotating out the mode with no HUD which was my fav.


Apr 27, 2014
Im really bored with mw2019 and cold war doesnt feel like its my jam. Tbh i have more fun going back and playing ww2. Shame halo got delayed. I was so ready for that.
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Neo Member
Oct 3, 2020
I really enjoy Armada, its a pretty unique map for a COD. With all the boats, shooting underwater and stuff, really feels more like a BF game, which I like. Scorestreaks are pretty cool also.

But yes, while I'm not a huge CoD fan (I play mostly warzone), it does seem more stiff and clunky than the way Warzone handles. The grenade animation is way to long, the movement is clunky especially when you change directions/stop. I can totally see why fans of MW reboot dont dig this, it does seems like a total downgrade in certain parts.

Maybe this is finally the CoD that doesnt sell that much ? can we actually dream of that happening so this francise can finally get a shake-up? (bigger than MW reboot)
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Aug 25, 2018
It feels like Call Of Duty Blood Dragon. Stiff and arcadey. The black levels are shot too in HDR, hope they bother fixing it in the final.

Alas, it will be my first PS5 disc.
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Feb 19, 2018
It's kinda good to play some new maps, like Armada which has some good things about it, but overall it feels like a quite a step back to me, almost kinda clumsy in comparison. Also the graphics feels weird, and run worse on my PC.
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Sep 9, 2018
Imo MW will have a higher playerbase 6 months from now.
Its like i said a few weeks ago, MW is still loved, and is still keeping high player numbrs, whihch hasnt really happen with COD at this point in the year, the last few years. Releasing Cold War is almost sabotaging their own game, in a weird way.
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Jul 16, 2018
Modern warfare is shit... This is slightly less shit.
I knew someone would have this opinion but after seeing it im still shocked. Have a hard time understanding how people dont see that mw core gameplay wise is the biggest advancement in mechanics and overall feel the series has ever seen and biggest since cod4. Only game that had me literally feeling like cod4 was unplayable after going back to it too. That game finally feels ancient for me after playing mw/warzone. And lets be honest Warzone is by far the best thing the series has produced. Switching from cw back to mw had a wow factor effect for me too. Not in a good way either.


Neo Member
Aug 15, 2019
I played Cold War a bit on PS4 and it felt not good, gun shooting was a bit off, graphics a bit cartoony, doors were not openable - menu for me was not readable or intuitive at all and by god this weird bloom effect with scopes is meh. I think I will stay with Modern Warfare/Warzone on this one - since it feels better on all fronts.


Dec 13, 2019
As I posted in the other thread, they really need to work on the netcode which is abysmal, reduce sliding speed/distance, and increase the player count in Combined Arms.

Until then I’ll stay with MW, especially with Season 7 coming in November.


Dec 13, 2019
It isn't a perk and has limited use. Big difference...................................
If you use the perk Tune Up, you literally have 20-30s cool down at most. And you get a speed boost from using dead silence.

Besides Ninja in BOCW doesn’t fully suppress footstep noise.


Jun 23, 2013
Talking about multiplayer: I never really liked modern eh camping warfare. Doors, bad visibility and sound, too much verticality, aimpunch and much more has been introduced so the worst players are now able to get killstreaks. And that's apparently not enough. They need strict sbmm so you don't get hurt in your safe space and spend a lot of money in the store. Movement feels a bit sluggish in cw and the netcode needs work. Also the sbmm might kill it for me again, but I prefer the maps over mw, which has the worst maps in history.
Only good map was shoot house.
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Aug 21, 2020
I'm absolute tripe on Warzone/Modern Warfare - I can't justify forking out on another installment I'll be equally bad at!

Damage Inc

Nov 10, 2013
Mw just feels better in all ways. I have no desire to move from that. CW feels like a discount COD.