I have been using an iPhone the past week for my phone for the first time ever


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First of all I am not into the nerdy ass fanboy stuff, I like and use all kinds of products and am not brand loyal so save the bs I don't care

I have a Macbook and an iPad as well but have always been on Android and been on Pixel prior to my iPhone. I was on the 3 XL and really liked it, especially the camera but recently I broke my screen and the phone still works but its up sometimes. I am cheap and do not want to spend a bunch on a phone so the Pixels have been great. I came across an XS max 256 gig on Facebook last week from a guy who upgraded for cheap, it was 125 but the back glass was busted. No big deal since the camera lens is fine and it will be in a case anyway. I do like it but there are some things I don't care for but overall it is a nice experience. I have a radio in my car that has CarPlay and Android Auto so that is nice, I like both way better than any crappy car stereo interface I have ever used before. I really like being able to use iMessage between my devices and air drop is really badass. I still think I prefer my Pixel's interfaced they way it does some stuff but you can't go wrong with either. I do like the camera on my Pixel better but the XS Max's is good as well. The battery on this is noticeably better than on my Pixel so that is huge.

I don't get this files app and the same on my iPad, on android the files explorers are way better. I don't know what I am doing wrong but this never show me any of my stuff.
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What does this have to do with gaming?

Phones today are all great, some are better than others in some things. It all really comes down to personal preference at this point.


I personally am all Pixel and can't stand using iphones/ipads
but understand most people just want a phone that works as advertised and do not want to do hours of research to find out what phone is best for them the iphone is just always going to be their best bet whereas android phones can always be a gamble.


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I sold my last two phone upgrades to subsidise a Switch and PS5 respectively, because I didnt need a new phone, but I finally DO need one now its so old and a S20 FE is on the way, can't wait to watch a 720p video without stuttering and be able to change apps in seconds rather than minutes!
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